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Found 9 results

  1. Saturday is the twentieth anniversary of 9-11. Tragic national events have a way of sticking with us and we remember exactly where we were. I have vivid memories of two such event. President Kennedy's assignation- I was in Memphis going to Navy electronics school. The 9-11 attack- I was teaching at the Vo-Tech school. Our Patriot Turners- @Fred W. Hargis Jr had a little misfortune with a small bowl he was turning. We never know just how deep some of the cracks can be in a blank- Fred asked our turners what they thought he should do at this point and he received lots of helpful advice. @Gerald teste his new laser on his hollowing rig! What a fantastic turning rig. Gerald said it is from Tim Yoder. He tells us more about this tool and some modifications in his post- Gerald was kind enough to give us information concerning some of the vendors at S.W.A.T. in a response to last week's "Wednesday's..." Our turners have also posted some of their work in other forums here on the Patriot- In the "What's On Your Weekend Agenda" section, @forty_caliber showed us a little problem he had with his lathe- Powermatic sent him a replacement for the handle. Forty also posted some turning he is doing, here- In our "Good Monday Morning" section, Forty posted a lid he is turning for the bowl pictured above- And, in our newly christened "Hump Day" section, @Fred W. Hargis Jr gives us a quick update on some handle turning- @forty_caliber made a design change in the lid for his bowl- @Gerald is setting up for a club meeting- What’s Coming Up- As a reminder, a couple of AAW associated on-line events coming up. Click on the images for links to registration. For The Newbies- New lathes usually come with a faceplate. That one may, or may not, be ideal for your needs. Alan Stratton shows us how to make several faceplates and why you might want several different types- Lacquer can make a nice finish on a turning. Here is Sam Angelo discussing use, application and thoughts on a lacquer finish- Expand Your Horizons- Carl Jacobson takes his beading and burning techniques to the next level! Has this happened to you? Someone asks you to make a turning but you discover that your lathe isn't long enough to make the piece. Here, Ernie Conover gives us techniques to overcome the problem- sorry, it's not buying a bigger lathe And, just for the heck of it, watch Tim Yoder turn a gigundous platter- New Turning Items- The folks from Woodturners Wonders have a new smaller 4-in-1 CBM wheel. This one is 6" in diameter- Check it out at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/6-inch-wheels/products/6-4-in-1 Everything Else- Rick Turns' list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Time to replenish my stock of rolling pins. The most time consuming part of them is making the walnut and cherry inserts- which does not require any turning. I had a cherry board in the shop but needed to drag up a few walnut boards from the wood storage shed. Each insert strip needs to be 10.5" long x 2" wide and .125' thick. I got started by ripping all the boards to the 2" width and 22" long. The thicknesses varied from about 1" to 1.25"- Next, surface plane to one good side- Then I need to re-saw the pieces into thinner slices. My old Taiwanese bandsaw doesn't do well with a rip fence so I scribe a line to follow. Just a tad under 3/16" Using a re-saw post and slice off a strip- After all the boards have the thin strip removed, it's back to the planer to smooth away the saw marks for the next strip. Wash, Rinse and Repeat until all of the boards have been converted into thin strips The strips have one smooth side- from the planer, and one rough side from the re-saw operation. They are all about 3/16" thick but have slight variations. To bring them to the final thickness and remove the saw marks, out comes the shop made drum sander. The drum sander was built just for this purpose. I used to use the oscillating spindle sander and a fence but I couldn't get consistent thicknesses along the length of the inserts. Notice there is no belt feed! Also, about the maximum I can remove with one pass is .01". This is gonna take a while!!! 3 passes thru and still need about 3 or 4 more to get to .125" Safe turning and stay well
  2. My daughter asked me to make her a small box...Presto changeo, ala kazam.... Had a lot of fun with this one. Not bad for a first box. I wish it had turned out a little more centered, so that the variations in wood types were more even. .40
