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Found 17 results

  1. Over the weekend I got a few minutes while I was out at a job to stop and do a bit of Patriot Picking. I ran across these KEEN KUTTER jewels. I got this really neat poster although it is a REPO it is still very cool. But one of the items I found that is really nice is the complete set of Boring Bits in the original cloth roll. Each of the bits had the KEEN KUTTER logo on the bit. I couldn't get a good picture with my phone so I'll see if I can get one better to show you. And then I got this really nice Oak KEEN KUTTER box. The box held the K12 D set, which was 6 knives and 6 forks. Here is a picture of what should have been in the box. Sometimes you find the real thing and sometimes there are REPO's but they are all still very cool. Believe it or not some of the REPO stuff is collectable. Well just a bit of some Patriot Picking. Till the next time, Keep on Patriot Picking!!
  2. Last weekend my wife and I celebrated our 41st anniversary and we did so by picking our way to Nashville and then a little more picking on the way home. I did take her out for a very nice dinner at Stone River Steak house in Franklin, TN so it wasn't all about picking and she likes it as much as I do. I didn't take pictures of her treasures, but she got quite a few deals. She like dishes and pottery. I found a variety of things a several different places along the way. So I found that Keen Kutter metal sign and most likely it is repo but it was a cool sign and I wanted to put it up in the shop. Tool signs are hard to find so I try to get them when I can. I also got the Screw and Bolt signs which are double sided. I ran across this one place that had a great collection of really nice tools. They were locked in a glass cabinet. I ask the person to unlock it and told her I was going to be looking in there for a while. She ask if she needed to get the mop to clean up the drool. I first got this nice Keen Kutter Sliding T Bevel square. It is metal and nickel plated. Just below the screw it has a patent date of Oct 29, 07 stamped. I also got this Lufkin No. 014 Caliper ruler. What I thought was really cool about it is the fact that they also put the Stanley number next to their number. Shows you how popular and big Stanley was even them. I have this same small caliper rule in the Stanley 136. I then pulled out this really nice Stanley No. 53 1/2 ruler. When I started college I wanted to be an Architect so this ruler was kind of neat to find. The No 53 1/2 was made from 1879 to 1942. The rule was beveled on the inside edges so the numbers would be close to the page. This ruler has the brass arched ends and brass joints and ends. The patina is really nice and it is very readable. I also saw this nice No. 66 1/2 boxwood ruler that was made from 1870 to 1957. What makes it special it is one of only three 3' four fold rulers to survive WW II. This one happens to be from the Sweet Heart era 1922 to 1935 so this one would have been Pre WW II. This one also had the brass arched ends. This one wasn't cleaned by someone. I have the Stanley No 36 Cast Iron level in the 18" and 12" and it was nice to find this one in the 6" size and all of the vials intact and working. Then I found this Stanley folding ruler with Green Ends. I had just been looking through one of my original Stanley catalogs a week earlier and saw this information on the Green End rulers. So when I saw this Stanley Green end folding ruler at a very cheap price in the cabinet I had to get it out and add to the collection. And then I found my real prize of this pick. I saw this really nice Stanley No. 98 and picked it up and checked it out. No cracks and the finish is in good condition. I had to include it, I just couldn't leave it there. They made these in right and left handed models. The No. 99 is the left side model. I am looking for one of those to add to the group and to make this complete by having a right and left model. This little plane was made from 1896 to 1942. This one appears to be a Type 1a which was made from 1905 to 1907. One of the things about this little plane is the knob is the same size and a perfect replacement if you need a knob for a Stanley No. 1 bench plane. The knob can be worth as much or more than the plane itself. So I have added a few more items to the latest display cabinet in the house. This is the ruler shelf. All of the catalogs are original catalogs and the oldest one is a Stanley 1914 catalog. So that was my anniversary weekend picking and we had the best time out with each other looking for those special treasures. Till next time.... Patriot Picking
  3. While we were on vacation a few week we stopped at a flea market looking around. Ron saw this piece in the bottom of a display cabinet and pointed out an old caliper. Upon further observation I noticed it was a Belcher Bros. piece. I debated on whether to purchase it or not and my wife finally went back in and bought it for me. This is the third one of these I have run across and each one is different. Belcher Bros is one of the hardest to find rulers, the most rare and generally cost the most. The first one I found is hinged in the middle and folds up. They started making these around 1822 and closed shop in 1873. These logo was used from 1853 to 1873. One side is a shoe sizer and the other side is a ruler or caliper. What really drew me to this one was on one side. A four inch ruler that is Ivory. First one I have found by Belcher Bros with the Ivory. I have three Stanley Ivory rulers. Pretty excited to add this one to my collection. Thanks Ron for pointing it out to me.
