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How to install magnetic latch

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Did not know customer wanted magnetic latches, so I built door in such a way that the only way I see is to bolt metal piece that makes contact with magnet. Problem is that the head of the screw is holding the door away from the carcase of the small cabinet. Is there a glue I can use to hold that metal piece in place instead of using a screw? If so, what kind do I need to use? I know I can super glue it, but the glue, over a period of time, will not hold. Thank!

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I have some tubes of black marine epoxy, so I ground away the hole where screw goes through in the flat metal pieces. Then, I put the marine epoxe on the metal pieces, and found a couple of small places that did not have the epoxy on it, and I dribbled a small amount of super glue. That gave it both a quick grab and also a long-lasting glue as well. 

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