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Found 4 results

  1. I guess most of us are getting a little more shop time with the current health situations. Please stay home and away from crowds. Wash those hands and TURN OFF THE TV! Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald put the finishing touches on the embellished platter he showed us recently- In this post, he describes what he did- @Masonsailor continues his work on his Lazy Susan tulip. Paul has prepared the location for it. Paul tells us about this space as well as showing us a beautiful chandelier he restored/modified- What’s Coming Up- Almost all workshops/symposiums/shows have been cancelled until further notice. For The Newbies- Mike Peace posted a neat little project. A different type of door stop. Mike uses several methods of chucking the piece. Another simple, but useful, turning is from an article in Woodworker's Journal. If you are into espresso, check this out- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/project-classy-espresso-tamper/ Expand Your Horizons- Carl Jacobson put up a video of turning epoxy and aluminum shavings. Carl has done several videos using Alumilite but in this one he tries a different casting material. Check out those Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) negative rake cutters in action!!! Here is a very short video from Lyle Jamieson. Lyle uses a laser pointer help get the most out of a piece turned between centers- New Turning Items- I recently received my latest Woodcraft magazine (Vol. 16/No. 94). There is a super review of the new Easy Wood Tools mini hollowers. The author discovered what we already knew- they are awesome!!! Also in that issue is a Turned Table project. Measured drawings and step by step pictures makes this a project any turner can complete. The folks at Woodturners Wonders have a "new" product- at least from them- Turner's Calipers. At first glance, they appear to be similar to any other but as you check the spec, you'll find these are not your run-of-the-mill pieces. Check them out at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/products/calipers?variant=32660532363395 Everything Else- Woodturning Monthly from Woodworker's Journal is available at- http:// https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email I finished up the hollow vessel. Used mineral oil and beeswax as a finish The knot area was way softer than the rest of the wood. There is a little indentation but all in all it's OK. I'm still not happy with my ability to make things look graceful and elegant. Maybe that will come with practice. Safe turning and stay healthy.
  2. Charles Nicholls


    From the album: Turning Jigs

    This here is the start of my idea to make a paper pot plant maker. Using a piece of apple for the base and a piece of maple for the cup. Thanks for the idea Lew.
  3. The family has all returned to their homes and our home is slowly returning to "normal". It was a busy but fun time- eating, celebrating combined birthdays and catching up. While they were all here, I tried to get some ideas about what they would like for Christmas. I had already made my brother a couple of small cutting boards and for my sister- a mushroom shaped garlic smasher. My sister is married to Italian so she does a lot of cooking. I try to get ideas, from her, about kitchen stuff I can make. Her suggestions were from a web site she had seen and thought folks might like a "collection" of 3 or 4 wooden kitchen objects. The web site sells a variety of utensils grouped together as a set. Luckily, some of the items can be made on the lathe! I'm starting with a "Honey Dipper". Made the prototype today and it went well. I started with preparing the materials- The handles are maple and the heads are walnut. The centers of each end are marked and one end of the heads were drilled with a 1/4" hole for attaching to the handle. Next I turned a round tenon on the end of the handle- Checked to be sure the fit was correct- Applied glue to the mating surfaces and the tenon/hole and clamped together- Patiently waited for the glue to set (called eating supper) then mounted the blank to the lathe and turned it round- When I make a bunch of the same items, I usually make a story pole/stick that has all of the layout locations and dimensions. This speeds up layout and reduces the chances that my dyslexic tendencies will ruin a piece. For the prototype, there aren't many marks. They get added if everything looks good. Next, set the end locations with a parting tool- General shaping using gouges and skew- Up to this point things were going great. I used a home made parting tool to create the "honey grooves" and had the handle shaped pretty much the way I wanted it. Time to reduce the diameter of the connecting points so I could get as much sanded as possible. A little more, just a scoch, no- a hair more and then the connection broke @#&^$***&^%@@$#^^^- and that was just for starters- I was able to center the handle close enough for sanding. The prototype- it still needs both ends sanded. I'll put the "Wavy Disk System" on the lathe to do that when I get them all to this point. Going to make about a dozen of these, a bunch of oven rack push/pulls, some spaghetti serving measuring devices and maybe some more of the mushroom garlic smashers. Safe Turning!
  4. It has been a better week. I am learning more about our new site each day and everyday I am finding easier to navigate, post and monitors activity. Earlier in the spring, we had to have an older Maple tree removed from our front yard. It had been dying, by inches, over the past few years and it finally reached a point where it could be dangerous. We saved some of the wood so the tree could continue to live on in other forms. On Monday, Mimi came home from the grocery store and told me she met the girl who used to live in this house. The girl's family moved in when the house was just built. Her Dad planted the Maple tree. He now lives in a nursing home but still likes to go out on Sunday trips and the destination is always the same- to the "their" old house! Mimi thought it would be nice to make a small gift, from the tree. So, here is this weeks entry. It's not complete- the inside still needs sanding and it needs a finish applied- I have been thinking about making a "natural edge" bowl for sometime but just hadn't gotten around to actually doing it. The bowl is small- about 4" in diameter and about as tall. I started by prepping a piece of limb. All of the cuts were done on the bandsaw. Next, drill holes for the head stock mounting. If you are using a drive spur, you only need to drill with the forstner bit. I was using a "wood Worm" screw so I added a pilot hole Then threaded in the screw. This is the one that came with my chuck (shown partially threaded into the hole) Over to the lathe and mount the work- Next phase is to round the piece. Of course, if you are not paying attention- The gouge caught the the corner transition . Without the bark, it is not going to be a very nice "natural edge". Starting over.... A second piece successfully turned on the outside- Next, pulling the tail stock back and forming a recess for reversing the piece. Bowl blank reversed ready for hollowing. The tail stock is moved up against the blank for stabilization. Once the inside turning is started and I was reasonably certain everything was going to stay locked in place, the tail stock was pulled back. The straight tool rest will only offer support at the start of the hollowing process. As the hollowing progresses, an S-shaped tool rest provides support deeper into the work. Ahhh... the joys of turning green wood- crud!- the heartbreak of turning green wood- I had not quite finished turning this piece last night. This morning, I found this. I finished the shaping and thinning of the walls today and hope that is enough to prevent further cracking. I did use some CA, in the cracks, hoping that does the trick. A larger diameter piece of limb would have permitted me to not have used the "center" rings of the wood and maybe that would have helped. The knot/damage probably compounded the cracking. I'm going to let it set for a couple of day and watch what it does. If it doesn't worsen, I'll put a finish on it. If it looks good enough, we'll give to the "tree planter". A couple of other things- Tim Yoder has a nice video on You Tube. He turns a key/change holder. This one has some off center turning- pretty cool! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dL8qg8FeYc Also, Mr. David Reed Smith has made available plans and tutorials for his Shadow Sphere Jig and his Eccentric Christmas Trees. http://www.davidreedsmith.com/Demo/DemoHandouts.htm That's it for now. Need to figure out how I'm going to sand the inside of that bowl- if it doesn't split. Safe Turning!
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