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Found 22 results

  1. 1/4 BB stained wth medium Watco. On a 1/8 BB backer rattle can painted blue.
  2. Yesterday, my Dewalt 788 scroll saw suddenly developed a knocking noise somewhere in the head. Normally, on these saws the knock is in the arm and is easily remedied. Not this time, though. Took it in to a Dewalt authorized tool repair shop about 40 miles away. Through city traffic it took about an hour to get there. The guys said that they're pretty well backed up and couldn't give a time estimate for the repair. I'm guessing at least a week. I've got 4 more personalized Christmas ornaments to get done. Hopefully it'll work out, timewise. If not, oh well, they're for family. They can use 'em next year. Meanwhile, we'll fire up the bandsaw and make some boxes.
  3. Gene Howe


    For my other sister. The golf thingie was for sister#2.
  4. Here 'tis. Poplar and a clock from China.
  5. I know I haven't been around much lately. Family matters and a few shows have realaly kept me busy. Yes, Pop's Shop is still around and kicking. That being said, I just wanted to share with y'all my labor of love for my wife to celebrate our 58 years together. The project is called a Mandala Flower. 5 layers, over 1560 inside cuts, size is 14" x 14", didn't keep track of time (didn't want to on this tpe of project - it would probably scre the sh** out of me) Anyhow, here it is: Overall picture and a close up of part of it.
  6. Not for candy asses!. The maple board is 1 1/16 " thick and the backer board is 3/4" ash plywood. I should have weighted it for this is the heaviest thing I have ever cut with the scroll saw. I sprayed the stickum on yesterday so I don't have very much time left before the glue stops holding down the pattern for me to cut each piece apart. This is very hard on my old scroll saw. Its sitting on the table saw extension for size comparision. Those two drills are easy to get used to having. Smallest and lightest weight I've ever owned and all this time I wonder why I thought I needed the heaviest drills made.
  7. This a Steve Good pattern. It started life as an 8 1/2 x 11 pattern, I blew it up with "big print" 7' long. Cut with my Boshe jigsaw and Boshe scrolling blades. This will be part of the decorations for a local charity fundraiser.
  8. So she put the challenge to me. So this is two versions. So some of my chrome fell off before I could get the protecting coating on it but, you got the idea! So being a female lady, I thought the first one would tickle her fancy. Amazing what a person can do if they are not having to do the 7 to 6 routine!! No Sherri you don't need it to go the other direction......
  9. His mother wants him to be a few states smarter than his class mates when he starts to school......and this is a mighty good way to learn the states. The small puzzle was about all the 20" Dewalt could handle. Then I moved up in size and talked the Dewalt in to giving this larger puzzle a try...and he did it great.. The small one is what I been making over the years but got to thanking the larger one has bigger pieces and might not get lost as easy... I did leave out a couple but they were the least important. But after he learns the first 48 then I'll present him with the others...Can't remember their names anyway!!!
  10. When you are scrolling do you always use a foot switch. I am adding a foot switch to my scroll saw and wonder if I should wire it to use every time or make it so it can be plugged in when I want to use it.
  11. Nothing unusual about us for nothing is completed when promised.. So we both worked in our shops for our 57th year together...I guess it keeps us out of the beer joints!!! Well at least I run out of used pine I had saved from tearing down the big bird house and switched over to maple for the stands of the many many Nativity scenes she is still making . At least the maple only takes a couple of coats of finish where the pine took buckets of paint before it started building up enough to stop and do something else... Still fighting my new dentures. I had my teeth pulled and dentures installed all in one day about 54 or or more years ago. That was not a recorded venture so trying to put two and two together for a time and since my one ones were wore out some 20 years ago I sure been dreading fighting a new set.........I was watching an elderly lady sky diving on tv and her top plate fell out of her mouth and just thought to myself she will have much more pain fighting the new set than if her chute don't open ... I
  12. I know that Artie has developed an interest in scroll sawing and has somewhat perked my interest. I saw this today on craigslist and wondered if anyone is familiar with this band saw maker. A Sukura 21" scroll saw, apparently made in Xenia Ohio. APPARENTLY AN OLDER SAW BUT ADVERTISED AS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION. Can anyone shed any light on the quality of this tool ? Owner is asking $275.00. It includes the stand and a couple of extra blade holders and several blades. The Add indicated that the company is now P S Wood. I went to P S Wood and saw a 21" scroll saw for $799.00 that looked quite similar to the one advertised except for the color
