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Found 166 results

  1. What's on your work bench? This is the official topic for images and friendly chatter regarding that all important surface, the personal statement of your shop, the steadfast friend we can always count on, the space of your shop that nobody knows better than you, we are talking about the almighty "Work Bench". Submit your images now! That's right, don't clean it up, don't be embarrassed, the messier the better, or if there is nothing on it at all, that is fine too. If you have not touched your bench in years, and you have taken a break from woodworking and have boxes piled on it, we want that image too! All images are welcome. Spirit of Topic This is a Hit-n-Run topic, as you walk past your bench, whip out your camera or smart phone, and snap a shot, load it up here. No need for text explanations if you don't want too. To kick this off, walk out in your shop and snap a picture of your bench surface now, and lets get this topic rolling. This will be an ongoing topic, for you to share images of your bench top today, and every day. Types of benches Some of us have small benches, some of us have big benches, some of us use a space in our dining room, some may have a picnic table they use for a bench, and some of us may have a bench of all benches, the traditional joiners bench, or a beautiful full cabinet shakers bench. No matter what you call your work surface, no matter what your work surface looks like, we want to see images of your bench! Thank you in advance to the participants!
  2. A couple weeks ago I purchased a couple books from Amazon's used book service. You can see the first book that arrived in my mail at this discussion Fine Woodworking Building Small Projects. My newest book arrived in the mail from Amazon, it is simply titled "Tools", by the Garrett Wade Company and some beautiful photography by Dick Frank. This book is awesome, it's a hard cover book in near new condition with over 240 pages of great information about our tools, and some history behind them. The illustrations are wonderful and the images are to drool over. Here is a link to the same book I now have, at Garrett Wade Tools or you can click on the image to the left to view the book. I bought mine for a mere 5 bucks used from a book store in Utah, they shipped it shortly after I purchased it and it arrived in a week. This book normally retails for about 30 bucks brand new in wrapper, if you can even find it anymore, but you can find many at Amazon for less in near new condition. I am very happy with my new found source of used books. For years I bought new books, but not many because they are expensive, now this Amazon used book store has opened up a whole new world of high quality books for me, and I am enjoying it completely. Links of Interest Garrett Wade Garrett Wade Tools Book List Here is a neat excerpt from this book So, now I go lie down in my bed for the evening and flip through these awesome pages of tools!
  3. And then MAYBE just maybe this box will be done? Lid is filled up.... So is the box. Maybe some sort of swivel keepers? Gave the box a good rub done, after the lacquer coat had dried.. need to set things up to take some decent pictures of the outside. Still haven't gone to get a latch. Thing weighs a 'ton", too. I knocked down the gloss quite a bit. getting close to the end. While going through Menards sometime, to get the latch, I'll go past the screen hardware section.....those screen keeper levers might be just the thing....may have to add a strip of wood, here and there....
  4. Just saw a handy workshop hint to use pegboard for your tools. While I've had pegboard, I've gotten away from it, thinking it's a relatively inefficient way to store tools. I much prefer my mechanic's chest that sits next to my workbench. A drawer for knives, others for chisels, saws, hammers, measuring and marking, router bits, drill bits, rasps & chisels, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. I'd take me a 12' wall to hold what my chest does in 30" Besides, it keeps them cleaner and if I get a new tool, I don't have to rearrange everything to get it next to its friends. What's your take on this?
  5. Father's Day is coming up and some SWMBOs may need suggestions What is your favorite tool, and why? Where did you get it and how long have you had it? What is your most used tool, if it's not that one, and what do you use it for?
  6. I've been pondering the idea of selling my tools. It"s getting harder to get into the shop, with the aches and pains in these aging bones. My head tells me to sell, but my heart says no. I've kept active all my life, but, at 86+, it seems that no matter what, the body keeps loosing strength. As a youth ,I could press 150 lbs 10 times easily. Now I can't lift 100 lbs off the ground. Actually, a struggle to pick a bag of cement. All the yard work this spring from the fallen tree branches, from the winter storms, sort of found muscles to that I didn't know I had.
