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Found 5 results

  1. Coming up on the end of January already! Time sure does fly during a Pandemic. A little less, this week, from our own but a lot more from others. Our Patriot Turners- We had a post this week from @ehbowen asking for some information about green wood. Eric got his hands on some freshly cut ash and wanted to know about preserving it. The post generated a lot of comments on turning, sanding project supplies and more. Maybe you can help give Eric some ideas. Check out his original post. @Pauley had a problem with some of his sanding discs and asked our turners for some ideas. The conversation yielded lots of sanding techniques information and sources for sanding supplies. @Gerald provided us with a link- https://www.turningwood.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=T&Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=2S I checked one of my favorite sanding suppliers. Their prices were comparable to Gerald's- https://www.supergrit.com/view.php?pg=index @RustyFN gave us an update on the bowl jig he shared with us last week. He included pictures of how he mounted the jig on his bandsaw- @AndrewB Updated us on his pressure pot adventure. There was an interesting discussion as to how much pressure was needed to pressurize the pot for casting resins- Andrew, later, showed us the results of his first casting attempt- I often reference Alumilite in these posts. I have no connection with them other than learning a lot from their videos. This particular video provides tips and techniques for mixing casting resins. Most of the information applies to any manufacturer- What’s Coming Up- A couple of events happening on Saturday, January 30, 2021. Cindy Drozda is hosting the second part of her waterfall lidded bowl. Check Cindy's site for more information and registration- http://www.cindydrozda.com/ If you have insomnia, The first Virtual Craft Festival of 2021 starts at 2am (PST) Saturday morning and goes until 6pm (PST) Saturday evening. Click on the above image for the link to the schedule and presenters. This is a free event and all presenters use their own YouTube channel for their demonstration. There is a link for each presenter in their bio on the website linked in the above image. For The Newbies- Mike Peace continues his critique of carbine turning tools. If you've followed Mike for any length of time you know he has always used traditional HSS tools. This video is a little long but it not only demonstrates turning but also gives us some insights on design. Expand Your Horizons- If the previous "twig pot" video looked like something you might try, but, you wanted your turning to be more hollowed out, this video may help you decide which hollowing tool to buy/use. Looking for a way to make that cracked/split bowl a work of art? Here's one turner's take on what to do- Bowl Stitching! Good information- video of a demonstration- New Turning Items- The folks at Woodturners Wonders have a very nice sanding deal going on with the Roloc mandrels and pad holders Check it out, here- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/ultimate-sanding-system/products/ultimate-2-and-3-inch-sanding-kit This really isn't a new item but we touched on it a bit last week. The shop made steady Rest from Alan Stratton. This video shows a bit more about it- These links have more written details- https://www.aswoodturns.com/ https://www.aswoodturns.com/2014/09/steady-update/ https://www.aswoodturns.com/2013/08/lathe-steady-rest/ Everything Else- Rick Turns YouTube video list from last week- I haven't been in the shop this week. Been writing Micro Credentials for the National Occupation Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI). A long time friend is the CEO and called to get some help in the Electrical/Electronics areas. I had forgotten how tedious writing those things can be! Safe turning and stay well
  2. First resin cast went smoothly not a huge heap of bubbles in this one at least. I'm thinking I may turn this one into an egg once I get my gallon kit of resin maybe turn it into and egg inside of an egg or something. We shall see. How ever the casting has been de molded just used one of the mixing cups as the mold. Its solid but I'm assuming its still curing 24 hours yea right. Not for a deeper poor. Either way I like the color of it. I did a red casting this morning with the last little bit of resin left that I had.
