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Found 20 results

  1. From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    A small maple vessel with an open basket weave pattern I call wopen. About 1/8" thick,
  2. Did a few of these a while back but it's been a while. This is soft maple, turned to about 2.5mm or 3/32" and just over 12" diameter. It will get my version of a basket weave illusion done with piercing and pyrography. This is the basic pattern, it's adapted from a Polynesian Lei, Lei weave which is normally done with water hyacinth reeds. The "X" areas will get pierced and the rest will get wood burned and shaded to produce the basket weave illusion. Have just started to layout the grid lines to draw the pattern. That's an LED lamp on the back side. Produce_0.mp4 Hoping this one turns out as it's intended tobe a gift.
  3. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    A small maple bowl with some zentangle patterns for embellishment.
  4. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    A small maple bowl with the zentangle patterns, w-2 or huggins, and flower vine
  5. From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    The bottom with the zentangle pattern phicops and some cross hatching for effect.
  6. Just finished the 2nd flame box elder vase, there is some pretty grain in this one too. Decided to do a zentangle on the bottom of this one. This is one of my favorite patterns, "Phicops in a cirlce" Have no idea where the name comes from.
  7. Former co-worker asked if I would burn a wedding plaque. Her wife-to-be had a piece of wood that had special meaning to her. I believe her father was going to do something for her years ago - but passed before he could do anything - thus the special meaning for her. Initial request was to simply put name and wedding date on plaque - if you know me I don't do simple very well - LOL. With their approval I went on to design several layouts and let them pick the one they liked - this is what we agreed on! Congratulations Tina and Stephanie! This was the initial piece of wood I was given. Heavy saw marks and not flat at all After using hand plane and drum sander - this is what it looked like. Beautiful piece of wood After several layouts - this was the pattern we all agreed on - ended up changing the names to initials. Lettering was too small for me to comfortably burn the names. Pattern transferred Burning complete with a couple close-ups. Still need to put several coats of poly on it
  8. First of all, who decided "Pyrography" would be a good name for wood burning. I can't even spell it, at least as far as the spell checker is concerned. Anyway I have been futzing around in the basement shop supposedly cleaning and reorganizing, well, at least until something to play with catches my attention. I came across a battery charger I was given for parts because it didn't work and I thought someday maybe I could use it to build a wood burning machine. Well that day or I should say days finally came. I opened it up and found the transformer still worked and that is the heart of the machine. The malfunction of the charger happened in the circuit board but I found online that I could eliminate it so I did. The diodes are there to make a correct DC voltage and they are still good but decided just to eliminate the board all together. Here is that circuit board I removed. I noticed the store bought machines had plug in pens and used plugs that appeared to be the same as audio connectors. I didn't want to go out to the store if I didn't have to. Being the pack rat I am I looked around and found what I needed. I drilled the needed holes and installed a jack I had removed from God knows what and hooked the transformer wires to them. To control the heat a standard dimmer switch is connected to the AC power in wire on the hot side. A dimmer switch that powers on as the knob is turned would be preferred over the push on push off style. The heat is adjusted by "slowly" turning the knob and the push type can be inadvertently turned to the highest heat before it is pushed on and blow the fuse. Yep, you know how I know that. Here is a picture of the front with dimmer switch. I put the audio jacks on the back due to space restraints. To make the pens I took some brass rod and used the Unimat hobby lathe to make connectors. I had some small fiberglass pop up tent poles that I cut in pieces for the hand hold. Soldered some audio cables to the tips. I used both available conductors in the wire to carry the current. In use the wires get quite warm and I may have to go to larger wires. I am going to use it as is and see what happens. I'll keep an eye on it and it is not high voltage. 12v. For making the burning tips Nichrome wire is needed. Nichrome wire is what is used for making heating elements. I used a piece from a small space heater. I saved the wire for this purpose when I had a heater I was discarding. Just bend it to what ever shape you want. Comes in different diameters if you choose to buy it. This is just a 6-Amp charger but is more than enough power. I can melt the wire with it. I have played with it a little and found the wire does not need to be red hot for burning but the continuous power is there and holds an even heat. The tip was hot but not red hot when I did this. I'm sure I will need to practice some. Any questions? Ask away.