  4. It has been a while since I was out Patriot Picking, but Tuesday, my wife and I made it down to a flea market and I ran up on this Stanley No 45 in the Metal Box. I currently have one with an 1890's patent date in the wooden box and got to looking at this one and it spoke to me so I had to take it home. It looks like it had everything in the box with the wooden holder for the blades along with several other blades laying loose in the box. The box was in good condition and the lid fits nice and tight. It has been used, but doesn't appear to be abused. I am looking forward to cleaning this one up. It has a patent day of July 09, 1901. A nice find and look forward to getting it going.
  5. Made it up to Nashville weekend before last to do a little picking. As I was walking down the rows I saw this piece sitting on a table. it it caught my eye and I had to have a closer look. It is called a Ruler Clock patented in 1935. This one still winds up and keeps time. I thought it would make a nice piece for my desk so it had to come home with me. Patriot Picker.
  6. A picker friend of mine ran across a lady who's husband had passed away. Her husband was a Stanley tool collector. When he saw the stuff he had he thought of me. So at this point I am going to just give you a sample of some of the stuff I got so far. I'm having to purchase it as I can. I was able to pick through the levels and get the ones I wanted. I will show you a closer view and break them out in groups. More picking to come.
  7. I acquired this nice little 9" Disston aluminum Level today. The funny part is I saw it listed on Craigslist and it was in Florence. I text the number and ask where I could see it. When the address came back I knew the address, it was my barber. I called him and he had been out collecting and came across this level. I told him I would run by and pick it up. Here is an add for the level from an April 1929 Popular Mechanics magazine. The little level is in very good condition. Just needs a little cleaning, it has dirt packed in the corners. Marked as an A-10 and Disston made in U.S.A. It has three vials and all the bubbles and intact and in good working condition. All in all it is a very nice little level to add to the collection. Patriot Picking in my backdoor. Merry Christmas and Happy Picking! Disston A-10 Aluminum Level 1929 Popular Mech.tiff
  8. While not quite an "Old Woodworking Machine", I d like to introduce you to my fan club. Not to bad for a FREEBIE!!!!
  9. As hard as I try, I just have a hard time driving by a flea market and not stopping and just walking around. Believe it or not, there are times I come away with nothing. I know you all find that hard to believe but it is true. Tuesday I drove by one after dropping my wife off to work, (I am getting in practice for retirement). I walked around and was almost finished and I stopped at this booth and looked in a small wooden display case. You find some really good stuff in those cases. I ask the gentleman if it was okay to open it and look at something inside and he gave me permission. Inside almost hidden under other stuff was this great little level. This little pocket level came out in the late 1800's. It was made either all japanned, or with a brass top and japanned bottom or all brass. It is made to attach to a ruler and could have been and early combination square. When I took it out he said he had gotten it this past week and had no idea what it was. I ask him the price and he said 10.00. I offered 5.00 and he took it. I then explained to him what it was and about the age. I guess I shouldn't have done that after getting it for less. I have bought a couple of them for .50. This one has the vial in it and the bubble works great. Most of the time when you find them the loop where the screw is has been broken from being over tightened. This one was in great condition. Stanley make it with a leave or a vine design on the top. It has not marking on it, but the catalog says it had no markings. So glad I recognized it. There were two other men standing there when I got it out that ask what it was. Said they had never seen one. So I made my way on around to the last few booths before heading back to the truck. Then there is was sitting on a table all dirty and tarnished. Not really looking too good but I picked it up to see if there was a name on it. Expecting to see Stanley I was surprised to see H Chapin. I have found a few Chapin folding rulers but this was a first on the level. The guy behind the table said that is an old one. I played as though i didn't know much about it and said, "really'. He said yea it has a name on it. I said really, you know anything about the name. He said no, but it must be old to be wood and brass and have a name other than Stanley on it. Well he was right. H Chapin started in 1836 I believe. Later it became H Chapin and Sons then it became H Chapin's sons and then H Chapin's son and them Chapin-Stephens. He said he wanted 35.00 for it. I pointed out a chip on the bottom and one small bad spot on the brass and offered 15.00. He countered with 25.00 and I countered with 20.00 and he took the offer. I believe this ruler to be some where between 1836 and 1870 in age. I cleaned it off with some Murphy's soap and a little Brasso to see what was there. After the leaning it is stamped on the end, No.290. I told him a little of the history of H Chapin after making the transaction. I didn't get it at a steal, but it was a good price and for the most part in good condition except the spot on the bottom. Both vials work and the bubbles appear to be dead on after all these years. So a nice stop at the flea market and I walked away happy with two great finds from the 1800's that will get added to the collection. I got to find a little more room Lew!!! I love this Patriot Picking so until the next pick....
