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Found 7 results

  1. Hope everyone had an enjoyable July 4th. Our Patriot Turners- @knockonit posted a question to turners about turning Indian Rosewood. He has received a few responses so far- If you have experience with this species, please hop on over to his post and give him your suggestions. @RustyFN gave us a look at his hollowing rig he is using in conjunction with his shop made steady rest. Really looking forward to seeing this in action. Check out the addition to Rusty's previous post- @Masonsailor turned a few more of those baseball displays for his Mrs. Paul's post has more images- What’s Coming Up- As a reminder, Cindy Drozda's 4 part, online turning class starts this Saturday July 9. More information at her website- http://www.cindydrozda.com/html/Demo.html Cindy is also hosting a "Tool Talk" on Thursday July 7. These are live streaming interactive discussions. If you do Facebook, checkout this link- https://www.facebook.com/1124046309/posts/pfbid0ZHVS9EBVaYc2vTFwaKiAraUEvgrHRGyGNHStARhvxYNwhZ3TbHzZ65qxMZi4tG2Rl/?d=n&mibextid=HcvaIG Cindy usually streams this live on YouTube as well. This is the link to her channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/cindydrozda/featured or here- https://youtu.be/-UpYnwfIEgA For The Newbies- Mike Peace continues to post short, informative turning tips and instructional videos. This one compares a chuck worm screw to a screw chuck. If you have a set of Cole jaws for your chuck, you may find this video useful- Expand Your Horizons- Offset turning can be exciting. Here Alan Stratton turns a one piece wooden scoop- Mike Waldt demonstrates turning a hollow form- An interesting process that uses more than just turning to create an awesome looking bowl- New Turning Items- Woodturners Wonders has a preorder sale on the complete Kodiak sharpening system- https://woodturnerswonders.com/products/kodiak-max-woodturners-complete-sharpening-system-pre-order-expected-7-15?utm_content=Facebook_UA&utm_source=facebook&variant=42576925851815&fbclid=IwAR3y-Ljoo49jKC2oyp_e_ftGdoCgg2HiKZKdcnxBM68SEMflaWDbN4lqRbY While you are at the site, checkout their line of sanding supplies/equipment. Ken Rizza discusses some the products in this video- Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Finally got done with the refinishing of some old kitchen ware turnings. These were made back in 2007 and had been used hard in Mimi's kitchen. The pepper grinder set a little too close to the stove and the heat discolored the wood. All of the surfaces had accumulated cooking oils/grease from daily use. Sanding and fresh applications of gloss ploy, The platter is the one that got way too thin at the center mounting mortice. Did all the sanding/finishing and then filled the mortice with Alumilite mixed with black opaque coloring. Safe turning
  2. A friend of mine sent me a couple chunks of Rosewood....to do a few handle repairs, as some did need some work...hard on the hand, when the "horn" is missing... I had already roughed up a handle...and had a stack of leftovers.. So, while watching the Furnace crew replace the house's furnace....I went with a "Horn Repair".....took a bit, planed both surfaces as flat as I could...meh...then some glue and a clamp... Then went back to watching..until... They had the new furnace installed..and the house finally was getting heat! They added all that shiny metal, because the new furnace was that much shorter than the old one. Anyway, let the repair dry overnight....and enjoyed being warm, for a change...Then, today, bandsaw to rough out the horn's shape a bit better, then set up a Dremel.. Lots of sanding, shaping, sanding....needed a drill, because the new horn overlapped the hole for the tote's bolt... The larger bit was about the right size An electric drill would tend to "get away from me" and dig too deep. Sanded off all the old finish, back to bare wood...then slapped on a coat of Gunstock stain..because that is all I have on hand... Let it dry a bit, and then wipe it down.. A top coat later this next week should darken it right up.. Next? Well, this Craftsman version of that Millers Falls jack plane could do with a new horn...and maybe the correct sized front knob? He also set that turning square...figure I can chop off a chunk the right length, drill a hole through the center, and turn it down.....except, I don't have a lathe handy...but...I DO have a drill press...I can chuck a bolt through the blank, give it a spin..until a knob takes shape... As for that Tote blank sitting there...maybe have just the plane for it.. Not only missing the horn, but is is snapped in two...only thing holding it together? Is the bolt in it... Front knob is fine, though. Stanley No. 5 is about to get a new handle around in back...Still have enough leftovers, I could replace the one on a #4.. Tape was there when I bought it...think it is about time? #4 Type 10.... So...that is what I will be doing, for a while.. Stay tuned
  3. Hello All, I have been gone for a minute during my wife's recovery but now I am back in the groove. I had a great time sharing my band saw restoration but now I have a new project. I picked up a Nepalese Brown Bess musket "Kit" from IMA-USA and have started restoration.This is one of the many Nepal Cache weapons I have purchased from International Military Arms. The Nepal Cache weapons were found in an abandoned palace in Kathmandu Nepal and Chris Kramer from IMA purchased the lot from the Nepal government. There was thousands of weapons from the 1700' up to WW2 to be boxed up shipped. Included in this cache were weapons from Brown Bess Muskets up to Lewis machine guns. This is where my Bess originated. What you get in the kit is a reproduction wood stock that is carved from North Indian Rosewood. I call this wood by it's little know Latin name "Woodius Sumbitch" mainly because this is a hardwood with soft spots and it likes to splinter. That is why you will frequently hear me say you "Sumbitch". Now the stock is about 90% complete and it will take some work to fit all the metal parts . The problem with fitting parts is the stock is inletted for a modern reproduction Bess. The metal parts I have were hand forged over 200 years ago so parts do not fit. One must have patience when tacling a project such as this. The first pictures in this post show the condition of the parts before I started and then the rest show parts after being soaked in Evaporust. If you are interested in seeing the Nepal cache story, watch this video called "Treasure is where you find it" . I will post pictures as I progress with my work. After soaking in the rust remover.
  4. Hey folks, I have couple very heavy timbers. The one I planed a little bit to expose the color is about 24" long and 12"x12". It weighs about 80 lbs, very heavy. The timber on the floor is twice as long and twice as heavy. Very dense. The timbers are about 50 years old. I have been told what the original owner says it is, but without any influence, I wondered if you guys can tell me what species this is. Thanks for any help.
  5. I seem to have a few of the squares in use...some big, some tiny... Maybe Moody can suggest a name for some of these....the HUGE one in the back IS a Stanley...10" of steel blade. The rest? The "Three Diamonds" square was from my dad's tool box. This little fellow is a Swanson 6" combo. Just to show how big some of these are. Been using a few of these in the Chest Of Drawers project.. So...any guesses about who made what? Rosewood,Brass, and Steel Co.?
  6. Jiggy


    From the album: Comfort Birds

    My friend Chip brought me back a piece of Cocobolo from a cruise to the Panama Canal. It had 2 birds in it.
  7. Seems that every year about this time we have super special projects that we are working on. These projects are from our hearts by our own hands. We know we do it. We want to do it. Share with us your super special gift for this year. As for me, it has come to my attention that a shut-in here in town has very little and doesn't normally "celebrate" the season (ok - Christmas). I am making her a Lichterbogen for her and hoping to "brighten" up her holiday.
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