  13. The GOOD-I had fun! I got the saw assembled, and running, and decided to just try the machine as it came from the factory. The BAD- Cleaned the deck with mineral spirits, and while I was letting it completely dry off, before waxing it, I drew out the sign I figgered I’d try to make for my wife’s quilting/sewing/crocheting hobby. Didn’t think it would make that much sawdust, didn’t hook up the vacuum for dust collection, (will tomorrow). The UGLY-well just look at the picture if I can get it uploaded LOL. I was gonna call it Rustic/Primitive, but this makes the first time I tried mudding/plastering seem like a success. So...... Piece was too big (37 inches) and too thick (3/4 Poplar), Used factory pinned blade, tomorrow will install a Flying Dutchman, on a piece of 1/4 Baltic Birch. Used it as it came from the factory, my son is coming over tomorrow, and we will read the set up instructions, and implement them, before we try making sawdust again. By the way the picture doesn’t really do justice to how bad the lines were not followed.
  14. Hi, I am in need of advice from those more knowledgeable than me (so everybody). I’ve been looking on the various used items websites and have found two scroll saws I think I’m interested in. One is a 2004 Hegner Unimax, listed as brand new. This soon not seem to be sold any longer. They are asking $250 for it. Will it serve the needs of a newbie, and yet maybe last into journeyman status, or if I take to scrolling will it not be adequate in the future? Two is an RBI Industries scroll saw, used, and model number not listed. It also looks like the upper bar that holds the safety/clamp (I’m sure my naming of the parts is incorrect). That is next to the upper bar that holds the blade is missing. I have not received any contact back from the lister. This one is being sold for $75 which would give me some leeway parts wise. I got a lucky break over the weekend and got a $300 windfall, so either of these does not come out of the family budget (at least that’s what I’m telling myself LOL). Option 3 is wait till refund from taxes enters bank account, and dip into that for $250 and buy a new DeWalt 788 from Grizzly. I think that’s around $530 total, with shipping, stand and light. Any and all opinions wanted, and welcome. Thanks Artie
  15. If memory serves me right, someone ws saying that they are having trouble cutting straight lines - (I think that is all of us). I think this also goes with cutting large (i.e. >6" diameter) arcs. A couple of things I can think that I do is: Line my chair/stool up with the kerf - my blades tend to cut more on the right side, therefore, I line my chair/stool up to the right of center - in line with a "straight" cut kerf I don't change the position of my hands during the cut thereby "eliminating" changing dominance of one hand over the other I try to apply steady pressure during the cut - changing the pressure will cause blade characteristics to change the pull angle I don't rush - tends to enable minute changes in direction without causing a perceived crooked line There's my thoughts - how about your tips for cutting straight(er) lines? Appreciate any input guys. fred
  16. Hi folks. Fred here. We have been asked to be sure to tag our posts. It is great to see that most of us are already doing this. Tagging is a great way to simplify searching. Thanks again for your "tagging" fred
  17. So this one is 30" x 20". Way too big for the 20" scroll saw. Its in lots of pieces right now..Next step, take the pattern off and draw a few lines on the wood. Then I have this funny little box I invented and to get all these pieces carved just right, I open the door of the little box, say a few secret words, throw all the pieces in and shut the door, turn off the lights and go in the house. Now the last time I think I must have said something I wasn't supposed to say and the poopie gods must have shutdown for the night. Anyway tomorrow is a new day... The pattern was old and some of the wood was missing and I added some of my own thoughts and extended some pieces like I know what I'm doing cause the other night I dreamed I duz. Tomorrow wife starts setting up for her yearly show so these pieces will stay in that little box at least until Monday.
  18. This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics.

    © Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

  19. I was digging around in our old website files last night and I was able to extrapolate about a hundred scrolling patterns that our members contributed back in the day, I'll have them up in our "Downloads" area this week, free for all to use. Here is one of them. This is really cool stuff!
  20. The Clinton signs were custom designed for me by Keith Fenton of Sheila Landry designs. The intersecting word is cut from 1/8" maple that I stack cut 3 at a time. Then I mount onto 1/2" stained backer board made out of pine. The brass pins in the corners are for decorative purposes only. Then I top coat with a stain spray and attach saw tooth hangers on the back.

    © Keith Fenton of Sheila Landry designs

  21. There has been fabulous work entered in our gallery lately, all the work is fabulous, please view our gallery, click on the images above and visit some great scrolling images and clocks and much more! Great job guys!
  22. Seems that every year about this time we have super special projects that we are working on. These projects are from our hearts by our own hands. We know we do it. We want to do it. Share with us your super special gift for this year. As for me, it has come to my attention that a shut-in here in town has very little and doesn't normally "celebrate" the season (ok - Christmas). I am making her a Lichterbogen for her and hoping to "brighten" up her holiday.
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