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Found 20 results

  1. I'm a newbie to this task. I have red oak kitchen cabinets that I want to sand and restain. My problem is the length of time it takes to sand down ONE door. and I have about 35 doors to refinish. They are what I believe are called "raised panel" doors, but there are about 6 different edges - 4 are about 1/8 inch. In addition, the surface of one inset has a curved profile. I bought a rotary sander that works great on the flat areas. BUT, I am shopping around for "detail sanding" tools and not having luck finding the right tool. Yes, I found a sanding sponge with an edge - still a lot of manual work ! I've been looking at oscillating sanding tools, but am striking out. I also see a "sanding mop" out there - pretty pricey and I'm not sure how well it works. If it works, I'd pay the price... WHAT DETAIL SANDING TOOLS SHOULD I BE USING ? thanks for any shared wisdom ! dmypub
  2. A lady in my Sunday School class is doing a scrapbook for her grandson as a graduation present and wanted me to make a box . This is the box with BLO only so far.
  3. Got to start somewhere. Breaking down a couple of 4/4 x6 x8' Walnut planks. Cut a few down to match the raised panels I made a while back. Cleaned up the rough sawn edges a bit, and marked them for a rip cut. After a rip down the middle, these will go on the ends, to house them raised panels. Going to get these to a somewhat finished sized, and then smooth the faces up. Less to plane, that way. Tried to handsaw these boards down, ran out of breath ( COPD??) so an OLD Sears Craftsman Circular saw was used. It will also do all the rip cuts. Corner posts were straight edged up. Then set up for a rip down the middle. I'll then add a Tongue & groove joint to the edges of the corner posts.
  4. I had a friend stop by today wanting some arched raised panel doors made. Looks like I’m in the market for a template but can’t decide which one to buy so I’ll ask my good friends here. Any of y’all bought a template that you love? What kind is it?
  5. Interesting article / excerpt on cabinet door options https://blog.lostartpress.com/2017/12/08/door-types/#respond
  6. Ron Dudelston

    Back Side

    From the album: Walnut Cradle

    Back side of the cradle.
  7. Ron Dudelston

    Right End

    From the album: Walnut Cradle

    This right end also has a pin to restrict the rocking action.
  8. Ron Dudelston

    Left End

    From the album: Walnut Cradle

    Left end of the cradle.
  9. From the album: Walnut & Cherry Box

    Showing the front, with the raised Cherry panel's grain
  10. From the album: Walnut & Cherry Box

    View of the top's raised panel. 3pc glue-up for the panel. Then hand planes to "raise" the profile Finger lift area was bandsawn out.
  11. Hi Y'all, I kept making stupid math errors when cutting out the parts for raised panel doors and drawer fronts, and also drawer boxes. I found other calculators online, but none of them did all the things I wanted, so I built my own. The idea is to input the fixed parameters like rail/stile width and interlock only once. Then, you have places to input several different door and drawer sizes on one sheet. Print it out and carry it to the shop where you'll have the dimensions for all your pieces-parts in one handy chart. Door and Drawer Calculator.xlsx
  12. Cherry Entertainment Towers Posted 8/25/2007 11:36 PM CDT Had been encouraged by the wife to build these for some time now. Spent maybe a year checking other designs an making plans. Tracking my time and will give it when finish. The towers are 6 ft tall X 22 inch wide and 24 inch deep.Caucus began with making raised panels for the sides. The sizes basically echo the interior. The panels are prefinished with BLO and Garnet Shellac for base color. Will cover all with varnish on exterior when complete. Glue up of a panel this size and number of panels was a challenge and provided several lessons in how to get the panels and rail in evenly. Dados cut into rails to fit plywood shelves and make for a more secure joint. Caracas glue up using blocks cut to ensure square. Sides are rabbited to give more glue area for face frames. Face frames are joined together with pocket screws. Caracas with face frame attached now ready for base of 2X4 lumber with covering of cherry with simple molded edge The crown molding was a 4 piece made at the router table (top plate, crown and cove) and tablesaw (dentel) This is what the build on the molding looks like. After a few years we got rid of the old tv for an LED so needed a stand.. Made this to fit the existing spot and placed wheels on it for ease of wiring. Shelves made to fit existing equipment . Was expecting to place the bass in the large hole and place a door on it but changed my mind after reading about magnets and tvs. Used pocket screws for a hump over the wheels so that they do not appear to the eye, This almost makes the shlf look like it is floating . Once trim was added to front wheels are covered. Forgot to take a pic of the completed stand so had to stop and do that. The top is beaded and has a beaded molding added plus a cove.
  13. I just entered a blog which I placed on another forum back in 07 and added some new material. It was a fun build ,but was working at the time so it took 11 months. Go over to Blogs and have a look . Hope you enjoy.
  14. From the album: 18th Century Connecticut Blanket Chest

