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Diy Dog Feeding Station for Dog Lovers!

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I know I am not the only dog lovers here. I really love my dogs and they became part of my life for years. Since I don't have children, I am putting all my attention to my projects and Dogs. Showing how I care for them, I am planning to give make a DIY Dog Feeding Station. I've decided to make it because I view this piece as an introduction to cabinetry making. If you can build this cabinet for your dog, you can also build any cabinet. For dog lovers like me, you can also try it, your dog will surely love it. https://www.joineryplans.com/blog/diy-dog-feeding-station-plan/

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Good day @PanamaLergro

The link you submitted above appears to be a lead-in to a woodworking plans website that sells 25000 plans, our past experience indicates topics like this may be a way to lead potential customers to a website to purchase plans.

We appreciate you coming aboard, but we would like some clarification as to your intentions within our community.


We'll leave this topic live for a period of 24 hours in order to receive your feedback on this matter, if we don't hear back from you we'll have to flag this topic as spam and possible further actions up to complete topic posting restrictions and/or your member profile completely banned from this community. I hope you understand our concerns PanamaLergro.


Thank you for addressing this issue

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