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Found 15 results

  1. Woodworkers, Welcome to "The Patriot Woodworker". I myself, Tru Welborn, has joined the forum. I started beating on wood as far back as I can remember. I am a Master Woodworker. I have never found anything that I couldn't make out of a piece of wood. Please visit "woodtalkwithtru" on YouTube and watch Episode 005 to see a montage of my work. I will be posting on the forum more work as I get the opportunity. Please Subscribe, Like and Share my podcast as I appreciate all those that take the time to visit my podcast. Please visit "The Patriot Woodworker" often as they have a great knowledge base. Added are a few examples of my work. Thanks, Tru
  2. Is is just me or is YouTube just sending me more? I am seeing tons of woodworking YouTuber out there when for a while there was only a handful that came up. It seems like everyone in the world is getting into the "I can make woodworking videos" game. And not just Canadian and USA.
  3. If you don't have anything on the go...
  4. So I've recently purchased a small propane heater for the winter months. It costed me $72.65 plus state tax but I also added in a bit extra for next day shipping. I did order this from the Home Depot web site. I haven't fully used this as of yet but I got a propane tank out this morning and fired it up to test it out. So far it seems okay I did check for leaks for my sake. I do have a good healthy fear of propane thanks to propane forges and how unsafe they can be with the burners. How ever this seemed like an okay one. for its rating it says its 9000 BTUS I did have it kicked off on low for a couple of minutes to run a test seemed to heat up fairly quickly. You can use a 20 pound propane tank with it how ever if you plan on doing that the recommendations I found on youtube have said TO ORDER THE MR HEATER CONNECTION HOSE. I did dive into a lot of youtube reviews on this small heater before I did buy it. But I think it should do quite nicely for the long cold winter months. I will place the link to this heater and some youtube reviews in this thread as well. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Mr-Heater-9-000-BTU-Radiant-Propane-Portable-Heater-F232000/205527178
  5. Just saw this one today - and since I have split many "small" planks with nails, I was extremely interested in this one. Great tips
  6. I'm not a CNC user. Just passing along this link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMrMqMabXS5_cFcq5K9Ob-w
  7. Most everyone who visits this forum will know I have a youtube channel. For those who don't do videos I can tell you, one of the real rewards for a youtube author is when a person takes the time to comment and let the author know they liked the video. I've had some very positive comments and some, not so much. Well, I checked my channel this morning and saw this comment, from one Jasper Krumanaker. For the record, this is a gloat, this is a brag, and this is from a misty eyed proud PaPa. "I'm his grand child his work is amazing and so is him" Steve
  8. Sketchup tutorials broken down to show the use of most of the Sketchup Tools and Functions. Videos are not very long. Author speaks plainly and demonstrates what he is talking about. YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/thesketchupessentials?sub_confirmation=1 Website http://www.thesketchupessentials.com/
  9. Towards the end of this video, the discussion between interviewer, and maker, is priceless, "Money is not everything!" I couldn't have expressed that better myself.
  10. Sketchup YouTube video page
  11. For those who haven't already been there, Steve's YouTube channel is amazing. LINK CAUTION: If you're not a turner, he'll make you want to start.
  12. 400 new videos... Rickturns has published the March edition of his wood turning data base... Here it is if anyone is interested....
  13. I'm always looking for materials to learn more about Sketchup. This one includes information about downloading and installing Sketchup- as well as a basic introduction. By far, my favorite author/instructor is Dave Richards. If you get the Fine Woodworking magazine, you can keep up with Dave's really great tutorials.
  14. This is a 1 minute grocery ad but that is not what is important in my mind. On my first leave in 1964 I came home to this as well. Enjoy and if a drop or two of tears fall, smile and give thanks for your serviceman/woman.
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