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Found 4 results

  1. Went out and bought some sandpaper. 60 and 100 grit stuff. Sanded the entire door down with both grits....Dusted the junk off ( turbed it up on it's side, tap it up and down a few times) and opened a can of.... Kilz Exterior Primer.. Coated one face nice and thick, flipped over onto a couple plastic dustpans, and coat the other face. Going to allow to dry overnight, then see about a recoat in the morning. Might try an install after the paint dries. For some reason, I managed to get white paint on 9 out of 10 fingers. Just the fingers, not one other thing in the shop, other than the door, got so much as a drop of white on it. So....WHY ME? Next time I do one of these doors... I am going to have R. Lee Ermy come by to say a few "words" to the project. Army cuss words just don't seem to cover all the bases.....
  2. Ok, got the last of the rebates cut. Made a few nicely curlies with that homemade plane. Started to put things together Pinned and wedged a few joints, usinf the draw-bore way. Pins would tend to wander off line a bit, and blow out the other side. Oh well, will be a PAINTED door. Some Titebond III and some sawdust, then sand smooth Worked my way from one long rail, across to the other long rail. Pipe clamps to pull things tightly into place, then a glue covered pin to hold it there. FINALLY got this thing together, and stood up in the shop This be the bottom half. Door is at the far end of the shop, with the camera at the other end. And a look at the top half Next up? Some filler, some Kilz Primer (2 coats) hang the door, and maybe add a top coat. Oh, and install a latch.... Already discussing a new door to go with it, re-using the old window from the old door.....Another story, one door at a time...
  3. Well, got a center stile recut, as the first one was a 1/4" too short. Then cut a few grooves in it After taking a small hammer to the iron, to get it centered, again. Had it set a bit deep. You start at the far end and work your way backwards, until it quits cutting. Makes some nice curlie things jump out the side of the plane, too. Needed to size a couple panels to make the raised panels. While I do have the handsaws for this work, I don't have THAT much "Get-up-and-go" so A old, all metal Sears Craftsman circular saw did the work. Much faster than some olde pharte by hand. Laid out some lines to start making the bevels for the panels One inch in from each edge. There is also a stop line on the edge to show ABOUT where to stop the bevel at. A Stanley Four Square #5-1/4 Junior jack was set a bit deep. The trick is to do the end grain ends first. at a diagonal to the grain. Going from "high" to low". After a few minutes of scrapping away We have a decent bevel. Do the other end grain end, then set up for the long grain sides And repeat until all four edges have a bevel. I cleaned things up with a low angle block plane, too. Now, I do need to make a rebate on the back side of these panels, so.. A Wards #78 was setup to do the rebates. Same as the beveled sides, end grain first, then the long grain sides. Time for a test fit, or two? Well there is one fitted. Took a bit of trimming to get this one to fit just right. Re-marked the second panel, from lessons learned on the first one. After awhile, and a lot of this stuff on the floor Igor had to sweep the floor four times this morning! Grumbling about wanting a raise, too.... Well, I got the second one a little bit better made, so all the parts can go together Not too bad? The joints will get draw-bored tight, and wedged. Doubt IF I will need any glue. Top half still needs a rebate to house the screen/storm window. Then a coat of primer then paint, then hung in the doorway. So far, so good.... Who knows, maybe I will get some 5/4 stock, and make a new backdoor as well? First things first... Lunch and a shower, then off to my "Day Job" at 1900 tonight. Work the next two nights 1900-0710hrs
  4. Well, at least the lumber is being cut, lines being drawn. The BOSS stated she wanted a new screen door for the back door, since that is the one everyone uses. The old metal "thing" is falling apart, just will not do. So, a trip to menards to pick out some Pine 1xs. Turns out the price was HALF of what Lowes wanted, for the same boards. Got a couple dowels, too. Started to layout some parts, it is a might crowded in the shop, right now Three steps from the bottom of the stairs, still time to turn back.. Well, someone scribbled SOMETHING on a piece of paper, might be something called a"Plan"? Eeeeh..could be. Laid out the 1x4s, well at least the straighter of the three I bought. Cut to 80" long. Marked and cut another for the top rail, marked and cut a 1x8 for the lock rail, and even a 1x 6 for the door sweep rail. Laid the parts out on the benches. BenchES because this takes up both of mine. I also dug out all the toys, er, TOOLS for the next few chores A couple small saws, some chisels for digging deep narrow holes, a few extra squares, and a small chisel beater. See anything that looks firmiliar? Layout lines are carried all the way around the 1x4 stiles. Will dig out the through mortises, and then make a groove for a raised panel, or two. Due to FleaBags in the house, everything below the lock rail will be solid wood. Will be a center stile to help hold two raised panels. Will also have to groove that stile on both sides, then Mortises and tenon joint to set it in place. Just a might crowded right now.. This may take awhile.....
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