    I don't remember if the raised panel was part of the American Woodworker plan or not, but I raised the drawer bottom panel by hand with a Stanley No.4 smoothing plane. It turned out really nice and I was very happy with the results.
  15. From the album: Pine Is Fine Shop Jigs

    Here is a quick and easy raised panel table saw jig I made today. The raised panel is just a test cut using 3/4 birch veneer I had laying around.
  16. Well, got a center stile recut, as the first one was a 1/4" too short. Then cut a few grooves in it After taking a small hammer to the iron, to get it centered, again. Had it set a bit deep. You start at the far end and work your way backwards, until it quits cutting. Makes some nice curlie things jump out the side of the plane, too. Needed to size a couple panels to make the raised panels. While I do have the handsaws for this work, I don't have THAT much "Get-up-and-go" so A old, all metal Sears Craftsman circular saw did the work. Much faster than some olde pharte by hand. Laid out some lines to start making the bevels for the panels One inch in from each edge. There is also a stop line on the edge to show ABOUT where to stop the bevel at. A Stanley Four Square #5-1/4 Junior jack was set a bit deep. The trick is to do the end grain ends first. at a diagonal to the grain. Going from "high" to low". After a few minutes of scrapping away We have a decent bevel. Do the other end grain end, then set up for the long grain sides And repeat until all four edges have a bevel. I cleaned things up with a low angle block plane, too. Now, I do need to make a rebate on the back side of these panels, so.. A Wards #78 was setup to do the rebates. Same as the beveled sides, end grain first, then the long grain sides. Time for a test fit, or two? Well there is one fitted. Took a bit of trimming to get this one to fit just right. Re-marked the second panel, from lessons learned on the first one. After awhile, and a lot of this stuff on the floor Igor had to sweep the floor four times this morning! Grumbling about wanting a raise, too.... Well, I got the second one a little bit better made, so all the parts can go together Not too bad? The joints will get draw-bored tight, and wedged. Doubt IF I will need any glue. Top half still needs a rebate to house the screen/storm window. Then a coat of primer then paint, then hung in the doorway. So far, so good.... Who knows, maybe I will get some 5/4 stock, and make a new backdoor as well? First things first... Lunch and a shower, then off to my "Day Job" at 1900 tonight. Work the next two nights 1900-0710hrs
  17. Or trying. Got a frame all cobbled up Might need a little fine tuning. Got a panel ready to fit inside this frame Speed square to guide the circular saw to make that cut. Blade was set to almost cut through. Rather than mark up my fancy jigs. Needed to bevel four outside edges, like a raised panel Clamped the panel flat onto the jig. Worked the end grain edges first. Just used a Jack plane for this. Marked a line 1" in from the edge, and started to plane back to the line, at a bevel. Get to about 1/2" thick on the edge, and reclamp to do another edge. OK, that was strange, photo posted to the top? Well, after the edges were beveled until them met in a diagonal line at the corners, I flipped the panel over, and set up a Wards #78 And cut a rebate around the panel's inside edges. A Test fit Fine tune it a bit, add a bit of glue, and some real clamps......One end panel is now glueing up, and sitting in the pipe clamps. Taking up most of the bench space. Will just have to wait awhile, then do the other end. Stay tuned, might be a tool chest show up? Planer? I'm the 'planer', and these are what I use...
  18. Well, there is all the parts Frame & Panel parts. Just finished milling the last leg parts.Had some nasty stuff to cut away, though Just to make two back leg blanks for the end panels. Cleaned up some rails Set up a three screw jig to remove the "cope" from the tenon. Used a #3 handplane to "Chute" away the lip, and mill the shoulder back to square. Third screw is behind this rail. Most of the old parts had a two layer "veneer" , some even had a thick paper as the outer layer. Pried most of it off, to get down to the "real wood" underneath the glue. Milled a few last grooves, and will start to mill tenons tomorrow, I hope. Even tried a test fit Ok, so I still have some work to do on this.... Raised panels have been sitting around, awaiting to be installed in the frames. Trying to build this chest with just the parts scrounged from the old bed frame. Might even have enough left over, to glue up a fancy lid... Stay tuned...
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