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Mortise and Tenon Magazine (Issue 05)

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Joshua A. Klein

Mortise & Tenon Magazine (Issue 05)

Mortise & Tenon Magazine (Issue 05)

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    Mortise & Tenon Magazine
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Joshua A. Klein

Mortise & Tenon Magazine (Issue 05)


Mortise & Tenon Magazine is an annual print publication which seeks to bridge the worlds of furniture maker, conservator, and scholar.

Issue 05 (2018) contents:

An Interview with Spencer Nelson on Apartment Woodworking

An Overwhelming Call: The Life & Work of Eric Sloane - Michael Updegraff

Chester Cornett’s ‘Masterpiece’ - Brendan Gaffney

Norse Seat Chest - Kate Fox

Hand in Hand with Jonathan Fisher – Joshua A. Klein

Traditional Coopering - Marshall Scheetz

Book Recommendation – Chinnery’s “Oak Furniture” - Derek Olson

Examination of an 18th-century Tea Table

Tools for Learning: Woodworking with Young Kids - Joshua A. Klein & Michael Updegraff

Woodworking in Classic Literature - Megan Fitzpatrick

10,000 Hours: A Journey into Japanese Woodworking – Kim Choy


  • woodworking
  • zzz-to-buy
  • woodwork

Similar books

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I am a huge fan of Mortise and Tenon Magazine, actually it should be called "Mortise and Tenon Book" because the quality of this soft cover publication is really nice, the pages are thick and classy, the cover and binding is very well done and it has the heft of a book really.


This issue No. 05 has a wonderful study on a Six Board Viking Sea Chest, and the article by Kate Fox has a historical breakdown of the chest, how it may have came to be, why the shape is angled as it is, and how it may have been rived out and assembled by the craftsmen of the day. You can follow Kate on her journey for her rendition of the sea chest. It's a wonderful article in Issue 05 and I was ready to make my own Viking Sea Chest by the time I finished the article.


Another article that highlighted American Folk artist Chester Cornett had me captured from the first page. I just love reading all about our American artisans and the influence they had for that specific time period. Chester Cornnet passed away in 1981, but he left behind a legacy of fierce individualism in the American spirit, as is evident in his own work. You can see more about Chester at the link below, but Mortise and Tenon Magazine Issue No. 05 did a wonderful justice in their writing of Chester Cornett.


The long, strange trip of Chester Cornett, from hermetic Appalachian crypto-artisan to patron saint of old, weird American...

Also, in this issue of Mortise and Tenon Magazine is an enlightening article about woodworking in tight quarters. Many here on The Patriot Woodworker may be interested in reading this one, it's a follow along of a woodworker who loves working the wood so much, that he made a room of his apartment into a small wood-shop, consisting of a bench, and hand tools, nice quiet hand tools, that don't bother his neighbors.


There are many more articles in Issue 05 that I have not touched on, and they are excellent. You can view the list of articles at the top of this review.

I am hooked on Mortise and Tenon, love it to death, and am anxiously awaiting Issue No. 07


To purchase M&T Magazine, see link below:


MORTISE & TENON MAGAZINE is a celebration of hand tools and traditional woodworking, seeking to bridge the worlds of...


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