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Found 8 results

  1. steven newman

    A very short Rust Hunt

    Well, first we dropped off Craig at his job, then stopped to check on Mom......not a good time....Call button wasn't working....she needs help to get out of bed....so, somehow she now has a Urinary tract infection, too...along with too many painkillers. Got the nurses motivated, then my sister arrived, and really motivated them.... They were working on mom when we left....with my sister playing strawboss.... On the way back home from there, stopped at a store, for a little rust hunting....$9 +sales tax.. A little 8" sweep brace, with a "Bonus" of sorts.. A VERY minty Craftsman 13/16" bit. Got home, did a wire wheel change, and the cleaned things up.. Almost like new? Wonder IF Craftsman would replace it? As for that brace? The only markings I found, were on the chuck.. A Goodell Pratt, from Greenfield, MASS., USA....PAT. Dec 27, 1892. That "loop" is a gear shift. Flip it to one side, or the other, chuck now will ratchet, center it up, and no ratcheting will happen. I think I know where Millers Falls got the idea about the top attachment.. As Goodell Pratt used the same thing. Was kind of a so-so day....and 1-2" of fresh snow..grrrrr.
  2. For the past few years, I have been bringing tools home, sometimes in group finds. I love my old tools and think some of the fun is in the hunt for me. So, I recently have come to the realization that my shop is getting a bit too full for normal function and I am tiring of shipping one at a time so I sorted some items and put this all up for sale. Many good complete units and tons of parts too! They all sold in a single lot, I did well on them, and I can find myself in the shop again, too! Now dont anyone worry about me! I still have plenty of planes to keep me busy. And did I mention that we were garage sale prowling on Friday! The last two pictures are new finds! A nice Buck Bros chisel plus two others, double bit axe, leaf blower to clean the shop, and a Stanley marking gauge (90 I believe) plus the lumber you see. Yes! You can buy Walnut lumber at a garage sale albeit not often! Everything in the last two pictures for 21 bucks! It was our annual Fathers Day excursion! Love the hunt and glad to have a little time to post tonight. Take care all.
  3. steven newman

    A little rust hunting today

    Bad when the most expensive part of the hunt was Lunch. Town about 17 miles south of here, has a few antique stores......Snuck out of the house and motored down thataway... One place is called The Boston. A few things were downstairs, but there is a second floor.......ow,ouch, yeee-yipe! Made it! Most of the floor is for a couple tool sellers...mostly gold-plated tools..... A lot of the tools I didn't either need, or already had. Picked a couple drill bits, though.....was walking away.....found a better, less pitted one, for the same money....Waddled downstairs, did one more walk through, sometimes helps to go in a different direction, in case I missed some...thing......like a 4' long transistional jointer plane.....$40? Ah...NOPE. paid for my two items.....$4,23 counting tax. She even wrapped them up in Bubble wrap! So.... what bits did I find? Well, the skinny one says it is an Irwin No. 1 US of A The larger one says it is an Irwin No. 22, US of A The one I put back on the shelf was a large one, but was way to pitted to be of use. Nor was there any markings on it ( worn off) The other stores had a few items, but were a bit too high priced.....not too bad a day?
  4. steven newman

    Busy day, today

    Bright and early, game was a-foot! Local campground was having their "annual" garage sale today. Took a bit of scouting around, dodging trees, golfcarts, and other drivers on a one lane trail...The Boss found a tree ornament she liked, and I found three things I liked... We each spent ...$5. For a sense of scale...the square is 10'' long. Figured I could clean these up, before Andrew showed up Three Rosewood handles...the square has Stanley and a Pat. 12 29 96 stamped on the blade. Numbers are readable on both sides. Screws to hold the brass plate in place. Larger bevel gauge has a solid brass thumbscrew. Haven't found any names on it or the small one. Small one has a lever to lock. Was sharpening a chisel when Chris showed up. Had a Stanley Cordovan #4 that needed a bit of a tune up. Did not take all that long, but the plane was making see-through shavings when he left......sole needed work, chipbreaker needed work, frog seat....was "special" There was a metal plate under the frog, got that out, dressed the bottom of the frog, and the face. Re-assembled it back together. Seemed to work nicely. Lots of talking and teaching going on. Finally, I got treated to supper, then he went home. Ready for a nap, now.....
  5. steven newman