  3. Powermatic is celebrating their 100 yr anniversary. Just for grins, I was looking at the Anniversary version of the 6" jointer and then compared it to the non-anniv version. The Anniv version is $2530 and comes with a custom mobile base. The non-anniv version is $1600 and it does not come with mobile base. What am I missing? It appears not only has lumber prices escalated but so has black paint. From the literature I reviewed they are the same jointer except for paint scheme and mobile base. Danl
  4. Pulled motor on Powermatic 65 table saw, made repairs to elevation gears, reinstalled motor, and it will not run. It just buzzes and tries to turn. I checked switch for loose wires, plugged into wall socket that is running fine on belt sander. My volt/amp meter conked out, so I bought another one that has a clamp-on the cord type tester, but haven't checked it out. According to youtube, I can check capacitor with this tester. Will check it and also to see if a connection on the motor might have pulled out. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Picked up this old Powermatic a couple years ago after watching it sit beside the burn pile behind a local high school shop for most of a year. The weather was really starting to become unfriendly to it so I inquired about its status and was told that it was out of service permanently due to a problem with the foot brake making it unsafe to use by students and a new one had replaced it. They only would release it to me if I signed a waiver releasing them of responsibility which I did. After a man vs. saw episode even involving my wife’s help to get it trailered, it came home. The brake was indeed bad as the lining had worn out and the brake was used metal on metal for sometime, thus grinding away the flywheel area where the brake makes contact. It coasts to a stop for now. I had to replace the power cord and after hitting a wall finding suitable thrust bearings for the factory guides, I swapped them out for some Carters. The blade guide and table were pretty rusted and I had to disassemble those to free the guide. It isn’t beautiful and still sits in its original skin with some graffiti scratched into the paint, and drips of varnish, and such. I may paint it one day but I like the story it’s appearance tells. It is a monster machine when all of that cast iron momentum is in my favor as can be seen by the walnut block in the picture. I have cut small lumber from logs mostly and a few turning blocks and it’s even great for this. I gave up my 14 inch Delta after I ran this one. Only downside is the large footprint in my shop so I had to put wheels under it so I can move it around if I’m feeling strong. The good news is that the high school that housed this saw still is running a wood shop program, at least on some level. Not the case everywhere. I have an “as retrieved” picture of this one somewhere but could not find it. The photo here isn’t a great one but shows the saw this week in its messy glory! My shop is nearly all 50 plus year old machinery. I like the challenge of the old stuff I guess!
  6. Hi all, I would like to introduce you to my new (to me) baby. 😁 This is my first lathe and I am excited to fall into the vortex. I have been watching CL for well over a year but nothing ever came up that I liked. I was just about ready to give up on used and go new. I was invited to the local Woodturners Association meeting a couple of weeks ago and was given a lead on this one for $1400. Can’t wait to start this new adventure.
  7. Dear folks, I have been in a quandary lately, I have some extra funds for this year, and I would like to purchase a table saw. But I cannot decide which one I want, so I am coming to the membership to help me decide. You'll see a poll I created with the table saws I have in mind to purchase. Can you please participate in my poll, and vote for the brand you find most reliable in your experience. Thanks! This is a test topic for our new polling feature, please see tutorial at:
  8. LEMETELLYA That head stock was a BEAST of a lift. From the floor to a low stool from the stool to a bench, from the bench to the bed ( twice). Got 'r up and runnin' and ohhhh sooo smooooothhhh, That three phase with the inverter really delivers too. Running it as the slowest possible I can't grab the hand wheel and slow it. Love the tool rest positioning. Love it. Put that sucker anywhere on the bed and it stay. Changing the belt between the speed ranges is easy. Lift the motor lock it in position and move the belt. I got the bed up with a Come-along and some chain and nylon webbing.
  9. Looking for a new woodworking machine? http://www.woodcraft.com/brands/5637145718/powermatic.aspx?utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Powermatic&utm_content=Powermatic+Sale+7-8-16&utm_campaign=07/08/2016
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