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Found 15 results

  1. Not much to report this week. Been TDY to Coop Cleaning as relatives are visiting for Thanksgiving. Our Patriot Turners- @calabrese55 posted a new segmented form in our "What's On Your Lathe" thread. This one is a mixed media work. Mike tells us a little more about the acrylics and his go-to guy for information in his post- @RustyFN shares his very first basket weave illusion turning and it is Awesome! He posted it here- I know my old eyes would be crossed before the first row was finished! @HandyDan and @Smallpatch posted some of their Christmas ornaments Check out the comments at- New member @knightwolf is looking for some help in locating a part for a Delta lathe. Please see his post and if you can provide assistance he would certainly appreciate it- What’s Coming Up- Click on the images for links to registration and more information- For The Newbies- The question about food safe finishes comes up quite a lot. This article from Wood Magazine has some good information- https://www.woodmagazine.com/materials-guide/finishes/is-your-finish-food-safe?fbclid=IwAR0o48QrIVH14qM2EvSXQfu7w6aDoV9_Iz_2TAhglBQ4iD4cAFikKGzBwdY Expand Your Horizons- Carl Jacobson demonstrates the use of the Joyner Off Center Jig- New Turning Items- Maybe Santa is hording all the new stuff until after Thanksgiving Everything Else- From Ron Brown's newsletter- Figuring It Out – How To Succeed At The Small Stuff Success in many small things can add up to success in big stuff. The advice that follows is applicable to non-life-threatening situations, small undertakings, and must be tempered with wisdom. If failure could result in injury, substantial financial loss, or divorce, don’t do it! We are not given the gift of seeing the end from the beginning most of the time. Nor are we granted understanding in advance exactly how we will get there. Many times, our adventure starts with nothing more than hope and faith that we will figure it out along the way. The key is to take some time to think it through as best you can, then begin. Now that you’ve started, a pause after each step will reveal how to proceed with the next step. Before you know it, you will have figured it out as you went and chalked up another success. As an example: your project is to turn a cube into a 3-winged bowl and you’ve only seen the video, you’ve never actually attempted this method before. You are unsure what to do next. Mount your blank and start. You made an outline while watching the video so you have a rough idea of what to do first, second, etc. Go for it! You will figure it out. The next one will be much easier and so on. Don’t let yourself be a victim of “Paralysis of Analysis.” Gather the necessary materials and tools, give it an appropriate amount of thought, then start. Even if you do it wrong the first time, you will figure it out along the way. I love to invent stuff and solve problems, especially for the turning community. I rarely know how my approach to a problem will turn out in the end. I do my research to understand everyone else's approach then I develop my unique approach to make it better, easier, safer, and sometimes faster. The marketable jig, fixture, or tool seldom resembles the first few attempts. I average between 8 and 10 prototypes before I discover one that works the way I intend and doesn’t do any of the bad things the first ones did. Plus, it has to look way cool! I figured it out along the way. If I never get started with the first one, I never get to number ten so you can do things easier, faster, and safer. There are always unintended consequences with every project and I adjust accordingly. I often can’t see the challenge until I get to that step. Patience and persistence coupled with wisdom and insight carry me through. Safe turning
  2. The walking stick is done and has the first coat of boiled linseed oil on it. I used linseed oil because that's about as good anything for outdoor use and it's very easy to re apply as needed. I really like white oak and walnut together. After a few coats of oil this will get a rubber cane tip on the bottom.
  3. We only have a little over a week left in our fund raiser. If you haven't had the chance to get your raffle tickets, don't wait. Some really great prizes- Our Patriot Turners- @RustyFN finished up a beautiful cherry vase for his Mrs. Here is the entire thread Rusty posted that takes us along from start to finish! What’s Coming Up- There is still time to get tickets for the Woodturner's Retreat- Get your ticket now for the next level of LIVE woodturning demonstrations. 6 Turners LIVE is bringing you our Summer Fun Extravaganza. On July 23, 2022 we will run a Zoom-based event showcasing 3 live 1.5 hour long demonstrations, followed by a short break and 3 MORE live 1.5 hour demonstrations! You get to pick and choose which demos you see and have the ability to pop in and out of them as you like. We plan to record the demos and make all 6 videos available to ticket holders after the event. More information is at- https://woodturnersretreat.com/?fbclid=IwAR0h2BSaucz6JcVDZ_0gcWNkIUtLWvNgRKi7ORogBYAE5Pv3BJYzoldH6Mo Cindy Drozda is having a live FREE tool talk on July 21 via YouTube- The Mid-Atlantic Woodturning Symposium is coming this September- For registration and more information- https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07ej1qyiwj1a79db74&oseq=&c=fa444490-93d3-11e7-adbb-d4ae52753a3b&ch=fa644fb0-93d3-11e7-adbb-d4ae52753a3b Then in October, the AAW virtual symposium is scheduled- More information will be available at this web site- https://www.woodturner.org/Woodturner/2022VirtualSymposium/2022-Virtual-Symposium---Main.aspx?_zs=ceDib&_zl=nClB3 For The Newbies- A nice spindle turning project from the AAW- Turned kitchen scoops make nice gifts. Here's another presentation/method from Wood Magazine- Expand Your Horizons- One of the nicest compliments you can get from another turner is- "OK, how'd you do that?" Here's a video from Carl Jacobson that will surely get someone to ask that!! New Turning Items- This has been available from Woodturners Wonders for a while. Ken Rizza demonstrates the process/products used to clean CBN grinding wheels- Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Safe turning
  4. Wood Magazine came today and I was browsing the article on how to build a rocking chair. All the joints are held with loose tenons and seeing the picture, I'm thinking Domino. But no, they have a clever little shop-made jig to cut these. I have used similar things for other purposes, and until now, it never occurred to me. Note that the stock is 1.25" thick, they are using a 3/4" opening on the jig, 1/4" bit and 1/2" bushing, that results in a 1/2" tenon. Probably too much for 3/4" stock, but I think I can adjust it down. Also in the next issue, they promise 5 jigs to do loose tenons. I may retire my Bead-Lock.