    West Liberty Tractor Fest

    Not sure this is the spot for this, but here goes....West Liberty has a Tractor Fest every labour Day weekend. Finally got a little spending money and drove down there today ( day late, oh weelll) Yes, there were at least a 100 tractors, this is the overflow area...sunny day out, some might need a hat? But, I had the old Boonie hat on, so I'm off to hunt some rustiness... Hmm, got ones just like those at home, PASS Onwards... Hmm, these were priced like they were made of gold. Spokeshave was $40! Yikes! Don't even ask about them $35 planes... Sights are set on a different tent.. Well, it wasn't anywhere in this tent...Ah, another 1/4 of a mile, things were looking up...a bit. Close, but not quite there, yet.. Hmmmm, maybe inside the store? Hmm, don't need a mallet, could have had a Keen Kutter # 8c, but I didn't have the $110 on me. The one to the left is a #6.....Place has three tents set up in line, three rows of goodies, three more rows outside the tents, with more goodies, and a pair of old haywagons with more on them. I spent part of my $50 allowance in here.... Front to back: Yankee push drill, by Stanley. A Stanley Square, with STANLEY cast in the handle.. And bringing up the rear, and costing the most.. A Keen Kutter 6" sweep brace. Will have to dig around a bit, for info on that chuck...Millers Falls, maybe? Price tag says $25......I'm getting hungry, food lines are all 20to 40 people LONG, and hard to tell which line you'd be standing in. Didn't really need any of these.. Or these.. So, somewhere behind that truck, in the midst of almost a thousand vehicles.. Is my van......2+ miles of walking through all the vendors.....time to go home..
  6. steven newman

    Tool box = treasure chest?

    Three days of yard sales....A few smaller tools, and big tool box, and a bit of wood. Was a busy boy over the weekend.. That short one is 4' long....4/4 Walnut, long one is 8/4 and is 7' long...dollar each.... The walnut was from Sunday, the next pile of rust was Friday's $7 haul..but wait...there was also a Saturday sale or two... This was from just two sales that day.....the eggbeater was $3 the tool box was $13, counting what was in it..... Just a tease... There was a $2 pair of visegrips, straight jaws, and another pair of Yankee drivers for $1 each....tool box was $10. So, I wound up with a bit of rough sawn walnut, a Fulton #3 plane, an eggbeater, and three braces.....and.. A pair of pipe wrenches were in the bottom of the box That tape measure, a few pliers, and some weird things.. And for those braces? The short ones are a 16 size, the long one is an 11.... A few screwdrivers, there was a few plastic handled things, but I prefer the wood handles Sorry, these were the only chisels in the box.....there was a few wrenches, as well... Smallest size was a 5/8", I think. The braces? This is after a good cleaning. Small is an 8" sweep, the other two are 10" sweeps. The non-ratcheting one is a Millers Falls No.22 Not sure about the other two...yet Ever hear of Granlt Tool Comp. of New York Germany? needs a fuller restore, though. Not too bad a weekend? Just over $20 for the tools, and $2 for the wood. The bottom of the tool box had a sales flyer.....Rinks Department Stores was having a Labor Day sale...in September of 1982.... As for those Yankee drivers? There is a HUGE No.131A that I could use as a walking stick, a pair of No. 130A drivers, and a No.135 The 131 was...$3 Couple more sales...next weekend...
  7. Bundoman

    Rust hunting Fathers Day week

    First off, a belated Happy Fathers Day to the Patriot Woodworker dads out there! Hope you all had a great day! It has become an annual outing to go garage sale stalking with the family because of the "More on 34" garage sale drive that just happens to occur on the same weekend as Fathers Day each year in our part of the world. Anyway, I have included some shots of my garage sale rust hunts of the last two werkends plus a Stanley 45 and several coffin smoothers from an estate sale today. The 45 is missing some parts but has the cutters. I have to go through my parts pile and think that i can bring it back to near complete with parts I have. I may have an unhealthy affection for the number 45 planes but if the deal is good, I am kinda weak in this regard! The four small palm gouges looking tools may be for metal engraving? They are not a typical carving tool profile, really. Can anyone confirm?
  8. steven newman

    Only allowed ONE stop for rust hunting?

    On the road again, mission was to go 40 miles to pick up the three grandBRATS for the weekend. Was told when we left, that the Boss/Driver wasn't stopping fo no yard sales on the way...well Went past one place, nose went nuts, to the point we just had to turn around and go back. Table was full of old, rusty things, all-metal power tools. and a pile of rusty, saw shaped objects, didn't look like much.....wait, what IS THAT under those junky saw? "How much do you want for this? How about a dollar?" Sold! Picked up a garden hose for $2 as well, Boss wants to water the "Mater Plants" Got this treasure home later, found two saw bolts to replace the missing ones... 22" long, by 4" wide. Pennsylvannia Saw Corp, of York PA. The only thing wrong with the handle? Was the finish on it was mostly..gone. No biggie. Got out the palm sander, and got after the rust with some 60 grit paper. Just got the one side of the plate clean and shiny, and was starting on the other side...Sander dies...FUBAR, too. Well, we can set up the drill press with a wire wheel and finish it up. Polished the saw bolts and medallion up. Then stripped the old finish off the handle. Got things back together, and a coat & wipe off of BLO on the handle..set it up in the mitrebox to cure There is a scrap of pine under it, that a test cut made. Nice glassy smooth cut. Might just do...for a dollar bill?

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