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Another tip you can prove to yourself

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   My project I'm working on right now is a good example of sawing with the scroll saw....Using a very fine pen or pencil draw three sets of lines..make lots of straight and curved lines.. I like to print out 3 copies of the exact lines so this will give people results as they look them over. Glue the pages on three pieces of wood. One pattern, stay exactly on the line, next pattern saw to the left of that line 1/16" and the last pattern stay to the right of that line 1/16" away...   I like to use a line thin enough where my blade will be a hair on each side of it while sawing....Make the lines long enough so you will get comfortable while doing these comparisons. Two or three feet of lines on each page. 

  Use new blades for each test so worn blades won't enter in to your results..
  When finished with all the cutting and you can stretch all this out in a few days sawing or more....Then after all these have been finished go back and study them and see which style of sawing will make your work look better...staying on the line or leaving a gap between you cut and the line.  Then come back and give everyone the results.... 






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