  5. Generally speaking, Wood Magazine has been one of my 2 or 3 favorites and I've subscribed for probably the past 25 years, missing a few years here and there for some reason. They just e mailed me a "special" renewal offer....$49.95 for 2 years! Guess it's time to give it up. I realize the publishing industry has really been struggling to survive (all forms, it seems to me) but making your stuff really expensive doesn't strike me as being a good come-back plan.
  6. I have about 17 or 18 boxes of "vintage" (to use an auctioneer's term) woodworking magazines, including a whole set of #1-243 (and probably more if I sorted them) plus a number of years of sequential and scattered earlier ones of FWW. They are too valuable, I believe, to just scrap them and probably time (according to the Mrs.) to get rid of them. I see them selling on eBay by sets of 1-20 or so, but have no idea if they actually get sold that way. Nor do I want a part time job selling and running to the post office every couple of days for onsie-twosies. There's way to much volume and weight to ship out (the 243 set occupies about 5 full boxes) The Cinci Library would probably take them, but just sell at their annual "garage book sale." The more local library does not seem to have any archives like that. Every time I go there, there's a couple of carts of books being downsized for $1 a bag. Any thoughts on a quick and easy way to sell them? I've enquired at a local online auction and waiting to hear back if they are interested.
  7. I have a whole shelf full of banker boxes of old woodworking magazines (I cannot bear to throw them away). When I started (pre-internet days), I learned a lot from them. Now, I subscribe to very few. But I still read most of them. My local library has a lot of them on e-readers that I can read online at my leisure. As an Ohio resident, I have patron IDs at Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland libraries and can get current or back e-reader issues on demand. My local (Cincinnati) library circulates their recent issues, back a few years, and I can put a reserve on them and pick them up at my local branch if I want the hardcopy for any reason. This morning, I pulled off the pages for the Shaker Berry Box from an issue of FWW a year ago.
  8. Dec / Jan Wood Magazine has my submitted shop tip in it.
  9. Can't say much more, I know a lot of us "met" over there. They just announced they are closing the doors. My own opinion is that they did a lot of things that led to the demise of what was the first forum I had joined, but that's just my opinion.
  10. Just when it appeared biscuits were falling out of favor, I read my recent WOOD magazine. 4 of the 5 projects were made with biscuits. Also happy to see my bud, Glen Huey, wrote an article and has returned after being let go from PopWood (a few years prior to their bankruptcy)
  11. This past week my local woodworker’s guild had the opportunity to visit Woodsmith magazine and Wood magazine studies, both in Des Moines, IA. At Woodsmith, our host was Logan Wittmer, assoc. editor. Phil Huber, multimedia editor, also spent much time with us when we toured their video studio. While we were at the Wood magazine facilities, we were hosted by Sr. Editor, David Campbell. We were able to see their video and photo studios, product work shops along with many of the past and future edition projects. The day ended with a visit to the Des Moines Woodsmith store. This store is large and has many tools on display along with having large lumber and finishes departments. Danl Woodsmith hosts Logan and Phil Woodsmith video studio Woodsmith photo shoot studio Woodsmith project work shop Wood magazine past projects Wood magazine project work shop Wood Magazine gallery Wood Magazine photo shoot studio Woodsmith Store
  12. oldwoodie


    Picked up a 408(I think is same as Stanley #4 ) Sargent hand plane that was clean, sharp and ready to go for $10.00. How bad did I do? My thinking is to sell all my Stanley Baileys and Baileys and use the lesser knowns for my work. I have some others like Dunlop, Craftsman, Buck Brothers, etc. I can pick up Stanley knockoffs with no name, and if it fits my hand, is well made, and is in good shape, I can always do all right. What do you say about my theory? Also, I turned down Wood Magazine's last offer because they shut down our community forum. I would not be surprised if they quit publishing it in the next few years if as many people are mad at them as I think they are. I was going to return their offer with this explanation as to why I decided to drop them after more than 20 years of subscriptions.
  13. WOOD Magazine has always provided something free for us woodworkers.
  14. ;Got this today from WOOD Magazine. I'm not a big fan of reclaimed wood (prefer something a little more formal) but if you're ever faced with working with it here are some techniques. Mostly what to do with those cut edges without patina. And remember: * A technique is a trick used more than once -- Georg Poyla * Onions have layers, Ogres have layers. Finish has layers, -- Shrek (well 2/3 of it) http://www.woodmagazine.com/woodworking-how-to/finishes-finishing/finishing-reclaimed-lumber
  15. I just finished this one up today. It started out as a wine rack plan in Wood magazine, but I left out the strips that keep the bottles from rolling and just going to use it as a book shelf. Last week I also got the ramp built on the deck I started last fall. I still need to put a railing around it, but I really don't want to. I'm liking the way it is now, and it's only about 22" high, but I know the insurance company is going to want it.
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