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Found 8 results

  1. Took 3 yard sales....and $5 total....picked a few "toys".. Two oil stones for a dollar, 1/4" drive Craftsman ratchet for $3...and a decent pair of needle nose pliers, for a dollar... Been a bit well used....ratchet seems almost new, pliers will not need any rehab.. haven't figured out the grit on the stones...small one seems to be a finer grit. Ratchet is a quick release. Not too bad of a weekend...
  2. First weekend in August.....six states in length. Follow Rt 127 in Ohio... thursday through Sunday.
  3. Finally got out to that estate sale south of town this morning.....feeding frenzy of both buyers and relatives......"Picked" three tools that I could at least carry around.. There was a rusty and krusty 1" chisel( to use with the oil stone post) that Stanley Powerlock 25' tape ( in GREAT shape) and that rusty old saw... Well, I think that MAYBE I could do something with the saw? While I was out on some errands, the saw plate got a Simple Green soaking. Then I took the handle off. Polished the brass fittings, BLO/Varnish mix on the handle. Plate was sanded clean. Tried to find an etch....all I found was a 7 stamped into the plate. handle was dry, All the brass shined up, put things back together.. 7 ppi skew back crosscut plate. I'll need to work on them teeth a bit. Handle? Handle seems almost a walnut flavour now? Bolts have been "clocked". Handle is an older "open top" style. Has a chip in the top horn..meh... There is a divot on this side of the handle. Medallion is a recessed AAA one by Atkins. You can also see the "7" stamp. Spent $5 on the three tools today......twas a good thing I don't have a "Line Shaft" power plant in the shop....I would have need a BIG flatbed truck....the lathe in that building was almost as big as my Town & Country van! Sale is still on tomorrow.....and I'm broke.
  4. Well, yesterday was the 75 cent Push drill, Buck Rogers No.100 Today's little drive about.. Price sticker says $2 Stamped as a Made in USA PEXTO. Almost minty, very little rust spots to brush out. Has "PEXTO" stamped there, inside an oval. Chuck is a "Holdall" style. Jaws still have their springs, and work jut fine. Wood appears to be a Rosewood. Might be Walnut, but it is full of black streaks in the grain. remains of a grayish label on the sweep handle. This is an 8" sweep brace. Has a good ratcheting action. There are, though, three phillips headed screws to hold the top knob in place. Not too hateful, for $2? Kind of a slow weekend...
  5. Picking resumed today....$6 shot. One of the three items is an eggbeater drill was a bit too tired to go down to the shop and get the tripod. Seems to be an almost complete Millers Falls No.5......At least I can research that info.. The other ( $0.50) tool looks like a Proctologist might use? Not sure what the spring was for. The handle? Has "B-M TOOL CO" Pat. Allowed and Prov. R.I. incised into the knob. Not even sure what this is for. handle is some decent looking wood, looks like a brass ferrel. Shaft was a black japanning. Can't even find the tool co. to see what this thing is. last of the fifty cent finds.. NOT a brake tool. Thinking I could straighten out the pointy end, add a ferrel and a handle, and clean the bottoms of a few mortises I happen to be chopping. Only markings on this one is an "X". The eggbeater WAS marked $10, talked it down to $5 Paid for all three items, and continued on down the street. West Liberty, OH village wide yard sales this weekend....
  6. Well. while out and about this morning, hunting a bit of rust. Saved three Atkins saws from being taped together, $5? got them for a buck each This was the easy part, The "What is it"? Well, the tag said fifty cents. "Jaws" are just under 3-3/4" long/wide. There is one notch for a screw on a base.. Wing nut to tighten things up? Two counter sunk holes for screws. Haven't found a namd anywhere on it. Not much in the way of room inside there, either. Vise? Clamp? Uses?
  7. Well, I did get the sockets that were in that tool box's bottom all cleaned up Ain't they cute? The front row has a mystery to them, though.. While the back row is all square drill sockets, the front row is a "Hex" drive.....almost a 1/2" Allen size? Ok, about this Cordless Grinder. Yard sales today, found one that had a grinder for $10...but, no motor? Did a little "bandit work" and got it for $6... Turns out, I am the motor. Needs a little oil in the two oilers. Since my bench is a might too thick, I had to grab a 2x3 block, clamp it into the end vise, then clamp the grinder to the block. Gave it a spin, and did a bit of wheel dressing. Wheel is on the coarse side. There is the remains of a label.....barely. Well, for the times I don't need this grinder, I can stow it out of the way. Not sure yet on where the rest will be used at. I was trying it out like this....can be moved around a bit if needed. Not too bad for $6?
  8. That time of year again. Three towns and a quarter of another having sales! First town was the 1/4 town, since we were right in that town....meh, struck out. Boss found a few things, then a trip through the countryside.....again a strike out. Just missed a sander and belts.. Went on to the next town, as they had CHEAP Gas for the van! Three ring circus trying to get to an open pump, the pay before you pump, too. Tank's full, on to the sales! Found a small barn off the side of the road, an old Plumber was selling a few tools!!! Finally! Spent $2 ( he only want a dollar, gave a little extra for his trouble) the two without handles, more on the handled one in a moment..also in my rust cover paws was this pile of bits, and that wee screwdriver, the larger screwdrivers came from a box, the same box that handled hammer was in . That cost a major league $15! Now why would I spend that much for a cheap, plastic tool box? Well when you strain to lift a FULL tool box.... Box didn't have a single ratchet in it. Might make some use out of the rest of the items.....you think? On the way out of that little town ( three other stops, NADA) stopped at one last one....found one hammer worth buying... For banging out dents? Went on to the house, had to pick up the GrandBrats, and one other person. Dropped that one off at her job, and headed west. Storm had rooled through the next town, and we only found one worth stopping at. Boss found a few things On to the next town.....looked around, most were closing up, but we did find one place worth stopping at. One GrandBRATS even got a bicycle! And a few toys for the smaller one. As for me.....HEHEHEHE $2.50 got me these four items. Stanley No. 923 10in brace, Thorsen 1/2" ratchet, Buck Brothers 1/8" sash chisel , and some sort of nail puller. On the way home stopped to find a couple handles . TSC only had any hand tool handles, only for hammers at that. $5.99+ Tax. Got home, and installed the new handle on the old hammer Checked the mail box...package for me! Inside was a stanle spokeshave, and a handle-less 1/2" Fulton chisel. Looks like I fire up the lathe again. And....to think, there is still one more day of those sales. Somewhere around 40......Starts @ 0800hrs, ZULU. Better go get some rest....
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