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John Morris

Shooting Board for Lie Nielsen Shooting Plane

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It's been awhile since I received my LN Shooting Plane, and I finally decided to build a shooting board for this plane. It's basically built from the plans that LN sent me to go with the shooting board, the only thing I really modified was the overall length to fit my arm length and the width of my bench.


Parts of the shooting board cut and ready to assemble. I used Baltic Birch for both layers of the board.

And also some scrap cherry for the stop block and a piece of walnut for the outer fence. I slotted the outer fence by drilling a series of small holes and then filing to straighten each slot up.


LN_Shooting_Board (2).jpg


Screwed the pieces together to form the main table.


LN_Shooting_Board (3).jpg


Planed one side of the stop block perfectly flat, this will be the edge that any board that I am shooting will rest up against, I am looking for perfection in this surface.


LN_Shooting_Board (4).jpg


Then pre-drilled holes and screwed the stop block at 90° to the table/base. The big holes are the counter sink.


LN_Shooting_Board (1).jpg


I also mounted a stop block at the bottom end of the shooting board, it's the same principle as a bench hook. It'll hook over the edge of my bench and resist the forward force as I plow the plane through the board on up.


LN_Shooting_Board (5).jpg


Right after I installed the slotted outer fence mama came out with a plate of cheese and crackers, just thought I'd include it in the image. :) Some big Triscets and Gouda, man she must of read my mind, it was perfect. Been married for almost 30 yrs, I guess you could say we know each other pretty good by now.:wub:


You'll also see to the right of the first board, there is a groove cut about an 1/8" deep, that groove catches dust, dust does build up when cutting end grain. And the theory is it will rest in the groove and not clog up the table.


LN_Shooting_Board (6).jpg


So the first trial board went OK. As you can see the stop block is angled away at the top now, I had my iron set incorrectly, the board end was perfectly square, but there was a bevel on the end. I adjusted the iron and not long I had a perfectly square end board, and not beveled. I really love this shooting plane, and board.


LN_Shooting_Board (7).jpg


In both images top and bottom, the long shavings are from the long grain, I turned the board 90° and shot the long grain, that was handy too. The shorter shavings are the end grain.


LN_Shooting_Board (8).jpg


Thank you for following me along folks in my adventures these days. I had a great time building this, took about and hour an a half, and now I have a pretty nice shooting board. I'll need to cut out some 45° blocks so I can shoot some 45 angles for picture frame joinery, and a "Birdhouse" fixture for shooting flat miters for box making.


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