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Found 8 results

  1. Are we doing the Wounded Warrior fundraiser this year? I'm asking because I haven't seen any postings about it yet this year. I always look forward to the raffel, seeing what our sponsors are offering this year and how the fund total progresses. It's a good project, and provides a good Christmas for a worthy veteran.
  2. Please don't forget we are in the midst of our annual Operation Ward 57 charity drive to support our adopted family. We are less than halfway to our goal for making their Christmas one to remember. If you haven't donated, please consider helping give back to a wounded warrior. Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber posted some pictures of his latest rough turned pecan bowl He describes it in his post- @Ron Altiercreated some earrings for his daughter. Ron certainly is the master at combining colorful wood species for maximum beauty. In his post, Ron shows us a little on how these were made- What’s Coming Up- There's been a date change for an IRD from Cindy Drozda's presentation on ornaments and finials. You can sign up at- http://www.cindydrozda.com/html/Demo.html For The Newbies- A big shout out to @FlGatorwood for sending me links to these videos. The first one is sort of a continuation of the previous pepper mill turning video from Mike Peace. This video show turning a "crush grind" mill from a kit. The second video is a great resource for learning to do inside-out turnings. @HandyDan and @FlGatorwood have shown us some of their fantastic pieces in the past. Expand Your Horizons- With ornament season in full swing, displaying these items doesn't necessarily need to be on the tree. Alan Stratton shows us how to make an ornament stand. I was particularly taken by his wire bending jig. In this video, from Turn A Wood Bowl, demonstrates adding a lid to the bowl being turned. The lid has an integral finial. New Turning Item- Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to have the time to enjoy the Vendor's Showcase zoom presentation. This was a 6 hour event, over 3 days, with demonstrations from Cinda Drozda, Lyle Jamieson, Steve Worcester, Todd Raines, Joe Fleming and John Jordan. Each presenter demonstrated their unique turning specialty along with some of the products they use. They took questions from the viewers and had discussions on techniques. One of the presenters, Lyle Jamieson, posted a video of his demonstration. Included was the use of his signature hollowing rig- On our woodworking forum, and this forum as well, dust collection is often discussed. We all know the importance of having a good setup for cleaning the air. I am not sure of this author's credentials for the topic but he makes some good points- Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- I finished up and delivered some small walnut bowls for the bookkeeper at school. The walnut log came from her parents home. They had many memories of the tree and wanted some way to have the tree live on. These bowls are 5" to 7" in diameter and 2" to 3" deep. Turned with Easy Wood Tools and the rim treatment was done with a Sorby Spiraling tool. The round bowls were finished with mineral oil and beeswax. The natural edge with wipe on poly. Looks like I need to do a better job of dusting before taking the pictures. Safe turning and stay well
  3. The Drawing Dear all, our contributors/donors names have been extracted from our data base and the personal checks we received were included as well, the single and multiple name entries were hand entered into a text (.txt) file by the amount contributed, the text file was then copy and pasted into an online Random Name Picker. As the names were drawn, they were assigned to each item provided by our sponsors in the same order as listed at the Warrior Family Project Page. I wish all who contributed could walk away with something, but I know that was not your priority, the family was at the center of all this, and I greatly appreciate that from you all. Recipients We'd like to congratulate the following recipients of the wonderful machinery and tools donated by our sponsors. Laguna 14|12 Bandsaw - @PostalTom Easy Wood Tools Parting Tool - @Masonsailor Easy Wood Tools Parting Tool - @Steve Krumanaker Woodriver Standard Block Plane with Adjustable Mouth - @Cliff Woodriver No.4 Bench Plane - Alfred Tickell Our Sponsors We also want to issue a hearty thanks to our sponsors of this annual tradition here at The Patriot Woodworker. Woodcraft Supply, Easy Wood Tools, and Laguna Tools, thank you for all your support in the past, now, and hopefully into the future. We are very appreciative of your support, we couldn't do any of this without your help. What's Next For our prize recipients, please message myself with your shipping address, so I can inform our sponsors where to ship your item. Also, within the next two weeks, we'll be doing the financial review of this project and once we get it all squared away and the numbers jive, we'll disclose the results here, and a check will be drawn for the remaining funds to be sent to the Hine family. I am thinking, and this is just an off the top of my head estimate, we brought in just under 3000.00 and we should be able to get a check out to the family in the range of 1500.00, I am sure this will help get them off to a better 2021. Remember, 100 percent of your contributions go to the family project. Thank you all once again, I am personally very proud of what you all accomplished here for the Hine Family, I know our Admins and Staff are proud of your efforts as well. You all did this, we just stood by and watched it happen, we are forever grateful for all you do Patriot Woodworker's and Guests, and so are the families we support each year.
