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Found 54 results

  1. I inherited this NOS molding set from a neighbor of mine. Tempted to play with it on my Shopsmith. Anyone have any experience with these sets? Safety, cut quality, etc.
  2. https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2019/Porter-Cable-Table-Saws-Sold-Exclusively-at-Lowes-Stores-Recalled-Due-to-Fire-Hazard-Made-by-Chang-Type
  3. My own dad, John H. Morris in his shop we built together back in 2005. He lives in the mountains nearby, he is Papa Jack to my wife, Grandpa to our kids, and at 86 years old, he's doing pretty danged good. He loves building birdhouses for the locals where he lives, and he has earned the nickname "Birdman" and he wears it proudly. Actually he didn't even know he had the nickname till just a few weeks ago, he heard it through the grapevine and he was tickled to death to know that he has an official nickname in his community. Love ya Dad! Just thought I'd share to you all my Dad. Class act he is, he loves solitude, self reliance, his garden, and building these little bird homes. Next to the shop is his single wide trailer that was pulled up on the property in the late 60's, the trailer is old, but he made it home. He's been living there since 2004. Dad, smiling for the camera Dad's shop looking out the front door He has a work station with the belt sander, palm sander, and cutoff saw, that only he knows why it's set up that way, for his birdhouse, and he gets a lot done DeWalt RAS, I know I know, don't say it, the blade guard, I used to get on him bout this, but he's been doing this since I was a kid, I used to cut wood all day myself without the blade guard on his RAS as a kid in his other shop, matter of fact I learned some of my worse safety or non safety practices from Dad, and later learned through working in the trades, what safety really meant, but hey, like I said, you aint gonna convince an 86 year old man otherwise, is what it is. I did however get on him about using a 10" blade on an 8" RAS, he did heed my warning on that, promptly switched them out. Dad, with his hands on his hips, he walks around most the day like that, I think he got that from his own dad, my dad was raised on a farm in the Catskill's of New York, the farmers all walked around like that when they got old. @aaronc, some of the antler I told you about. See, hands on the hips still, told ya! Old hand made three wheel band saw I gave my dad, I got from an estate that turned over hand made machinery to me to distribute to folks in need, I asked them if my dad could have this old three wheeler, they loved the fact it was going to dad. Sent them pics of Dad with the BS and they loved it. The saw works great by the way. Just another view out the front of the shop This is shot from his trailer, looking out, he actually has a stick built sun room built off the side of the single wide, he spends all of his time there with his dog Susie. He watches TV, reads, surfs the net, and he has this view, sorry the image is blurry, but it kind of gives ya an idea of what he sees every day, just beautiful country up there, 45 minutes from us. Thanks for reading!
  4. Going to evaluate a table saw for the theater group tomorrow. What things would you check out before plunking down the money? I plan to power it on, make a few cuts, check runout on the blade (bent arbor), make sure there's no burning smell from the motor, and give it a visual check inside. Probably won't do a formal nickel test, but will check for vibration. We are behind on the next set build and it will be a couple more weeks before we get the lease on the site, materials and the boss back in town.
  5. My shop is a small,15x15 area. No windows. I did clean up, a lot, before the photos. Don’t know what else to say...it’s small.
  6. Anybody use a table saw half fence? If so, do you like and recommend it?
  7. With all the stuff going on, I finally got my Brand New Saw Stop contractor saw all put together. I had it all in my garage for some time in boxes. I had to put it aside as I needed to get all of my tools and stuff out of the tubs and onto some new shelves and get my wife's stuff in order so she can put the car in the garage. So here are a few pics of the new table saw with the mobile base which works really good.
  8. Hello all, I have an inherited Craftsman 113 from my Grandpa, to my dad and now mine. I have restored and it works pretty great for my weekend adventures. This past week I have finally gotten fed up with stock rip fence and I am wondering what your opinions are for the Delta T3 rip fence as a replacement. Thank you.
