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Found 24 results

  1. List of free CAD software and pros/cons of each
  2. With all of the changes coming to Sketchup here are some other FREE drawing software packages to consider. Some are more 3D printer friendly than Sketchup. https://wayofwood.com/free-cad-software-for-makers/
  3. This seems fitting for today- Supposed to be damp, cold and miserable the remainder of the week. @Steve Krumanaker asked for opinions on a metal working lathe/mill combination from Grizzly. He received several responses. If you have any experiences with this unit, I'm sure he would appreciate your input. @Ron Altier has been experimenting with a new style of ornament. He is using epoxy as part of the construction medium. Ron posed a question concerning finishing the hardened epoxy. Several members offered suggestions. Maybe you can give him some ideas. @Cliff ended up with a warped bowl. He has a theory that steam can be used to "un-warp" it. Check out the steam box he has constructed for experiment. The Segmented Woodturners organization is holding their 6th Segmented Symposium on October 12-14, 2018 in St. Louis Missouri. Registration information is at their site- http://segmentedwoodturners.org/?album=1&cover=0&occur=1&photo=39 Usually a turner, posting a video on YouTube, will edit out any mistakes. Rick Turns posted a video "attempt" at making a birds mouth vase. Rick kept the mistakes. I hate to admit how many times I've made the same ones. Mike Peace posted a very short video showing his turning jigs for gauging spindle diameters. Maybe some ideas here you haven't considered. Not sure if I posted this in the past. Sometimes I'd like to get an idea what a turning will look like before starting the actual process. Sketchup will work but there's a nice, FREE software program called LatheMagic. The software is not completely intuitive but does come with tutorial videos and instruction manuals. You can download the software from- http://www.lathemagic.com/ At the same site there is another program called ShapeMagic that can be used with 3D printers. I'm finally getting the manzanita turning done. The last coat of poly is slowly drying in the basement. I call this one "hidden in my heart". Mimi was in the basement when I opened the box of roots and said this piece looked like a heart (she's a nurse), thus the name. These images were take before the final coat of poly. It's a little more shiny now. Also the finial wasn't seate completely. It needs glued in place once dry. The finial was made from a piano ebony key. A buddy salvaged them from a trashed instrument and gave me a couple. I really need to refine my finial shapes. Maybe I should have used that software! @Jim from Easy Wood Tools this was turned completely with Easy Wood Tools! Safe turning
  4. What's happening It's starting to feel like our life is settling down to a dull roar, and the suggestions and projects our members here have suggested are starting to come back to the top of our priority list, we need to move forward on these suggestions and seriously consider them as add-ons into our community. Below please see a list of pending projects as submitted by you for our consideration. Projects Clubs, (separate departments for woodworking clubs) Forms, (create forms accessible by you, in order to create tools, supplies, and machinery reviews) Add images of "What's It" to the main winners board, so they can be easily searchable for future detectives. Main landing page for The Patriot Woodworker (in progress) Wiki website for The Patriot Woodworker (in progress) Added by your feedback below Polls How to Articles Department Wood Swap Department Your feedback Your feedback on any of the items above are greatly appreciated, and if you want to add anything to our wish list of additional departments, features, or anything you like from another forum, that you don't see here, please list them in your post to this topic, and I'll add them to our dream list under "Projects" above. Thanks folks, and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.
  5. List of software utilities and online calculators.
  6. List of software downloads and online calculators.
  7. List of software downloads and online calculators. Extensive categorized listing.
  8. List of software downloads. Mostly for drawing applications- CAD, Sketchup, etc
  9. Don't know anything about this SW but somebuddy here might have a use for it... https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/bra_elephant_head_1
  10. Drafting and Design Have an idea you can’t translate into a drawing? The Design Services team at Laguna can help you with your design goals. 3D Modeling We can create models from scratch or using existing documents tailored for your manufacturing capabilities and provide file formats you can use with your CAM software. Toolpathing Our Design Services team can prepare toolpaths for your existing designs to get you up and running quick. If you want, we’ll even explain the process to you after so you understand each step. Software Training Our objective is to make sure that Laguna Customers have all the tools to bring their ideas to reality. We offer in-house and online software training sessions for VCarve, Aspire and RhinoCAM customers.
  11. Here is really simple, probably stupid question, but do you have to have a CAD program to design something for your CNC machine? Will the Vectric software allow you to design then convert to a tool path for the machine? Or am I missing something altogether here? Maybe, if one of the CNC guru's have the time, they could give a brief rundown on the process to go from a simple idea in their head to a file that the CNC can read. Thanks for the help,
  12. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    A brief explanation of the effects changes have on the component and other components in the Aspire Project Design.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A Design Project in VCarve Pro 8.5 Using the 3D Models Bundled with the Software
  14. View File Ornate Furniture Backplate Project - VCarve Pro A Design Project in VCarve Pro 8.5 Using the 3D Models Bundled with the Software Submitter MEBCWD Submitted 06/29/2017 Category CNC Reference and Tutorials  
  15. View File Changing Component Properties A brief explanation of the effects changes have on the component and other components in the Aspire Project Design. Submitter MEBCWD Submitted 06/28/2017 Category CNC Reference and Tutorials  
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Vectric Aspire software is a powerful 3D modeling program used in the production of CNC design files and generate gcode to carve the project on a CNC machine. This is an explanation of how 3D shapes are created to produce components and models with Vectric Aspire v8.0 software.
  17. View File Creating Shapes Aspire v8.0 Vectric Aspire software is a powerful 3D modeling program used in the production of CNC design files and generate gcode to carve the project on a CNC machine. This is an explanation of how 3D shapes are created to produce components and models with Vectric Aspire v8.0 software. Submitter MEBCWD Submitted 06/29/2017 Category CNC Reference and Tutorials  
  18. We have departments that use Bluebeam at my place of employment. You can use the free version of this software to scale a project on a PDF document. For example, if you have a project picture of a Dresser, with no dimensions, you can assign a dimension to one side of the dresser case, and the software will use that scale factor to determine the rest of the dimensions of the project. It can only scale view-able lines and components.
  19. lew

    More Windows 10

    Here's a neat little free application that is extremely useful- and it works with W10! http://ehiti.de/katmouse/ Allows you to use the mouse scroll wheel without first clicking in an open window. I've been using it for years. Once you start, you can't do without it!
  20. So you want Windows 10 but still like some of the old "7" stuff- http://www.askvg.com/tip-restoring-classic-programs-and-user-interface-in-windows-10/
  21. Nice description on the use of Joe Zeh's Cut List Bridge- http://www.popularwoodworking.com/sketchup-tutorials/cutlist-making-tips-in-sketchup-for-woodworkers
  22. I posted this with Wednesday's Wisdom but thought it might be nice to have it here, also. I picked up this link for software designed just for the lathe. There isn't a lot of lathe software available so I decided to check it out. http://www.lathemagic.com/lm/ First, it is FREE!, Second, it doesn't “install†on your computer but rather just runs from and executable. My antivirus and malware software didn’t pick up anything, either. Right now, it is in a beta form so there will probably be additions and other changes down the line. You can find the download, tutorial and PDF manual at the above link. I haven’t read the manual, but did watch the tutorial and played with the program. It is really neat! You can design you own shapes and see what they would look like before committing them to wood- especially nice for the beginning turner. The really great feature is that you can print a profile and use that at the lathe as a guide. So far, I haven’t found a way to add my rolling pin inserts to the drawing to be able to animate what they would look like when turned- but still- IT IS FREE!!! Example image-
  23. Found this site when looking for some help on calculating compound angles- http://www.woodbin.com/docs/free_woodworking.htm
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