  3. OK gang, we are getting down to the wire and we still have $505 dollars to go. Don't wait until the final day. DONATE NOW!!! Our Patriot Turners- This week has seen a lot of activity by our turners. Some ornaments were the order of the day. @Ron Altier posted two of his creations, one of wood and the other of acrylic. First up is his wooden creation. Ron gives us an explanation of how he put it together- Ron's second post is about his acrylic ornament. The blank, originally destined to be something other than an ornament, Ron created this fantastic piece- Check out Ron's post on this beauty- Just for fun, Ron shared a video of turning colored pencils. Our members shared their thoughts- @HandyDan always comes up with some awesome original designs. This week he made some "kitchen aids"- As always, Dan provides detailed information on how he makes his projects. @Gerald pointed out that bowl turning/embellishing should also include the bottom of the bowl. Gerald posted several examples of what he does and challenged us to do the same. This is an example of what Gerald does- He received lots of comments and a few examples of the work of others- @Larry Buskirk asked our members for information on a Delta chuck manufactured by Nova, he had seen on Ebay. Several did research and provided input to Larry's question. Larry was able to steal purchase the chuck and posted pictures later in his post. @AndrewB has his new lathe bench finalized. He was putting the finishing touches on it last week, Andrew posted this update- Andrew had concerns about what seemed to be a small twist in the ways of his lathe. Our members provide input for what might have been the cause and possible remedies. Back in August we had a discussion on casting acrylic resins and pressure pots. Andrew bit the bullet and got himself a really nice pot from California Air. Looking forward to seeing his castings! @Masonsailor asked our members for some ideas on making fluted turnings. Checkout some of the ideas and suggestions from our members. Although Paul posted this in the equipment review forum, we thought it would be helpful for our turners to see it here. Paul, you lucky dog , got a new lathe! I just hope it doesn't rust from all of the drool! What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to Cindy's site and registration. For The Newbies- Well, Paul got a new lathe. But what made him decide on this particular model? Here is a video with some things to think about when considering a lathe purchase. So you'd like to turn a bowl but you don't have a chuck. No problem- Mike Peace put together a nice little video that talks about wood turning consumables. We all know about sandpaper but there are other consumables that can be really useful in the shop. Expand Your Horizons- Alright, I'll admit this is a stretch even for me. The latest Tim Yoder video turning a coconut into a mood light. Please watch at least through the 7 minute mark... New Turning Items- Larry got a new chuck from a seller on eBay. Here's your chance to win that new Nova Pro-Tek chuck. Everything Else- Last week's YouTube woodturning videos from Rick Turns I don't have much experience turning cherry and it shows. It doesn't like to be turned extremely thin. Sap lines are very weak and have a tendency to crack along them. Whoops!!! Getting a little too thin! I was afraid that cole jaws would crack the bowl, even worse than already happened, so to finish the bottom I used a jam chuck. The hole in the middle is to permit the use of compressed air to pop the turning free. Embellished bottom with special message to recipient Finally Safe turning and stay well
  4. One of these days, I'm gonna surprise you all and actually do some turning. But in the meantime let's not forget our pledge to make our "adopted" family's Christmas the best ever- Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker added more birdhouse ornaments to the bunch he already completed. I think he must be staying up nights! Steve shows us some of the fantastic details on these, in his post- @HandyDan cranked out a slew of awesome looking Awls. As always, Dan provides detailed descriptions of his process. He also gives us a look at one of the "New Turning Items" we mentioned sometime back. @kmealy was inspired to turn some Christmas trees after seeing what the asking price was at a Craft store. Judging from what he saw, there's money to be made with lathe turnings! Check out Keith's post! @RustyFN is having fun turning lidded vessels. These can be turned from just about any wood- even glued up scraps- Please see his post and read all of the nice comments from our turners. Sometime back, we were discussing casting acrylic blanks. The conversation included inquiries about pressure pots. Rusty was kind enough to share his pressure pot build information along with some pictures. Head on over to his post and see what he used and how he made the conversion. What’s Coming Up- Here's something to look forward to! Click on the above image for the link to more information. If you don't want to wait that long, this might be something to keep your spirits up- This is a live YouTube event. Click on the above image for a link to the presenters. Each person does a live demo on their own YouTube channel. For The Newbies- A nice video on turning a natural edge bowl. This bowl is turned from some American Chestnut. Not much of that left any more. Nice way to preserve a once very common species. Expand Your Horizons- This is a very interesting way to embellish a turning- the art of Shou Sugi Ban. Although the process is typically used on cedar, the author of this video uses a pine blank- To learn more about this process use this link- https://shousugiban.com/ New Turning Items- To make up for those weeks I couldn't find anything on which to spend your money, open up your wallets! Thinking about getting a vacuum chuck? Here's a site that may have exactly what you need! Here is the link to their site- https://www.frugalvacuumchuck.com/home.html Our friends from Woodturners Wonders have a new CBN wheel for your Tormek sharpening station. You can check it out here- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/new-products/products/tornado-waterless-10-cbn-wheel-tormek-style-with-radius-edge-12mm-arbor They also have a pretty substantial savings on their complete lathe track system- The pieces are also available individually. Here's the link- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/lathe-track/products/full-lathe-track-system Everything Else- Last week's list of YouTube videos from Rick Turns- Safe turning and stay well
  5. I've been interested in trying resin casting and turning for bowls. Although I'm not interested enough just yet to purchase a pressure pot. I've been trying to research resins that I can mix that do NOT require a pressure pot and just time to cure with a bit of color as well. I think I want to try a couple of times with the resin so I can get familiar with it if I ever decide to get into the resin stuff. I do plan on going for the gallon bottles off the bat so that I know I have enough to make a couple blanks to test. But I'm unsure of what I would need to pick up for non pressure pot resins, I did do a google search only thing I've seen in research so far is Polyresin and it's recommending adding color. Now that I've got the lathe speeds adjusted Id feel more comfortable doing a bit of resin trials. Any other info would be good to know thanks.
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