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Found 10 results

  1. Okay, last one of these I promise but I had an idea and just had to give it a try. I wanted to make one of these with curly hair. I didn't find exactly what I looking for but I'm pretty happy with what I found. Because of how this one is made I needed to put a bottom in it. One thing leads to another and I wondered about giving it some feet. This is the result. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what is the hair?
  2. I have been painfully delinquent from here the last while and have missed the talks. 2021 brought real challenges and changes but I am still out here and “kicking!” Hope to be more active in 2022. Here are some of the couple hundred Snowmen I made for the Christmas season, a few of the Vikings and “Gnomen” I have been dabbling in the winter, and my daughters first attempt at the wood lathe which happened last Sunday afternoon. She has been asking to give turning a try and her and I spent a couple hours at the lathe together. I am still learning technique so hope I am not sending her too far astray. The honey dipper and bullet are hers. I only helped with a few cleanup cuts to smooth a few things out for her. She wants to learn to make ornaments and other smaller things so I suspect I will get more of these sessions. I am sort of watching for an economical mini or midi lathe to cram in the shop so I can set her up with her own work station. She is showing potential and interest right now and want 5o nurture that interest while I can. Proud dad moment for me.
  3. My dad's first lathe, purchased at Canadian Tire (IIRC) around 1958 - 1960. 48" total length, maximum turning length about 40". 8" swing. Price (Again IIRC) $29.97. Motor not included. Somewhere I still have two banjos, short and long tool rests, and the turning tools. We turned many a project on this, until Dad got the Shopsmith around 1970. Don't really know why I kept it all these years, but it's headed for the scrap heap!
  4. We've got sycamore trees in our yard, beautiful trees but they drop a lot of limbs. Now and then a limb is big enough to play with. Did some garden whimsy today. First day it's been cool enough to get in the shop for a while. They are a take off on some ornaments I did last year. I knew then I wanted to do some of these for the garden.
  5. So this morning I went hunting around for my variable speed control. Which I had previously used for my blower fan that connected to my twier and into my coal fire forge. Worked quite nicely for that and moved a ton of air. Either way I had repurposed it. I wanted to test something out to see if I could get a slower speed than 600 RPM on the Harbor Freight wood lathe. So I hooked the variable speed into the lathe this morning to test that theory. I don't have a tacometer to verify it. How ever it seems to have worked. It does make a couple of clicks but I can only assume that the clicking noise is the variable speed control talking to the motor telling it to spin at a certain speed. Here is the video result of the hole thing. No music just lathe sounds. Almost 2 minutes. So score 1 for me.
  6. I just picker up a 12 foot Tenon lathe. It looks like a killer. It had a 7.5 HP 3 phase motor running at 1156 RPM direct drive. I would not want to be at the tail end of this machine. I really only wanted it for the tenor bit. It has the larges tenor bit that I have ever seen on it. 39.41 Lbs. After I striped the lathe down I was wondering what I was going to do with the metal frame. I thought it would make a huge wood lathe. So the hunt was on for parts. I'm lucky to have a local surplus parts store not far from me. I found a couple large lathe chucks and a face plate. Then I found a 2-3/8" thick wall shaft. Off to E-bay for two 2-3/8" pillow block bearings. With a little machining I was able to mold the parts together. I'm not in any way going to put a 7.5Hp motor on this thing. I got to make a tail stock and steady rest for it. Can't wait to turn some BIG bowls...
  7. Here are some pictures of my deep hollowing set up. I have about 22" reach with it. It's built around an inch and one quarter diameter bar. The bar is 4140 prehard steel. That should be stiff enough to reach out about 20" or so. I have about 22" of reach from the cutting tip to the torque arrestor that is welded to the round bar. There is a threaded stud in the front corner for attaching the laser pointer post. This picture shows the threaded stud a little better. The trap that holds the boring bar is made from two 1" diameter black iron pipes. The top pipe is adjustable so the trap can accept larger or smaller diameter boring bars. Eventually I may add a 1 1/2" bar but I have no immediate plans to do so. If/when I do it will be a simple matter to use the same trap for either bar by loosening one bolt on either end and repositioning. This is the "business end" of the hollower. The boring bar came from Grizzly as a set of five double ended bars. In addition to the angle slot the other end has a straight slot. I have both a 3/4" set and a 1" set of bars. The order from Grizzly also included 1/2" 3/8" and 1/4" boring bars. I could see no use to keep those so I gave them to my brother to use in his shop. This is just a view from the tail stock end of the lathe. I figure I have probably less than $150.00 in this rig. For one this heavy duty, retail would be in the $500.00 range. With that said, I don't believe the retail ones are over priced at all. It's easy to look at material cost only and think they are charging too much for something like this. In addition to my material cost there are several hours of machining that went into making this. My brother is no slouch at metal work. His normal shop rate would've pushed the cost of this well over what I would pay retail. Add to that, the cost of welding and there is no way it could be done for less. I'm blessed to have had someone to help me for hanging out together and a bowl or two. Several times I showed my brother how others had made theirs. Always his response, well we're going to do it better than that. As an example, the trap on others I've seen simply used machine bolts and a bunch of nuts to make the assembly. Adjusting the size would involve tedious loosening and tightening several nuts. Either that or they were welded to fit one size only. It will be a couple weeks before I get to try my hand at a deep vessel. I still have to make my steady rest and laser assembly. When I do get it all together you've got to know, I'll post pics!! Steve
  8. Been dealing with some family issues and haven't been in the shop very much. I did finish a couple pieces yesterday and today. Both are maple and both are right at 12" diameter. I think these two pieces really illustrate just how versatile is maple. First is a shallow bowl or deep platter, would probably work either way. Next is a platter, my attempt at a "traditional Irish platter" from the Glenn Lucas DVD and this is also one of the things a person will turn during his class. This is wormy, spalted, maple. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure and truth in advertising, this one is wormy, spalted, maple and superglue, a ton of it. Thanks for looking. Steve
  9. I've been wanting to add some color to some of my turnings and posted a little about that earlier. At the time I was working on another decorative platter and have just put the sealer coat on it. Probably should've waited and taken better pictures but I wanted to share and got impatient. The platter is soft maple, turned to about 1/8" thick and about 12" diameter. My original thought for the center motif was to use water color paint. After several practice pieces I just wasn't getting the "pop" I was after and decided to use aniline dye. It is definitely a more robust color. The sky, the tree, the animals, and the bottom are pyrography. The underside I was excited about doing this piece there are several things I really like about it. Even so, I'm just not sure it "works". Steve
  10. This is the first finished(almost) bowl from the walnut I harvested a couple months ago. Turned natural edge, it's about 11X14" and about 4" deep. Pretty happy with it except for a couple tool marks I just didn't get sanded out. I'll gift this one to my Sis for Christmas as it's from the tree that was in her yard. It's about 3/8" thick throughout and will get a few more coats of antique oil. I just have to say, I really like the picture posting procedure on this forum. Steve
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