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Building a 14"x40" wall showcase for antique knives. I had just enough wormy chestnut to make the door frame. Is there any good reason I should not make and screw some small brackets to hold the glass instead of machining a slot for the glass? The frame does overlap on the inside, so it should not be a problem, but I have never tried to do it that way. Thanks for your input!

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21 hours ago, tomp said:

How about the idea of cutting a rabbet in the back face of the face frame with the depth equal to the thickness of the glass. You can then make wooden retainer strips and screw to the back of the door or purchase some commercial retainer clips. I left the corners as shown and cut the corners of the plywood panel to suit, but you would have to square them up with a chisel to suit the pane of glass.


For the corners square with the chisel.  For the depth leave 1/4" or the rabbet would be 1/2" for 3/4" stock. 

The glass will likely be 1/8" thick so the flats would 3/8" x 1/4" (rabbet width).  At lease that was the method of the wood magazine curio cabinet.

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Is there any real reason I should not just mount the glass on the surface of the wood, as long as I make sure there are retainers?



   This is what I decided to try: Cut four strips with a rebate, mount them around the o.d. of the glass. It probably will do all I need it to do. i don't want to buy a router bit. Thanks for replies.

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