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I Sure Hate To Redo Something I Did Wrong.

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When I built my metal covered garage I made a big mistake when I laid out to start attaching the long pieces of sheet iron on top..I didn't catch what I did till I went to install the end pieces and realized I didn't have enough overhang. I had put screws in all the one side of the roof and I realized I didn't bring the sheet iron farther enough down for a proper over hang and since I was using fiber board like mobile homes seems to use a lot of ruined after a few years.....I despise this fiber board but I had bought a bundle of this stuff way before we moved from Odessa and could never find a good use for the stuff...Oh it was cheap at the auction..but it had been in the way for many years for it was bought in 73.  So in the heat of the night this week, sounds good anyway and no I didn't work at night, I set about to fix my goof up almost 20 later.

This was my sixth metal building and I was saving steps for I usually stretched a line down to where the metal would start at the bottom end....   this picture explains how much too short it was.IMG_0834.thumb.JPG.beb7dfe6c25788bf141c64f77f5ea88b.JPG

 I even got to where I never went on that side of the garage. I did get through just before it got to 107 this afternoon and for sure I got inside for a cold one to celebrate.  I am the worlds worse when it comes to redoing something I did wrong. Hard headed also!!

  At least I caught the mistake before I started on the other side.

I am reading where it will be 107 or more for a few days so I just might go into hibernation.

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Anything I do anymore is a lot of work anymore. Dan I'm taking out the bottom screws on the roofing metal, sliding 12" pieces underneath the roof metal so it give me an over hang off 2 1/2" then replacing the vertical fiber board with 13" pieces of white metal siding the replacing the metal screws. The pieces underneath the overhang is fiber board also but as long as it is protected from moisture it won't need to be replaced. I built it in 2000 and the other side of the garage I attached the roofing metal an over hang of about 2" and it all looks like the day I put it up there in 2000. Most of the roofing metal is either a 30 or 35 years in these parts of the country.. Well Metal Mart is less but its also so thin you can almost see through it.. Buying 29 gage metal is the only way to go.

The metal on the buildings in Odessa I built is all still good from 1982 and 3. Here the only thing to rust a roof is when people let tree limbs and leaves lay on a building. thats bad business.. Really wet country I'm sure is different.

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