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and then disaster struck.....

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I've been working (forever it seems) on a William and Mary table. I've finished construction and was doing the final once over to clean up any glue smudges, sanding scratches, whatever. Then it happened. I dropped the table top. one corner suffered a crack and chipped off piece. The opposite adjacent corner (this would be the front of the table top) had a really bad crushed corner. I was able to find the chipped off piece and have that corner glued back together, I actually think it won't be noticeable. The crushed corner is a "who knows" at this point. I have it standing up and put some water on it, then covered that corner with a small patch of wet terrycloth. I think the crushed portion is too bad to expect it to swell back out completely, but I might get some of it back. Sorry for the fuzzy pic of the crushed corner, I had already started the repair after I took the pic...but before I looked at it in the computer. My plan right now is to use the top however it comes out, but there is a chance I'll be so unhappy with it I might make another. Crap!





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