  10. I'll update you all on me in another post but for now I will focus on some fun picking my wife and I did Friday. It was the Meriwether Lewis, the Lewis of Lewis and Clark, festival this weekend. It actually begins on about Wednesday and runs through the weekend. It is like one of those long yard sales, but a little different. Every field of any size will be filled with tents and people selling just about everything you can think of. We started at about 7:30 Friday morning and had to stop when the rain set in around 4:00 pm. I did run across a few nice finds that will get added to the shop and collection. So I picked up the cool neon Stetson sign. It does have one tube broken, but we have a neon sign dealer here so I am going to take it to him and see if it can be repaired. There is the case knife sign, a Belknap block plane, two brass plumb bobs, one in a case and both with a retractable string, several boxwood rulers, most Stanley's but one not marked and one Rabone from England, a Seymore chalk line and not in the picture is a 8" drawknife. The little block plane was in great condition and has the Belknap Bluegrass label on the back. I have never seen one but the dickering was good so I got it. I did a deal with a guy on the seven boxwood rulers and got him to throw in the Seymore Chalk line. The three caliper rulers and Stanley and there is one Stanley Sweetheart in the bunch. The long ruler at the top is a four fold 36" ruler It has one bad chip in it but other than that it is in good condition. The second one down is rare and worth around 150.00. The Seymore chalk line is what the company started making after they stopped making the canisters for the Tommy Guns. Wow you go from Tommy Guns to Chalk lines. I guess people do what they have to do to make a living. But my best find of the day was this Stanley No 45 complete in the box. This one is from around 1900 and is in mint condition. The box has a bit of wear but is still complete and even has the lid. I have found the before and the box was missing the lid and or all the pieces were not there. The small box on the inside with the blades still has the table on it. The kit even had the wooden handle screwdriver that came with it in the box. I found one similar to this one several months back and let it get away while negotiating. I did try to do a bundle deal on this one. The owner also had a mint Stanley No 2 and we got to within 50.00 but just couldn't get any closer and I walked away from it. I had a sick feeling in my stomach when I did. I feel like I will find another but this one was so slick. Anyway it was a nice day out of the house and some time with my wife doing something we both enjoy. She is got several thing also and she is a real negotiator. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and make some adjustments. But I must say, there is no better therapy than to be out Patriot Picking!!!
  11. I was out the other afternoon and drove by a place getting ready for a yard sale. Got out and walked up and was told to look around. I saw this great looking old tool chest under a table and looked at the price. I ask them if this was correct? Really $5.00 for the chest and the contents. Right off I could see a wooden moulding plane and all kind of bits for a bit and brace drill. There were some small rulers in still in the boxes and a jar of corks. It had a little hidden tray that you pull up and it had a old cast plumb bob and several other items. Well for $5.00 I had to take it home and Steve it didn't come from Ohio while I was passing through there. I love finding old treasures. The lady told me it was her grandfathers old tool chest. I told her I was a woodworker and she said well it was meant to be that you would stop and get it.
  12. Got a little time to slip in some Patriot Picking recently. I got this really nice Starrett Metal 100' Tape and 6" Starrett ruler in the box. Then I picked up these nice assortment. A Stanley Bailey No.5, two pair of Kline lineman pliers, and a Stanley No. 51 spoke shave. I just love finding these items. I have the No. 5 cleaned up and ready to use. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow and I have the No. 51 cleaned. The funny things is the blade was in both of the backwards and had been that way a while by the rust. Both are sharp, but I don't think they were preforming as expected to the folks that had them. Back to woodworking and Patriot Picking.
  13. I found a wide assortment of items while out this past week. Thought I would share a few of them with you all. First up I found this nice old wooden hand plane. I haven't working on any research for it yet and I am having a bit of trouble making out all of the letters on the iron and the plane. The letters on the plane iron are also a little hard at this time to make out. Of course your eyes may be better than mine. Then I got this nice Brass Dietzgen Plumb Bob. You had to look pretty hard to find the name and information. Then I ran into a couple of items that just made there way home with us. This nice wicker rocker sits pretty nice on the deck. And I for some unknown reason just liked this old metal adjustable stool. And I have another use for these old adjustable window bars but that will be a topic later. This Patriot Picking is just way too much fun!