  4. Final Debrief Once again I'd like to thank all those who participated and all those who sent positive thoughts and prayers to this wonderful project we held, and we will hold once again this year in 10 short months. Many of you did not win any prizes, but please keep in mind, the grand prize was helping the Family to have a wonderful memorable Christmas. So we all won in that regard! Thank you to all who participated! To view our project please visit this link Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays Project - 2019 You can see the total contributions by you, our supporters at Christmas Project Donation Page Total Proceeds and Expenditures Gross w/cash donations $2395.00 PayPal fees $110.62 Gifts $2221.16 Check to Family $63.22 Balance $0000.00 Fees Definitions Gross - Total contributions by you, our generous contributors including cash donations mailed directly to our home. PayPal fees - These fees are a percentage of what PayPal takes from each transaction. Gifts - The amount that was spent for the family. Check to family - The remainder of the funds in the coffers sent to the Family. Balance - Funds Remaining. Questions? If anyone has any questions at all regarding this project, and how your proceeds were used, please do not hesitate to PM me or one of our admins, or you can email me at administrator@thepatriotwoodworker.com. To the best of my ability I have shown a full disclosure in this topic, if you see any errors or accidental omissions please feel free to call us out here by replying to this topic. I am not perfect, so I may have missed something. Screen shots of the family gifts that you, our generous donors purchased the children. Each child received a gift card for $200.00 Mom and Dad each received a gift card for $200.00, mom is going to use hers for a day at the spa, and dad is an avid movie watcher, he is going to use it to go to the local theater with family a few times. The $100.00 gift card was for their family Christmas dinner. Our initial response to our family after being selected to sponsor Some Quotes from Mom of the family The below quotes are from emails we had with our adopted Family mom, we had many emails together, I could not share more than what I have as in doing so, could exposed the identity of our family. Above all during our communications, I made sure that she understood, no thanks was or is ever necessary, we are simply paying back what we owe to her family. Us Americans and much of the world, we owe our freedoms because of the man of this family who served, who answered the call, and paid the price. For those of us sitting at home and enjoying our lifestyle and freedoms to move about and perform our daily routines and rituals, make no mistake, if it wasn't for the men and women of our United States Military, our lives would change in a heartbeat, without our military, we have no protection, without protection, our shores would be over-run by those who would exploit our weakness if we did not have those who serve our nation, standing post with rifle in hand, and willing to do the un-heard of. Thank you to our adopted family. This family is still paying the price. In closing We want to thank everyone again for their participation in the 2019 Christmas project, we are very proud of how our Patriot Woodworkers, guests, and our wonderful sponsors, Easy Wood Tools, Laguna Tools, and Woodcraft Supply came to the table, and made this all happen. More surprises We had some members of The Patriot Woodworkers ship some physical items to us, to be transferred to our adopted family, I took pictures of those items, and I will post a separate topic relating to those handmade crafts, they are very special, and you'll all love them!
  5. I'm a bit behind on my emails, but this one sent out by Woodcraft on June 8th recognized "all" of us here and featured our adopted family, the Thomas Akin family. Well done gang! ( @John Morris...if this needs to be moved within the forum, please do so...thanks,dz) BTW, Woodcraft has a pretty good price this month on the Rikon 8" Slow Speed Grinder too...that was brought the article to my attention. Woodcraft email Sales Circular 06-08-17 https://www.woodcraft.com/blog_entries/woodcraft-supports-patriot-woodworker-project-to-adopt-a-wounded-warrior-family-for-christmas
  6. About a month ago, I received a phone call from a fellow wondering if I could make something special for his dad. He explained that his dad was wounded in Viet Nam and is still felling the effects. He went on to explain that his dad was only in the Army for a couple of years but spent most of that time in country. His main job was a Forward Scout". (YIKES) Anyhow, to finish up the story, his dad received four Purple Hearts and one Bronze Star and attained the rank of Sgt. With learning of a brother who was a true hero in a conflict so many years ago and so far away, I advised this young man that I would be honored to make something for him. We settled on a $40 Army thing with just a little modification. The more I got to thinking about it, I couldn't justify this small gift express the gratitude of a grateful nation. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo I just finished this hero's gift today. His son took one look and started to cry. I must admit that my eyes leaked a little bit too. After hugs, he and his wife headed out to his dad's house to present it to him. Merry CHRISTmas to all. Oh, yeh, a couple of pictures of the project.
  7. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    Tim Ross is a Wounded Warrior alumni and he also works for the Wounded Warriors Project! Not long ago we were contacted by the Wounded Warriors Project and asked if we could send out a box of displays to be distributed amongst the Wounded Warrior Staff Veterans. We proudly obliged.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

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