  9. Just picked up my brand new Saw Stop Contractor saw with 36" fence and mobile base from the Woodcraft Store in Franklin TN which was about 90 minutes from my home in Bowling Green KY. They had it all on a pallet and fork lifted it up so I could get it slid into the truck bed. Once I got home I got got out all the boxes into the garage. Then the big job was to get the saw itself out of the truck. So I cut up the box and all the Styrofoam and was able get the saw out and put on a box and rolled it in. So later today I will get started on getting the saw set up.
  10. On New Years Day we made our rounds and visited family, and we paid ol pops a visit. He lives in the local mountains, there was even a tad bit of snow left from the last snow he had! After we spent a few hours there we ventured up the mountain some more and let the kids roll in the big snow. But here are a few random shots of dad and his shop. Image below is what is leftover of his cedar pile of wood, he loves making birdhouses, and he sells them locally. Next up is his old 70's vintage Craftsman Band Saw And a late model Craftsman Contractors Table Saw he uses for secondary cuts or he leaves a dado on it at all times. Dad and I, two knuckle heads! Dad and Grandpa A smaller Delta Bench top drill press Delta Rockwell Table Saw with a Bies fence system A good ol Delta Scroll Saw His main go to compressor, he only uses it for finish nails, he doesn't believe in cleaning up so he certainly doesn't need air for that! Yes folks, it does snow in southern California, we actually had about 4" on the ground a few days before this. Over all image of the shop. Dad and I build this shop back in 2004. Rear shot of his shop Another rear shot. And just for kicks and giggles, Dad's home! A restored single wide trailer, we got this place for a song and dance, and pops loves it up in the hills. Thanks folks for sharing a bit of my Dad's place with us, yall come back now ya here!
  11. Perusing Craigslist and found this wonderful example of a Shopsmith 10ER here in So Cal. And it's sister sitting beside it, both for $350.00. The ER in front was restored, if only I was ready to go down that road, I'd a snapped it up in a heart beat! Love the way they look.
  12. This may have been posted before, but I have not seen it.This video of a mechinized table saw Fence. HErb
  13. When making a rip cut on a narrow piece, I sometimes used to use the eraser end of an unsharpened pencil to help control the path of the wood past the blade until it was engage with the splitter. Even using the pencil, I would not place my hand directly over the blade. LUCKILY!. One day, while doing this, the pencil broke. No injury, but it could have been bad. Since then, I have modified my approach. I bought some 1/2" dowel rod, cut it into 12" lengths, and put some 1/2" table leg caps on one end to provide the grip the pencil eraser was doing. Dowel rod doesn't break with this kind of use, and I have the control I was looking for. Here is what I'm talking about:
  14. "Back From The Archives" Hello I have an 1160, and am looking to find a couple of parts. The gears that mesh to move the table up and down are worn, and don't work well. I saw that you restored one in the past and wondered if you had any secret stashes of parts or knew who might. Delta has discontinued these parts (my saw was made in the 40's, so I don't blame them), and they don't even provide a part number I might search the web with. I absolutely love this saw. Dont tilt the table at all. It was my fathers saw, and I have used it extensively over the years. It is the "cabinet makers" model which came on a stand with a 6" jointer as well. I would hate to lose it! Let me know if you have any secrets I can use! Thanks in advance. Neal Kobylik 810-252-9550 nealkobylik@hotmail.com
  15. Reading the push pencil/sticks/ice picks, knew I needed to throw this in. Old hand saw handle or cut exact copy to start. Cut 1/2'' ply bout 10'' high to attach that handle, 12" 18'' long shaped like that old hand saw. attach the 12'' or 18'' into the handle. Under the handle on the ply bottom. Cut the ply leaving a heel under the handle bout 1/4 ?high? to engage/catch the piece being pushed. Out at end of the 12'' 18'' ply,or more, glue some 80 grit to hold on to piece being pushed. Handle attached to 10'' high part is for safety. Now your hand is well above the blade & you have control.
