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John Morris

Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays 2016 (Financial Debrief)

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Operation Ward 57.png


Final Debrief

Once again I'd like to thank all those who participated and all those who sent positive thoughts and prayers to this wonderful project we held, and we will hold once again this year in 10 short months.


Many of you did not win any prizes, but please keep in mind, the grand prize was helping the Akins Family to have a wonderful memorable Christmas. So we all won in that regard! Thank you to all who participated!


To view our project please visit this link Operation Ward 57 Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays Project 2016

Raffle River hosted our raffle, you can see the total contributions by you, our supporters at Raffle River Patriot Woodworker Portal


Total Raffle Proceeds and Expenditures


Gross $1159.00
Service fees $43.86
Cashiers check fee $5.00
USPS fee $8.95
Gifts $306.02
Check to Akins $700.00

Check to Akins

Disbursement to occur 01-23-17




Fees Definitions

  • Gross - Total contributions by you, our generous contributors
  • Service fees - Fees charged by raffle system per transaction, for example, a $50.00 raffle ticket purchase had a $1.75 service fee attached. A $5.00 raffle ticket purchase had a $0.55 service fee attached.
  • USPS fee - Cost to send cashiers check to the Akin family, "Express Service".
  • Gifts - The amount that was spent per Operation Ward 57 Guidelines on the children. A maximum of $100.00 is allowed per child.
  • Check to Akins - The amount of the check that was sent to the Akins for their additional holiday expenses. (They purchased more items for the kids, they had a wonderful meal, and they used the funds to offset the costs of their automobile trip to Texas to visit their parents, Jessica Akins mother and father. Without this disbursement, the trip would have been complicated to make.
  • Check to Akins - The remainder of the funds in the coffers to be sent to the Akins on January 23, 2017. (The Patriot Woodworker community will update this debrief topic with a copy of the last check.)
  • Balance - Account clear and closed.


Gifts and Disbursements

Numbers and addresses cleared out for privacy


Akins Check.jpg







Letter to Akins

Please see attached (below) Word Doc letter that accompanied the check for $700.00 to the Akins.


Last email from Akins to all of you

Thank you again for all the stuff, we are so incredibly appreciative of all The Patriot Woodworkers did to help us. We had a rough trip and your generosity made it easier on us!
Alexander absolutely loves his desk, and Xavier really loves his new superhero toys!

My husband, Thomas, wants to get in touch with you all as well, because he has been making wood projects, and is thinking about making them to sell, as he is very talented.

His email is thomasakin25@gmail.com if you don't mind contacting him.

Thank you so much again. I will send you some pictures of Alexander with his desk and Amelia when we replace the clothes with larger sizes for her. We, unfortunately, did not get pictures of Xavier Christmas, but hopefully we can get some soon and will share with you.

Happy new year!
The Akins


In closing

Dear friends, this was a wonderful and memorable project we undertook, and it was a mission well executed with all your help. The Akins had a wonderful Christmas thanks to all of you. We have made this a tradition here on The Patriot Woodworker, and we will hold this event again in 10 months.


We'd like to also thank our sponsors, for without their contributions and help, this project would not have been possible. Thank you to all who participated, and thank you to all for your interest in our Operation Ward 57 and The Patriot Woodworker Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays project.




If anyone has any further questions regarding this project, you can contact John Morris by Private Message or email at administrator@thepatriotwoodworker.com


Letter to Akins with Check1.docx

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Thanks for the debrief, John. Great letter you sent, too.

How about, in addition to the raffle, next time open it up for those who want to, to build toys or something needed. 

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Great successful project! A big thank you to all who participated to make this happen. Nothing better than helping our military families who make a huge sacrifice too protect our freedom.Sometimes the families of our soldiers are not thought of and this project made one family realize they are appreciated and not forgotten. Again, a BIG THANK YOU!!!

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Hi  Claude. Glad to see your post. I don't remember ever welcoming you to the PWW forum. Please forgive me and a hearty welcome to you.

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I am glad they were able to make the trip to texas as well, family is part of what Christmas is about

I am very honored and proud to do my part to help this family

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4 minutes ago, Frank Byers said:

We are happy to assist and be a part of helping to make their Christmas a better one. Thanks for including Woodcraft in this event.

Hey thank you Frank! 

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Just now seeing this...

Reading the letter from the Akins is the greatest gift of all!

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Thanks John. Glad we were able to help the  Atkins family. Their letter to us was the greatest reward for our individual small part as members of TPWW 

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