  7. This past week I had the opportunity to visit Grizzly Industrial in Springfield MO. My wife and I were on our way to Branson, MO to see the shows and I just had to stop. I have been there before, but it still was a treat to see and touch. Danl
  8. Guys, I want to make some sleeves for some larger chisels and a slick. Would this beginner kit be a good starting purchase or if anyone has a better suggestion please let me know. Big Teddy Leather Kit
  9. I have a project I've been working for a while. Its been a bit of a challenge for me. The carcass is done and it's time for the drawers. I'm in a bit over my head. As the title says I need your input on tools and techniques to shape this drawer front. I have included some photos to help clarify what I'm trying to accomplish The first picture shows a practice piece of wood and the basic shape of the Block Front drawer. The Second picture I'm pointing to the area of most concern. This it where the flat area transitions to the curved part of the drawer front. I'm having much trouble make in nice clean sharp transition in that area. The third photo explains/shows what I what to achieve. (the drawing on the left). The drawing on the right is what I don't want. I want of avoid have small inside radius you get as when you route inside corner. I have also included a like video link to further help you under strand my goal. If you go to the 7:30 mark you can save so time.
  10. Grizzly's history Another interesting video. Danl
  11. Took 3 yard sales....and $5 total....picked a few "toys".. Two oil stones for a dollar, 1/4" drive Craftsman ratchet for $3...and a decent pair of needle nose pliers, for a dollar... Been a bit well used....ratchet seems almost new, pliers will not need any rehab.. haven't figured out the grit on the stones...small one seems to be a finer grit. Ratchet is a quick release. Not too bad of a weekend...
  12. Three days of yard sales....A few smaller tools, and big tool box, and a bit of wood. Was a busy boy over the weekend.. That short one is 4' long....4/4 Walnut, long one is 8/4 and is 7' long...dollar each.... The walnut was from Sunday, the next pile of rust was Friday's $7 haul..but wait...there was also a Saturday sale or two... This was from just two sales that day.....the eggbeater was $3 the tool box was $13, counting what was in it..... Just a tease... There was a $2 pair of visegrips, straight jaws, and another pair of Yankee drivers for $1 each....tool box was $10. So, I wound up with a bit of rough sawn walnut, a Fulton #3 plane, an eggbeater, and three braces.....and.. A pair of pipe wrenches were in the bottom of the box That tape measure, a few pliers, and some weird things.. And for those braces? The short ones are a 16 size, the long one is an 11.... A few screwdrivers, there was a few plastic handled things, but I prefer the wood handles Sorry, these were the only chisels in the box.....there was a few wrenches, as well... Smallest size was a 5/8", I think. The braces? This is after a good cleaning. Small is an 8" sweep, the other two are 10" sweeps. The non-ratcheting one is a Millers Falls No.22 Not sure about the other two...yet Ever hear of Granlt Tool Comp. of New York Germany? needs a fuller restore, though. Not too bad a weekend? Just over $20 for the tools, and $2 for the wood. The bottom of the tool box had a sales flyer.....Rinks Department Stores was having a Labor Day sale...in September of 1982.... As for those Yankee drivers? There is a HUGE No.131A that I could use as a walking stick, a pair of No. 130A drivers, and a No.135 The 131 was...$3 Couple more sales...next weekend...
  13. What solutions actually work to keep you hand tools where you want them. I normally work on the house if I do the work it is the spouses job to clean up. Should I put them all in places where the outline can be painted where they rest? Should I cut out felt in there profile same as paint but more protective? Should I just label drawers and shelves with what goes here? Should I get out only one tool at a time and then put it back? Should i get the set of tools out and confrim they are put back where I wanted them? What works in your shop?
  14. Interesting article. I, too, worked for Sears for a couple of years, but have become disappointed their products and customer service since.
  15. Weather was into the 50s, around here.....van was at work, no cash in the pocket.....might as well do a walk about, and see what is in the two local antique stores, downtown.....Walking across a street,,twisted the knee a bit....ow! Finally made it to one of the stores....on the way around to a stall, noticed this gray thing $225+tax.....Appears to be a work bench...has a planing stop, too. Kept walking towards a cabinet... All kinds of goodies....however.. $38 for a well used #80? that #81 was even higher.. $58 +tax....cheap..compared to the other plane.. That be a $200+tax Stanley #72 champfer plane....time to wander down stairs.. Pedal away as you sharpen you edge tools.... The brace has a stove bolt? Another table had these..plus a pair of.. Time to walk down the street the the other store.... Yep, it says Junk Rescue.... Where I have been getting a few bits. Not sure about the rest of these toys.. need an axe to grind? Look close, you'll see a coping saw.. Turn around slowly, else you might miss something.... Then, one last look around this stall.. Ah...a little red vise. Soo, who ya gonna call? Did not spend a cent...just was "window shopping".....time to head home, and rest the knee....
