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  • August 22, 2019      August 25, 2019

    Friday , Saturday & Sunday, August 23, 24 & 25, 2019
    Beckley - Raleigh County Convention Center

    The locals watch for this show every year and visitors to Raleigh County, WV are drawn to the beautiful, hand-crafted wares.  It's the annual Appalachian Festival Arts & Crafts Show, hosted by the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce and now in its 55th year!

    Feast your eyes on the colors, feel the wonderous textures, appreciate the love and care which designed and made every piece.  West Virginia is abundant with talent and this talent can be seen and purchased at the show.  Over 100 vendors will show and sell their creations.  Everything from quilts, to pottery, to sculptures, to wood works. 

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  • Upcoming Events

    • September 25, 2019 Until September 28, 2019
      The Fall 2019 meeting will be held September 25-28 at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, MO. Same location as our 2013 meeting. The hotel rate is $104 and includes a hot breakfast. The rates are good for three days prior and three days following the meeting. The hotel reservation number is 417-866-5253 and make sure you ask for the MWTCA meeting rate. Located in south central Missouri, there are a number of interesting things to see and do in the Springfield area. Springfield is located on former Route 66. Branson, MO is located some 60 mile south of Springfield. The men’s display theme will be “leather working tools”.
      The hotel and convention center is located just off I-44 with a large meeting room to accommodate our tool trading and displays.

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