  16. I just picked but a Delta model 10 Contractor's table saw. I got a real good deal on it, but it has a cracked cast iron top where one of the fence mounting holes are. I was going to flip the saw, but the more i look into fixing it, the more I think that I should just part it out, unless I can find another top for a really reasonable price, which could take a long time.
  17. Cleaning up my garage today, I was going through my blade collection. I've had this blade hanging on my wall for about 15 years. I never could figure out the oversized arbor hole. Till now! Seems my Shopsmith destiny was written long ago! Note logo at top. Just today I noticed the logo.
  18. I'll post images of my beloved machines I am parting with to make way for a new adventure in woodworking. I need to free up space, and head in a new direction for me. I already shedded my bandsaw, router table, and now my trusty ol Grizz 12" 5hp. She served us well. New owner will be here in a few minutes, but for now, take a bow sweetheart, you served us well over the last 20 years! My router table walked out of here on Friday, minus the tools of course. It was another great machine, I made many raised panel doors on it, swung some big cutters on it with my PC 7518 bolted up under, and I shaped a few beautiful sculpted rockers on it. The people I am meeting while performing this task has been a wonderful experience, the gent who came and left with my table, is from Mexico, he builds Aztec flutes and Aztec drums, he showed me his work and it's absolutely beautiful, we sat and talked woodworking, about his hometown of Durango Mexico, and about his family, and mine, and we traded tips for woodworking, his name is Oscar, great guy. I was happy to see my table go to him. He is starting his own business, from his home, building his instruments. My bandsaw, it went to a woodworker from Orange County, the other county over from us, another good guy, a woodworker who is starting his own shop, and he was very happy with my 14" BS with 6" riser. I made another friend in him, as a matter of fact, he signed up here on TPW, @JohnM. This is a big step for me, us, my family, but I am diving in with all three feet, and ready for my new adventure in a downsized shop, making my beloved chairs and shaker crafts. Thanks for following along!
  19. I am curious, I have looked all over for an example of a Mark V mounted on a cabinet roll away similar to the 10er's. But have found none. I am curious why? I see plenty of SS's with a cabinet built to sit underneath, but what I am looking for are any ideas for building one that the Mark V can set on, thus eliminating the factory legs. It seems simple enough, but there must be a variable in design I am not seeing, that prevents this from happening. Any help is greatly appreciated. Shopsmith 10er on table, can this be done with a Mark V? Now just imagine a Mark V, I'd like to build a roll away cabinet for the Mark V to sit on, with drawers and doors. And flip down stop caster axles incorporated somehow, so just like the Mark V stand, with a flick of my foot, the cabinet rest on the ground.
  20. Today is both a sad and glad day for me. As my wife and are working quickly for our move to Bowling Green, Kentucky from Corona, California, today I sold my Jet Contractor Saw with 52"extension with full extension drawers and my Delta 1.5hp Dust Collector. The photo below shows the empty space where the saw and dust collector lived. I bought my Jet saw about 1998 and it got a great amount of use over these 20 years. I bought my Delta dust collector about 2005 and used it for 13 years. As we are limited with U-Haul space I had to sell them as we can't take them with us. I posted it online with a price of $100 for the saw and $100 for the dust collector. Yes, those are very low prices, but I have very little time before we head to Kentucky. My wife posted them on the Facebook Marketplace for selling items. It only took 1 minute once I hit the "Send" button to get a response from a guy who was the first one to message me. He lived a few miles away and builds cabinets out of his garage. It took him all of 10 minutes for him to pull up in front of my house with a trailer. He was a really nice guy and I was happy that he was happy about getting a killer deal. But he was very skeptical wondering if there was a big catch to this deal. Once I told him our limited time frame and then fired up both the saw and the dust collector, he reached into his pocket and gave me two "Benjamin's". I am sure that he was looking in his mirrors to see if this was a set up and maybe the Cops would be after him. This was a big weight off of my mind as we still have a lot to do before leaving California. Our house is almost empty of furniture and the dog keeps walking around trying to figure out what is going on. He is very mopey and has to be near Tami and I as he is afraid that he may be gone too. So this is one less thing that I have to worry about as we get everything packed up.
