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Found 17 results

  1. Wow another Friday already , seems like it was just Monday yesterday. ...Guess I must have misplaced a few days somewhere. ...Wonder where they went? Not sure what I'm going to do this weekend, but "What's on Your Weekend Agenda?" Stay Safe Everyone, and hopefully enjoy your weekend.
  2. Good Friday morning everyone. Spent time cleaning up the yard this week while the weather has been cooperative. Still have a few big branches to cut down to size from the last wind storm that passed through. Forecast calls for a return to the hot humid weather for this weekend so not sure if I'll get it all done. So what's on your weekend agenda?
  3. ...Looks like we made it to another Friday. ...At least I think it's Friday. ...It is Friday isn't it? Well if it is what have you got planned for the weekend?
  4. ...Friday again, where did this week go? Hopefully everyone is staying safe. As for me, I'm now waiting on a part for the Jeep. No spark for the second time in a month. Hopefully the cheap part is the fix. Ordered a distributor pickup on eBay for about 1/4 the price the parts stores wanted. Nobody had it in stock, and would have to order it anyway. So what's your plans for the weekend? I'll be doing much of nothing.
  5. Good Friday morning everyone! ...Just realized today would have been my 41st anniversary in the automotive industry, if the plant was still here. As to what's going on around here in S.E. WI....Got in a few days of "Curb Shopping" now it's time to sort. We're preparing for a weekend heat wave with temps in the 90's and dewpoints/humidity in the mid 70's, heat indexes over 100°. ... I guess I won't be doing much! I think I'll be hiding in an air conditioned room. So what are your plans for the weekend?
  6. Good Friday morning everyone! Hope all of you are doing well. I've got to get out and check the yard for damage, we had some severe thunderstorms come through S.E. WI. last evening, and through the night. It's been too Hazy, Hot, & Humid through the week for getting a whole lot done. It's supposed to be a bit cooler until mid week when the temps will get back into the 90's. Hopefully I can get my bench legs painted this weekend. So...What's on your weekend agenda?
  7. Happy 4th of July weekend! Not much going on around here in S.E. Wisconsin. We're having a HHH (Hazy, Hot, & Humid) run of weather here, and that simply doesn't make for allowing getting much done. Too humid to paint, and I can't take being out in the direct Sun like I was once able to. Moneys also tight this month with property taxes being due. So I'm kind of at a standstill for the time being. We might fire up the grill for the 4th but don't really have plans to go anywhere. So...What's on your 4th of July weekend agenda?
  8. A little late, but happy Friday! And a Happy Juneteenth Day to all of you! As for me here in S.E. Wisconsin I'm still working on the Greenhouse Shed I mentioned in the Monday topic. I've made some pretty good progress after taking a couple of steps back due to these plastic sheds requiring just about a perfectly level surface for them to rest upon. I went the extra step of making an adjustable skid to keep this thing as level as I can. We get some pretty serious frost heave in this area. It's almost like mowing a different yard every year due to it. So I made some heavy duty elevator bolts so I can adjust the level as necessary. I'm late today due to trying to beat the sun from crispy frying me to a crackly crunch. I just can't take cooking in the sun like I used to. So below are some photos of the progress so far. The first photo shows yesterdays progress of getting a skid built under the main section. I couldn't get pictures of the work in progress due to building the skid under the Greenhouse/Shed. These are the elevator bolts I made up from 5/8" threaded rod. They fit into holes drilled into the 3 4 x 6 x 12's. There are also 2 2 x 6 x 12's ran between the 4 x 6's, they are hung in joist brackets. This photo shows the skid frame that goes under the greenhouse section. There will not be as much weight on this section so it is all made from 2 x 6's, with the exception of the 4 x 4 blocks used for the elevator bolts. This photo shows the elevator bolts in the 4 x 4 blocks. The main section bolts go into the 4 x 6 x 12's. I'm now back to where I was before having to get a better surface for this project to rest upon. Still have to do a bit of tweaking, and build a ramp for the zero turn. So I'll be working around the sun/weather. You know what I'll be doing. So what have you all got planned for the weekend?
  9. Whoa!!! It's Friday again. Been a pretty nice week here in S.E. Wisconsin. Got a lot of mowing done, have a new version of the old "Rawhide" song. Mowing, mowing, mowing, I just keep on mowing.... The grass just keeps on growing...Oh Man! I'm working around the rain, and wind, and weather my butt's feeling the leather... And it just keeps on growing...Oh Man! Mowing, mowing, mowing, I just keep on mowing... Hoping that I can find the end... (Repeat) So What's on your weekend agenda?
  10. Good morning everyone, we made it to another Friday! ....I'd better check....OK the phone says it's Friday. As for what I'll be doing...trying to get the mowing done before we get more rain sometime tomorrow, & Sunday. So...What's on your weekend agenda? Anything fun?.... Anything not fun? ...Anything at all?
  11. Well folks, we've made it to another Friday. We hope everyone is doing well through these "CRAZY" times. Myself....still trying to work around the weather. So...What have all of you got planned for the weekend? Hopefully your weather is giving you a break, it's raining here now ...again.
  12. Good morning everyone, we've made it to another Friday. Hope you're all doing well. As for us it looks like another stay inside weekend. So, what have you got planned for the weekend?
  13. Friday May 1st 2020, Good Morning Everyone! We made it through April! For a change it's not raining here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" in S.E Wisconsin, and the SUN IS SHINING! For those of you still doing those "Essential Jobs" we again Thank, and Salute You. Some states are lifting their "Stay At Home" restrictions, and allowing some business's to reopen. So for those of you returning to work we hope you stay well. As for us we intend to continue practicing safe social distancing, and continue following "The Cool School Mule's" advice. "Be Cool, Don't Be A Fool, Wear Your Face Mask" Once the lakes in our yard subside I'll be trying to get some yard work done. So what's on your weekend agenda?
  14. Here we are folks another Friday. Not much to report here from Wisconsin, it's just another rainy grey gloomy colder than average day. For those of you deemed "Essential" workers we again salute you. So what have you got planned for the upcoming weekend? Hopefully you're getting some cooperative weather to do outside things.
  15. Well here we are another Friday folks. At least I think it's Friday,... hard to tell anymore. We're still waiting for the weather to let us do outside things. Right now we're watching it snow again! So what have you all got planned for what seems like a never ending weekend,..and nowhere to go?
  16. Well everyone, we've made it through another week of whatever your state is calling "Social Distancing". Some of you have posted how you are dealing with what we all hope is not the new "Norm" in todays society. Some of you are working in what have been classified as "Essential" positions, and we here "Salute, and Thank You All" It means a lot to those of us that depend on you. We here in S.E. WI spent the past week waiting for the Sun to make an appearance which it did for the first time in a week yesterday. So for us here it more or less felt like Winter was being reluctant to release it's grip on the great outdoors. Hopefully things will dry out enough to get some outdoor time. I need a few good days to unpack the shop so I can play with my toys. So what have you all got planned for the weekend? Not that we're nosy,... just really bored.
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