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Found 23 results

  1. So I picked up these logs the other day and they have great signs of being spalted but I can’t work them just yet. Shop is buried in bee hive parts right now. Any advice on storage? They sat outside for a year and at the moment they are sitting in my driveway wrapped in trashbags. I guessing introducing fungus into the garage could be bad for the hives. I actually have four logs of it, came from a sweet gum tree.
  2. Gerald

    Spalted box

    Finished this box today. The bottom was not two piece till I turned the bottom off . So I added a stand. Box is spalted white oak and lid is spalted pecan. The finish is lacquer buffed with Maguires buffing cpd and then polish.
  3. I started making Christmas gifts for family and friends. My wife wanted me to see the "Prayer cross" that some stores are selling. I liked the idea, but not the wood. I made mine out of spalted Maple. They are about 5" high and easily held in praying hands. I know several of my family members will love this. I selected the best areas of spalt, drilled holes w/forstner drill, cut each with jig saw and used the band saw to compete each. Then rough sanded with my spindle sander (smallest shaft) to give it the rough hewn look. I went thru the extra efforts cutting them out to save other areas for future use.
  4. One of the members of our woodturning club passed away some time ago, and a family member offered up his stash of unturned blanks for free. I got a few, and they have been drying out in my basement all summer. I finally started on a new bowl last week. My first issue is, what kind of wood is this? At first, I thought it was spalted maple, but after working with it, now I think it is spalted hackberry. I based my choice on some Google images I saw of wood identified as spalted hackberry. Any opinions? I also learned a couple of things while working on this bowl. Easy Wood Tools are really sharp. After carelessly handling the finishing tool, I felt something sticky on the handle. Looking down, I realized I had a small cut on my finger that I didn't feel when it happened. OK, no big deal, I'll just lick a paper towel and wipe my finger to prevent the blood from getting on my bowl. So, straight from the "Well Duh" chronicles, I proceeded to lick the inside of my face shield which I had forgotten I still had on. I guess that is good, in that my face shield is so comfortable that I can forget I am wearing it, but I still felt like an idiot. I know none of you ever do anything that you are glad goes un-witnessed. Right?
  5. From over working the Single Brain Cell Sketch-up. It was on over load trying to figure out a tool box build. Had a blank of spalted....something or other Well, this is the leftovers. It was 22" long, cut it in half. Drug the old Craftsman T rail lathe up off the storage crates, and fastened it down to my bench. Only place I have down there to run a lathe. Kept looking through stuff, trying to find the "pattern' i wanted. Got the blank mounted on the lathe, and turned round. Chippy stuff, no shavings. Got a start at just winging it from memory, and looked over and found the pattern. Handle was a bit too scrawny for my hand, so the new one was to be FATTER. Sanded things down, parted off the one end. Added an oil finish, and tok everything out side to dry in the sun Old mallet is laying down on the job, again. had to wipe down the NEW mallet one more time ah, that is looking a bit better. Not too bad for a rookie? FIRST mallet I have ever turned. I inherited the old one...
  6. While perusing the wide world web tonight, forever in search of factual based data for our wiki, I stumbled across The Public Domain Review, a great resource for information and research, one of the articles I came across was this very interesting history of Intarsia. Just thought I'd share it here. https://publicdomainreview.org/2018/05/16/exquisite-rot-spalted-wood-and-the-lost-art-of-intarsia/
  7. Haven't done one of these for a few years, wife wanted to know could I make some boxes for Christmas presents. Decided to copy liam O'neills "crooked grain box" style. Here is the first one. It's from a piece of spalted beech that surprised me with some nice ambrosia. The contrasting wood is walnut. She wanted them for the grandkids, when I showed here this one, she told me I could make different ones for the grandkids Steve
  8. 9" Spalted Coastal Goldenleaf "Bridelia Micrantha" East Coast South Africa Port Shepstone area. This is a section from a crotch cut (Inner section of a fork in a tree for the uninformed)
  9. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    A small weed pot of spalted sycamore, two boxes, one ash, one cherry
  10. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    Maple bowl with basket weave pattern.
  11. Steve Krumanaker


    From the album: Steve Krumanaker

    Spalted maple bowl
  12. Gerald

    Spalted Magnolia Bowl

    From the album: Hollow Forms

    Almost threw this piece of wood away and had to work around some flaws
  13. Gerald

    Eucalyptus Vase

    From the album: Hollow Forms

    Eucalyptus has a story. This is the regular side on the other side iot is spalted. Was working on this and I left in a plastic bag and the down side spalted but not the top.
  14. 10/15 years ago I was able to get some spalted Box Elder pieces. I had never seen a wood with red in it. I was fascinated. The pictures are of the incomplete pieces. I went back to get some more and they didn't have any. However they had some that looked nearly as red. I was going to pick it up and looked closer when I saw a sign. "This wood is a member of the Sumac family and some people can have the same reaction as they would with poison Ivy." WOA!!! I could immediately see me in the hospital after handling and breathing in the dust.
  15. lew

    finished bowl

    From the album: Spalted Maple Bowl

    Small bowl turned for a friend

    © Lewis Kauffman

  16. lew

    inside turning

    From the album: Spalted Maple Bowl

    hollowing inside

    © Lewis Kauffman

  17. lew

    finishing bottom

    From the album: Spalted Maple Bowl

    finishing bottom with Longworth chuck

    © Lewis Kauffman

  18. From the album: Bowls

    Yep you guessed it it hit the wall doing about 560 RPM. I was NOT pleased Being the wood turner i am though, i got over it and tried turning that edge off, and wouldn't you know, it again hit the wall and broke again so i trashed it.
  19. From the album: Bowls

    Image of a small bowl I was working on in 2011. I had just got the last coat of finish on and it had dried, I was going to remove it from the waste block, when........not all went well with that, see image 2 lol
  20. From the album: Fridge Magnets

    Left is a magnet made from beech wood and right is spalted maple. the magnets themselves are only 1/4"x1/8" thick but being that they are rare earth magnets, they hold really well.
  21. I gots me this honkin huge crotch.     Wood porn pics below.    It's been in the wood pile for better than two years so there's spalting. Anyway the thing is likely too big to just knuckle up and spin so I'm going to have to saw it down a bit.  }}SOB{{   But I dunno gots da foist clue where to begins.   This is what I think I'm going to do. 1) saw it so it fits the lathe. 2) find the center of the largest of the three crotch ends  and mount a faceplate 3)  start forming a spot to center drill for a center  & install the live center. 4) leaving a column for the center hollow out the insides and form the outsides.   There is where the train goes off the tracks   I think I missed sumpin I know I gotta dismount it flip  it around and work the base   Maybe I should do this sooner? Maybe I should mount it sideways ?  Sideways it might make an interesting wing bowl. Hmmm whadayathink?  
  22. Is getting a bit full, now made a run today for some barn Siding, and got about ten pieces. Also found a 2x10 x 24" pine board, a 3x3 x 24" Spalted something or other, and Someone asked about a 2x4 x8' made from Oak? Got one today, only I think it is Red oak. Photos after the thunderstorms go away Brought home most of the small tools out at the old Pole Barn Shop. Cleaned off the Table saw to get it ready for Craigslist. Found out that old rip blade in the saw is still VERY SHARP! A-yup, that blade. Was running a belt sander around to clean off the rust, got a cut on the forearm. Wiping the top down after the clean up, palm of the right hand, near the wrist, found two teeth on the blade. Now have two holes there, as well. Now, about that 2x4 in Red Oak........
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