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Found 2 results

  1. 3 planes...first 2 were easy... Handsome, ain't they...spent about $10 for these three "gems"...In the front is a Sargent V.B.M. #5408/408c (Stanley #3 sized) mainly a lot of wire wheel work, a few spots needed a spritz of PBblaster to loosen bolts up....sole was "groovy" Yeah....refinished the wooden parts...old finish was flaking off.... NOT Rosewood, Sargent used East African Mahogany. Base has a coat of penetrating oil...later was wiped down and a fresh coat of black was sprayed on.. Made about 1917. Metal parts were shined up, chipbreaker mated to the back of the iron. Iron's back was flatten, a single 25 degree bevel was sharpened and stropped.. Test drive showed a few nicks still remained in the edge...will remove those in the next sharpening...meanwhile The second plane is a Stanley No. 4, Type 20 (1962-67) with the dark, Royal Navy blue colour scheme... This spot was packed solid in nasty wood fibres, spider nests....and just plain dirt...wire wheels and wire brush to clean out... Lever was frozen in place, both of them ( Goop-off soak, then oiled) Grinder has a 6" brass wire wheel installed... Been sitting a while. Edge was chewed up a bit...new grinder to regrind the 25 degree bevel needed....then 2 oil stones, 2 grits of sandpaper (1,000 and 2,000 grit) then stropped on the buffer wheel on the old grinder.. Bolt for this wheel was wire wheeled clean, along with the rusty stuff. Brass shined up, dab of oil on the threads... Same with the rest of the metal parts....plated stuff was buffed out. Threads cleared and oiled up...test track set up..again.. BTW...The flaky black paint of the handles? Gone, replace by a coat of Gunstock stain, and then a few coats of BLO... Test tracks, one of Pine.. Took a few tries to get the setting just right... And, since I also do a lot of work with Ash.. 1 x 2 is now smooooth and flat.. Looks more like a plane, now. I left the yellow logo alone, the cleaned up Royal Navy Blue was given a wipe down with a thin coat of 3in1 oil.. Which brings us to the third plane... With "Issues" Lots of issues... Made by Millers Falls, sold at your local Sears store as a Craftsman....turned out, this plane had been broken in two...then brazed back together... Wasn't too bad on the right side ( biggie blob inside, though) but the left side? Not his best work.....checked that sole for flat....was more like a banana, or, high in the middle, low on the ends ( OHIO?) well, we have a beltsander, with 60-80grit belt onboard....took a long time (for me) checking with a straight edge every 5 minutes ( and let the cast iron cool down a bit...) Finally..other than a hollow up front, and a little spot on the "fantail" I think I can live with that...flat the rest of the sole. All this done with the frog and handles still in place...the frog? Needed a soak, and a hammerdrill, to loosen two bolts. Frog was too far forward, made it hard to fully engage the slots in the bolts. Once they were loose enough, the frog was slid to the rear..then removed. End of troubles? Nope....took the wheel off, or tried to....got almost to the end of the threads...bolt had come loose, too.....Backed the bolt out of the wheel, clean the rusty blob out of the threads. At least it made it easier to clean up the rest of the frog.. OEM chipbreaker was too rusted on the end..tossed it, found a 2" wide spare....mated it to the cleaned and straighten iron. Iron was bent, curved, pitted...Ball pean hammer time! grind the pitted edge away, started a new bevel. derusted the now straight iron. Back is NOW flat... Cleaned the hardware..brass had been plated..had. New spritz of blue into the logo...then wiped away the excess.... I was going to sharpen the iron...noticed the cup of water was empty...and, I was covered in cast iron grinding dust...even me beard was black...decided that was enough, closed the shop. The Sargent plane took a couple hours, took longer to sharpen. The Stanley? 90 minutes, total....The Craftsman? still working on it....will be a while.. Stay tuned
  2. I had an English made stanley #4 that I wasn't too fond of. Light blue japanning, kind of loose with the settings.. I had traded off the Sargent #3 Fulton for a Craftsman #4 that the owner wasn't able to fix up. It had those grooved sides, and the worst frog seat I have seen, somehow managed to get it to work.... So, today while out and about, I stopped in at a place, looking for Rusty & Krusty Tools.....Found a nice Stanley #4c on the shelf...checked the price tag...OUCH! $45?! Hmmm... Got to thinking while driving home ( not sure which is more dangerous, me driving, or me thinking..) Decided to pack up those two troublesome planes, and go back to do a little trading.... Set my two on the counter, went to the shelf..there was a second plane sitting there, right beside the Stanley....."Straight up trade? My two for these two? Deal?" Walked out of there with two decent planes.. So, here they are, before I started to clean up their act. Stanley #4c still with that $45 price tag....The one behind it is a Millers Falls No.9 About the same size. The stanley is still a made in England plane, but a lot older than the one I traded it for. Handles may be bakelite, but that is easy to change....That is a Model number and a "Made in England" cast behind the frog "Tropical Hardwood" for the handles....will do a bit of research to see what "Type" this is. Millers Falls is a smooth sole, the Stanley is "Groovy" Maybe after I get a table done, I can get these two fixed up? Straight up trade, 2 planes, for 2 planes, zero cash needed...not too bad a day?
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