  14. Here are a few of the items I picked over the past few weeks while out rummaging the country side. I picked these two Dietz lanterns up at different places and times but thought they were both pretty nice. The one on the right has a red lens and around the bottom of the base says, Property of Detroit Edison Co. The Red one has a Copper Base and is stamped "Fire Dept" around the base. The red Fire Department lantern is circa 1914. I haven't researched the date on the Detroit Edison yet. Oh and both had nice size Wasp nest in them. I also picked up this neat little hand made hatchet/hammer. It appears to have hand forged. It is only about 8 to 10" long. I just liked it and the price was right. I ran across two Stanley No. 25 angle gauges. One is an earlier SW logo that would be early 1920's. It is the small on which is 6". The other is a later when Stanley went to the boxed in logo that is still in use today. It too is a No. 25 and is an 8" model. I had never seen one made just like this and it could be modified but I really liked this Keen Kutter Hatchet. And when I found them there was this really nice shadow box with four original Keen Kutter Price tags displayed. And last but not the least of the finds was this Yankee Awe. It is in nice condition. It simply amazes me at the things you can find when you are just out looking around. I guess I better start on that bigger cabinet or rearrange a few things to better display some of the findings. There will be more, I haven't shared it all with you yet. But until then, I will still be out busy when I can doing some Patriot Picking!
  15. While I was in Nashville at the flea market I have to keep my eyes open to see what I can find. I walked by and looked at this Stanley Sweetheart era wood mortise and marking gauge. It has the wrong type of screw on the top but the rest of it was in pretty good condition. The brass plate was intact and the scribing pin so I figured I would find one somewhere that has a better screw and change them out. This one has the Sweetheart logo on the side just above the number. The fellow wanted 8.00 and I gave him 3.00 for it. Not too bad. Patriot Picking.
  16. Last weekend I was attended the local auction and this Millers Falls hand plane came up for auction. I had looked it over before the auction and knew it had the wrong lever cap. I did a little checking before the auction and determined it was from the WWII era. Since the side of the body had the Millers Falls No 9 then I knew the Stanley lever cap didn't belong with this plane. Between 1936 and 1941 the number was removed from the front of the plane to the right side and stamped into the plane. So with that bit of information I knew the plane was at least in the era to begin with. But further information helped me to find a type study and get the plane closer. When the plane came up for auction I was able to purchase it for 11.00. When I got home I found a correct lever cap for 12.00 and purchased it. So now it has all of the correct parts for a Millers Falls No. 9, Type 3 made between 1941 and 1949. It has the red frog and steel adjustment knob. The logo on the blade has the inverted triangle and 1868 inside. They also had Since 1868 on some of them. So there is one on eBay listed for $150.00 right now. I guess it is only worth what someone will pay for it though. The one on eBay is not mine. Just love finding this when I am out Patriot Picking.
  17. At the Flea Market this morning I also found this two awesome Stanley Boxwood Folding Rulers. Stanley made several type of Boxwood Rulers, imagine that, much like the planes they made. They made them with several different features so like everything you have to look at all of it. Both of these are Square Joint Rulers. Here is a listing of just some of the Stanley Boxwood Rulers. So I was able to find two, one is a Stanley No. 61 and the other is a Stanley No. 62. The first one is a No. 61 that is a Square Joint with 8th and 16th graduations. This ruler is from between 1907 and 1909. The second is a No. 62 this is also a Square Joint but with 8ths, 10ths, 12ths and 16ths. It is a Sweet Hart Logo. The thing about the SW logo is it went through several modifications. The one on this ruler is from 1922 to 1935. Notice the difference in the top of the heart. In the later version it stopped at the edge of the box around Stanley. In the earlier version the top of the heart went into the box. This is the latest of the SW logos. This has a little wider heart also. And this was the earliest of the SW logos. The heart is narrow and goes will into the box with the Stanley more rounded around the heart. These rulers fold open at the hinge. Then they open at the joint to make a 24" ruler. The older one has a joint that is out of line, but it appears to be solid. The newer ruler is nice and straight and in good condition. I think Lew was right, I am going to need a bigger display case. Happy Patriot Picking.
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