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Had a board on my back steps that cracked all down the length.  Pulled the assembly out and wondered what was I thinking when I built these back in 1994?  Oh I forgot my ex was one that I had 1 day to get something done so as to not have the place a construction site.  :o


Fast forward to here and now.  This mess is not working for me.  I already found 4 boards cracked of 8 so that much was getting done anyway.  In looking at it I remembered that the rise and fall on the last step was 8 1/2 inches.  That needed to be corrected.  So A new assembly from scratch was put together and this time I made the fall more reasonable and even.  You can feel the difference when you go up and down.  


With that done something I failed to to last time but have made a habit since 2010, paint the underside.  No you don't have to but it sure cuts down on bugs and when I pull it out I can clean it with ease and see it is clean. Verses seeing greying pressure treated lumber.  


Started last Saturday.  This was old, no change on dimensions just replace with better built structure.




Found a board missing just below threshold.  Seems original builder never bothered.




Primed it all. Starting to look better.  Steps all put together and tested fitted.





Got the threshold painted to match rest of house.





Painted the underside




And finally did the treads as well.  Still have some touch up but this can be put in tomorrow. Next will be the doors.  Have some more diamond plate I will put at bottom to keep the cats from scratching the paint off.  Been here since 1993, only painted the doors once, about due.









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17 minutes ago, lew said:

Those slight changes in dimensions can be tricky when you are used to something else.

Yeah tell me about it!!  :o   We locked the back door so we don't kill ourselves on that concrete step.  11 inch drop from door, then another 10 inch.  All the houses in neighbor hood have these.  Would LOVE to know how that met any code.  Had same problem with side door I did last year in carport.


Before:                                                                                              AFTER:

1356057474_thebeginning(2).jpg.cfa7c18625450d3fb26ceb15311b7e88.jpg  217889063_Finishedwithcarpet.jpg.05b34fbaf5cd5be8526cbece044ce0f4.jpg


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