  21. Here I go AGAIN!! First--about 3 months ago waxed TS ---2 coats--got rust anyway Then last week used paint thinner to remove the 2 coats. Cleaned it off. Applied 2 coats @ 90 degrees to each other to "insure" coverage. Buffed by hand--to lazy to get the buffer out. Got rust anyway again. This time it looks like a forearm print--- I must have leaned on the table. It's a pretty close simile of my right forearm. So what to do??? Strip it down again & re wax? Strip it down and shoot it with gloss lacquer? Just shoot it with something small made of lead?? 380 or 38 don't have a 357 but could borrow one! Environment: garage in South Carolina low country, non a/c'd, hot (90 degree plus), humid 80-90 percent. Wax: 1st time Butchers Bowling Alley paste wax, 2nd time Mothers California gold car wax (no silicone--per the can) Kicker: It's ONLY the TS that is rusting. NONE on my Jet jointer, Hitachi BS, or HF lathe. TS is a Delta. They all live within 5 feet of each other. Is it even possible that some cast iron will rust more than others? Has anyone used anything like lacquer or shellac to coat a TS top? Success rate? I'm open to any & all suggestions Friend in same development hasn't waxed in over 3 years and hasn't had rust Thks smitty
  22. Introduction Dear folks, I am going to dive head first into creating forms for tools and machinery reviews as part of our projects list we created the other day. Please see this topic at: Input I am looking for your input as to what you want to see in a review for a Table Saw. I am embarking on the table saw arena for our first review form because it is the most popular purchase we make for our shops, and I feel it will help those who are ready to jump in and buy that first, or replacement table saw. I need your help. Fields For now, what I would like is some feedback from you regarding the information you need to see in a great review. Let me start and lead this off for an example, perhaps the fields that you are prompted to fill in may look like this on your table saw review form. Firstly we will have four categories with four different forms, the categories will be Contractor, Portable, Hybrid, Cabinet. Within those forms could be the following fields: Title (Brand of Saw) - text field Model No. - text field Image upload - button prompt to browse for image of table saw Design - 5 star rating Functionality - 5 star rating Price - 5 star rating Review Summary - text area with full editor Weight - text field Dimensions - text field Voltage - text field Wattage - text field Power Source - a drop down menu with choices (corded electric, battery, alternative fuel, human power) Basic Features - text area with full editor Design - text area with full editor Dust collection - text area with full editor Safety - text area with full editor Pros - text area with full editor Cons - text area with full editor Conclusion - text area with full editor I was able to glean the above ideas from this website https://www.toolnerds.com/saws/table-saw/portable/dewalt-dw745-review/ I don't want our review area to mimic the site I linked you too above, the list are only suggestions. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, this will be your review department, you will be using it, so please think about what you would like to see in these review forms.
  23. I finally went and done it. My R4512 finally stopped making good cuts so I got a Grizzly. I am SOOOOOOO impressed with this saw. Came with out a scratch on it. Easy to set up (with help). The hardest part was getting it to my shop. It weighs 300 lbs in the box. Got an appliance dolly and a great big friend to help me move it. Made several cuts with it today. If you are thinking about an up grade, this is a really good deal.
  24. Dear folks, I have been in a quandary lately, I have some extra funds for this year, and I would like to purchase a table saw. But I cannot decide which one I want, so I am coming to the membership to help me decide. You'll see a poll I created with the table saws I have in mind to purchase. Can you please participate in my poll, and vote for the brand you find most reliable in your experience. Thanks! This is a test topic for our new polling feature, please see tutorial at:
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