  9. I have a wood burning tool and they are no longer in business (detail Master) is their name. I would like to give a wood burner to someone. Anybody have any ideas? Are there any wood burning sites or clubs that are recommended? Thanks, Preston
  10. Thought I would work on some of my slab benches today... Stained wood burning's .
  11. So, I'm new to the site but I figured out that there is this nifty little blog feature. I am a pyrographer. I burn designs into wood. It's amazing how relaxing it can be to create something so beautiful from something so potentially chaotic. Currently my works have been patriotic or pagan in genre. Eventually, as I gain more skill, I will branch into others as well. I am more than happy to help answer any questions, to help you find the tools, etc.
  12. One of the bowls we did last week with Glenn Lucas was a milk paint bowl. The technique works best with an open grain wood like ash or oak. The bowl is turned close to finish and then wire brushed to open the grain. After brushing it gets painted with milk paint. After painting the final details are cut, in this case, the rim and the bead. It's a neat effect I think but probably not for everyone. We also talked about form and balancing the grain in a bowl. Form is not perfect on this one, I can see a little flat spot in it. A guy like Glenn considers nuances and details most of us never would. Anyway, I wanted to do something on the bottom so I didn't finish mine until I got home. It is finished with mineral oil and beeswax. Steve
  13. Been planning on more Ringmaster bowls since DIL sold one. Steve inspired me to do some carving and burning . Has been maybe three years since doing a RM bowl so had to relearn some. When cutting the first ring it is waste so not worried if it stayed in one piece. So in cutting the first ring on two large bowls it broke and one hit the deflector and then bounced on my forehead. So i put my face shield on (open top) and the first one on next bowl broke and dangedif it didn’t hit the top of my head.
  14. Who says you need a shop to make a bowl? These are the first pictures of a yarn bowl i'm doing for my daughter. More to come!!!!!!
  15. I've been wanting to add some color to some of my turnings and posted a little about that earlier. At the time I was working on another decorative platter and have just put the sealer coat on it. Probably should've waited and taken better pictures but I wanted to share and got impatient. The platter is soft maple, turned to about 1/8" thick and about 12" diameter. My original thought for the center motif was to use water color paint. After several practice pieces I just wasn't getting the "pop" I was after and decided to use aniline dye. It is definitely a more robust color. The sky, the tree, the animals, and the bottom are pyrography. The underside I was excited about doing this piece there are several things I really like about it. Even so, I'm just not sure it "works". Steve
  16. Last night I did the presentation at the NWW Workers Assoc. meeting of the Fractual wood burning. After stressing the safety standpoints thoroughly, I did a slide show of 250+ pictures of my latest projects and then had a drawing for the 20+ items that I made with the Fractual wood burning technique. At the end of the program I showed them the documentation of the fatalities from doing this type of work and stressed the risk involved and the fact of no margin of error. Most members agreed that the risks were not worth the consequences. At first they were disappointed that I didn't do a hands on demonstration, but I explained that since we were meeting at WoodCraft Store, that I did not feel that I should put then in a liable situation and stink up their store to boot,maybe setting off alarms and having a visit from the fire department. At the end of the presentation I was approached by a member wanting to buy the unit since I was not going to do anymore of this type of woodburning, and he had 2 small 8 & 10 yo. boys tagging along, I refused to do that , I could never sleep at night if I did. another member approached me and I refused him also ,until he told me he was a licensed electrician and worked Hi voltage quite often and was also an Electrical Engineer. After taking to him and confirming in my mind he is what he says , I sold the unit to him, with the feeling that he knew enough to check out the specs and wire insulation stamp along with the UL label and said it was a well built unit. I also found out that the gloves I was using were not rated Class II but only for 500v. Class II hi voltage gloves start about $180 and above. Mine only cost $30 and were rated class 00. (That made me wipe my brow). Herb
  17. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    The bottom with "phicops in a circle" and stippling for shadow
  18. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    Maple vessel with the zentangle pattern "cubine". turned, hollowed to about 1/8" and wood burned.
  19. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    A soft maple bowl with the zentangle pattern "coil" around the rim
  20. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    Maple bowl with basket weave pattern. Bottom has zentangle pattern "phicops"
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