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Started another scroll saw thingy

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Also I noticed the picture said copy righted so I will have to find the guy and maybe he don't want his picture cut up like this.

  And I don't even know what I can make out of these pieces...I thought it came from maw's stained glass books but she says ain't never seen any picture like this.IMG_20200730_195019054.jpg.d96f1428df05d7a02741450dc8c90fde.jpg

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Next step and yet I have no idea as to how this thing will go in the end???IMG_20200731_124604485.jpg.0835dd952444fbc9c9870a5ba53819b5.jpg

I think all the pieces are cut away from each other. I hd to do that before the temporary

glue dries and the pattern falls off... Then it gets much harder  to continue. 

The insides are close to 1" thick and the outside edges is about 1/2" thick. 

All the outside pieces have been cut down with the band saw so all thats left is to finish grinding away the wood that don't belong. 

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19 hours ago, Smallpatch said:

I will make an effort to find the guy who painted or drew up this picture. I wonder if he ever had any of his pictures cut up in to this many pieces.

   I will try my best to make him proud of what I see in his picture and turn it in to wood carving stuff.....

I gots a feeling you’ll make him proud.

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Artie, at this stage of the game there is more guessing than I had hoped for. And that stuff up there at the top, I have no idea as to what it is unless its sea weed and that would be green or tan. But sea weed has long smooth leaves!!  We lived a few miles from the beach in California during WW2 and every once in a while a jelly fish would wash up on the beach but ain't one here in this mess and that many years ago I don't remember a whole lot except that sand dollar but never seen one in California. I remember Florida beaches on their west coast having lots of sea shells?

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Hey guys I need some advise...Almost everything in the ocean has designs all over their bodies, and the lines are perfectly spaced and always curved....I have this......IMG_20200801_092801436.jpg.c26201316061df7bc1ba9826a1494b3a.jpg

I don't know how old it is  or if the 77 or 71 could be a tip off??? Yes it was a life saver way back when I did take it out of its home.....but all these lines I am trying to replicate is un fair for all the curved lines each shell has there are no two lines having the same arc...

  I just now read where one side is to use if using a ballpoint and the other side is for pencil. Nope, I never read instructions first....

  Does anyone out there have something that will hold a curve that might be easier . I have made long curved lines using a string with a pencil attached but wow, one shell might have 20 or so lines and all will have a slighty different arc!!!

 On some shells once I get the perfect lines drawn then I will attempt to run a hot soldering iron using a long straight tip over that line and even make it more perfect.....

 I just now turned this package over and hey it was made in Richmond, Tx and it give me www.pacificare,com to hope they have something better!

Mean while,, HELP!

  I can draw curved lines exactly like I need using a number of programs on this computer but I would have to have the printer running all day long then I would have to use some scissors to cut that line which these tired hands trimble with fear at that thought. And you say why not get some transfer paper and trace the lines ..... Man if you have ever sat and watched a guy eat shaky puddin.

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Gene the french curves is what is used on the biggest shell. I was afraid the plastic in those curves were too stiff but I did a decent job .  Too bad I don't have a set of curves in light metal then I would have something to use with the soldering iron to keep it going straight along the curves. I have got my money's worth with the french curve set.

  Another long curved plastic thing I bought way back yonder came from a cloth material shop mainly for women who quilts and makes dresses and the such but the last few years they have quit carrying that large curved thing...  I used it when I built the arc over the sink connecting the cabinets so I could use a long set of rope lights under all the cabinets in one continuous set of lights. The rope light is hid back in a 1/2" slot about an 1" deep.  That  plastic pattern thing has curves on both sides that made both sets of curves and is about 2 foot long...The cabinets on each side are oak and the piece I built is ash with a little color. The long rod for hanging the pots I made using the Legacy Mill and stainless steel welding rods for the hangersIMG_20200801_132141222_HDR.jpg.d549dcd7b580755cfa48e50c193431f1.jpg


 This is the shell with lines from the french curves. The curves are ever so slight and no free hand from me. I am getting better drawing short stretches but not that long....IMG_20200801_131932155.jpg.ba25ddf5557166cdcab211c287e930f9.jpg

 I come up with a good way to remember where the lines start and stop for while I was scroll sawing I cut in about 1/16" in where starts and stops...It sure beats trying to remember things like that!


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