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Dewalt 5 Inch Orbital Disc Sander.......

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I needed a disc sander for some time now, not just for the wood turning that I've recently gotten into but I've seen a need for one for quite some time.  I was originally looking at the Ryobi orbital disc sander how ever I have used a lot of equipment from Ryobi I've had plenty of luck with them.  I have several tools from Dewalt as well.  So I'm pretty well tied between the two companies when it comes to some power tools.  My angle grinder which is a 4 and a half inch angle grinder from Dewalt which was about 80 bucks if I'm not mistaken has lasted me a long time and I still use it when I feel its needed.  How ever I've also used a lot of orbital disc sanders as well to compressed air sanders.  I'm wondering if this one was worth the money what you guys think on it.  I mean the ryobi would have costed me less but I guess buying cheap can sometimes get you into trouble.  So I'm hoping this tool was worth it and I'm hoping it last me as long as my other dewalt items.  Not a review just looking for comparisons to see if this was a worth while investment.



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2 hours ago, lew said:

I have an earlier version and it's been a real workhorse for me.

Same, 20 years and all I have done is replace the dust bag and the velcro disc when it quit holding the paper.  Still going stromng.  Just came in from doing some sanding.  :TwoThumbsUp:


Ryobi might be okay for average use.  But considering this is a well used tool in my shop if this one goes south, I will get another Dewalt.  

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Like Gunny and Lew, I have an older model that does not have the speed control, but it is a real workhorse.  I have sanded doors, table tops, bookcases, boxes of all kinds and I don't even use the dust bag anymore.  I just change out the sanding disks and we just let the dust fly outside.  I have a Black and Decker ROS as well as the Dewalt.  The Dewalt will be walking after I am 6 feet under.  :D  But, Ryobi is also a good tool.  I have watched my neighbors who keep using and abusing them, so it's not a bad tool.  

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