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Edge profile, SketchUp question

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Need help using SketchUP.  Can an edge profile be added when the edge was created using the "freehand" tool?  Iso, how is it done?   


In the inserted pic, the first object was created using the "line" tool and the second one was created using the "line" and "arc" tool.   I was able to add a 1/4" round over profile to each.   The 3rd object was created using the "freehand" tool.  I would like to add a round over profile to it also.   Danl



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Wow, I guess the follow me tool doesn't work for that- or at least I can't make it work right now. But, there is a plugin/extension that does work. Here's the link-https://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pauthor=fredo6 it's free and pretty easy to use. Look for the one called FredoCorner v1.7b.


There are lots of other things available from Fredo and they really work great.





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