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Fred W. Hargis Jr

Mother nature and her accomplices

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I usually put four tomato plants in some flower pots.  My brother grows them from seed and gives them to me.  For the last few years the deer have been wiping them out as they did this year.  Growing them is a just for fun type of deal for me.  I can't remember the last time I had a pear from my tree.  The squirrels get those.  This time of year local grown veggies are plentiful and reasonably priced so there you go. 

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On 8/4/2019 at 1:25 PM, Smallpatch said:

Fred I feel for you...Maybe gardens are too many headaches.. I quit a few years ago when the dirt I bought was full of wild onions.. then I decided I could beat the onion problem...so after about six full deep sessions in about a three weeks time with the tiller I thought I had it made ….Four days ago using a hand held sprinkler I gave the ground a good soaking...and about 1000 or more onion sprouts are showing up. I bet if wild onions was just found to be a new cure for cancer and make it worth 100 dollars an ounce my garden would end up unable to grow anything.

  Then my wife suggested why didn't I use the small two cycle tiller for those onions... Hey, I had plum forgotten about that little tiller. And yes it works great if the ground had been fully tilled with the larger machine first...So I get it out and as I had mentioned to smarty pants it would probably need new gas lines and the primer bulb... Sure nuff and it being a craftsman brand I can't find the model numbers on any site that has sears parts...but hopefully we can find some parts in the town Wed. when we go shopping.. I did find parts for other sears models and lots of times this type of stuff stayed the same through many years. Hope so anyway...Ethanol has caused hell with all the little gas lines and those primer bulbs in all brands of machines that uses gas...






All what i have done to keep weeds at bay and critters at bay was to go the TSC and purchase compress bailed hay.

When I lay it down the tightly in 1.5" T layers around my plants no more weeds no more ground hogs but I have no deer.

TSC says the ground hog knows the smell of hay and normall avoids it to get in trouble with the farmer and horses.  

If you starve the onions of light they will die and compost.  

If you place your squash and other fruit on top of the hay it will not ground rot nor normally will boring insects find it.


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