  16. Haven't watched this all yet, but a PBS documentary on the Stanley Works (about an hour long) https://vimeo.com/253882614
  17. This LINK takes you to a method to make holders for sanding discs for your drill. I will add to this you will need to add a pad to the holder and velcro . For gluing the pad ( garden knee foam works) on Shoe Goo works very well. For the velcro use either plain back and glue on or self adhesive. Also I shape mine with the wood being smaller than the sanding pad and then shape the foam on the lathe with a skew , kinda like a little funnel shape.
  18. I have been posting some of my furniture builds. Here are are few of the tools I have made. There are details and pictorial on my website for those interested in making their own: http://www.inthewoodshop.com/ShopMadeTools/index.html A few of these have been featured in Fine Woodworking magazine. This is one - a bridle plough plane ... The plough is based on the Mathieson Bridle Plough. The “bridle” is the method in which the fence is attached to the arms. For centuries many methods have been offered to ensure that the fence runs parallel to the skate. The bridle appears to have been one of the best, but it is difficult to build, and so few were produced. The wood is West Australian She-oak. Its box plus set of 8 irons ... Since we are on boxes, the box alongside was an entry in tool-making competition across Australia in 2009. I think it placed third. Not great images, my apology ... Jarrah box with drawer (containing drill bits and drivers) ... Inside the box is a small brace (throw of 5") and a screwdriver in She-oak. This was carved from a solid billet. The hand rest is Tasmanian Blackwood. Regards from Perth Derek
  19. Maybe it is time to make your own. A lot cheaper than buying one and grinder and drill is all you need. Shop Built Texturing/Spiraling Tool
  20. Went to Lowe's today and noticed they are giving their tool department a makeover. Looks like they are dedicating a large area to Craftsman Tools. It appears the Kobalt brand is staying too. I saw a special section for Dewalt also. They are nowhere near done with the improvements so we'll have to wait and see what else is planned.
  21. Too hot to do much....taking a break. Had to go for a CT Scan of the right ear....hit a few sales between there and home....spent $9, counting an item for the Boss... L-R: Defiance screwdriver bit, small block plane, 2 Irwin Perfection handled drivers, North Bros. Yankee No. 131A, Handy Andy chisel, Millers Falls No. 6 screwdriver, Craftsman 1/4 stubby, and a pair of vise grips....that was missing a part.. Kind of NEED a bolt? Also a c clamp. Found a bolt for the visegrips... Cleaned the little screwdriver up a bit. Block plane had a broken cap iron....we have a spare.. I think this will do..for one day's pickings?
  22. Today Easy Wood Tools announced a new set of Mini Easy Hollowing Tools to the world. We are very proud of these tools and I am sure they will be a hit! The thing we don't really advertise and you guys here at TPW should know is that @Steve Krumanaker and @lew were a critical part of our team in developing these tools. They both tested, critiqued and provided invaluable input into the development of these tools. They've had had prototype sets in their shops for several months now. We went through several variations of prototypes and came up with what I think is a great set of new tools. Many thanks to Steve and Lew, you guys are good!
  23. Here is a piece on making your own texturing tool, a handy item to have in your arsenal of turning tools .Shop Built Texturing / Spiraling tool
  24. Well that say the imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Once again another manufacturer is trying to pull us away from the best carbide tools on the market. Checking their tool specifications will reveal that their tools don't measure up to those from Easy Wood Tools. Don't be fooled, buy the best! contact @Jim from Easy Wood Tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Saw this on a couple other threads and thought I would post it here. Another low life has struck. Here's the story from Doug: "A guy I knew from the club (yes, a woodturner) 12-14 years called me about a job. He worked for his dad for 25 years then took his dad's customers to start his own business and that's all I knew when I hired him. Well, a few things started to disappear the after the Florida symposium a whole pallet of tools vanished... I let him go. When I called the police they showed me a mug shot then his whole story fell into place. ... The bottom line is he stole over $80,000 worth of tools, and the only place to sell them is to you. He can't change steel or flute shape so that helps find the tools.... if you see anything contact me. Thank you, Doug Thompson" If you see anyone "unusual" selling A11 or CPM-10V black-anodized tool steel, call Doug and the cops. No phone numbers were provided.
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