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Walnut plaque

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This is just a simple plaque I did for my church guitar picking buddy and his wife. 


This Saturday will be their 40th wedding anniversary and their boys are throwing a surprise party.  I figured a plaque was in order so I whipped this up in Fusion 360 and cut it this morning, sprayed one coat of sealer and two coats of gloss lacquer. 


The back is 4 pieces of Walnut with a lot of sapwood and the face is bookmatched Walnut that I resawed to about 1/4" thick.  This particular piece had a lot of color in it and I tried to capture that in the photo but it was hard to get all the wording to show up.  That actually shows up better in the shot of it on the CNC and with a little Naphtha.  It's about 10.5" x 15" in size and is pretty easy to read in person.












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Love the plaque!  I like the way you used the sap wood to make the back and cut panels to bookmatch to face.


I bought some white spray ink to use with masking to try out on walnut.  Now if I could get caught up and find a little time to play I could do some experimenting. 

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Thanks, Mike!  I thought about using some black ink in the letters but ran out of time.  It is actually readable in person so I just left it alone.  I think it would have been easier to photograph if I had used a semi-gloss top coat instead of gloss.  But again, I ran out of time.  Of course, now that it's been given I could get it back and shoot some semi-gloss on it - might do that.



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The white might be too bright but They had dropped the price so I got a can before it went back up.  I also have my eye on some tan and brown but right now they are way too high for experimenting.  Maybe the white will work the way I hope and will high light the lettering so it is easier to read when the walnut is dark and the lighting is low.

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