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Found 20 results

  1. Made this walnut bowl from a piece of walnut log. I think it turned out pretty good.
  2. From the album: Heartpine live edge shelf

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  3. From the album: Heartpine live edge shelf

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  4. From the album: Heartpine live edge shelf

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  5. From the album: Heartpine live edge shelf

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  6. Hard to believe that October is almost half over! Usually we have had a frost by now. Not too much happening, here, this past week- Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber finished up a gorgeous multi species bowl for his Mrs. He tells us more about the species, finish and how it got its name- @Fred W. Hargis Jr asked our turners for their input on bowl gouge use. Fred had started turning a bowl and was unsure of just how to get the best cut from his gouge. We had a very informative conversation with a lot of our turners. They offered their ideas, suggestions and links to resources - Head on over to the this thread and see if you can give Fred additional ideas- What’s Coming Up- Click on the images for links to registration- From the AAW- For The Newbies- If you are considering purchasing carbide turning tools, please consider checking out our sponsor Easy Wood Tools. To learn more about using the EWT products, they have added an "EWT University" tab on their website. Check out this link! https://www.easywoodtools.com/resources Thanks @Jim from Easy Wood Tools !! Expand Your Horizons- The AAW has made available this video on multi-axis turning by Barbara Dill Ms. Dill has another video on the same subject- Wanna turn a BIG bowl??? Watch Mike Waldt- New Turning Items- Hang on to your lunch money, this week. Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- How about a little fun with Tim Yoder and this year's Halloween project!! After a go of antibiotics and industrial strength decongestants, I was finally able to get back into the basement shop. The first order of business was to make a dust collector "hood" to do the sanding on the last batch of rolling pins. I cobbled it from scraps around the shop but did buy a piece of acrylic at Hobby Lobby. The hood attaches to my PVC port that was built sometime back. This port can be positioned along the length of the lathe as well as placed close/farther from the turning. Front view- the "hood" is 24" long End view- Back view- Interface between the PVC pipe and the collector- Top View- Bottom view- the bottom is a piece of aluminum trim coil. Oblique view- Mistake- the acrylic bowed up as I bent it into shape. The heat gun idea to bring it down was not a complete success To attach the hood onto the PVC, I used a pin through the 1.5" thick interface block and into the PVC pipe- Now, will it work? A strip of what passes for toilet tissue these days IMG_0241.MP4 IMG_0242.MP4 I power sanded 6 rolling pins thru 3 grits and there was no dust on the white bottom. I'm pretty happy. Safe turning and stay well
  7. Tried something new today; end grain thin bowl. Used live oak and turned to just over 1/8 inch live edge. Easy turn bud did start to crack in center when sanded. Fixed that with CA. Put in a bag to slow drying and hope for the best.
  8. shawnbrad

    work station

    From the album: my furniture

    live edge work station
  9. Hey Cal, as promised. First PIPs. More after the slab gets cut and planed. And after Phyl gets back with the camera. That slab is 2" thick, about 16' wide and I'll cut it to yield a 48" long table top. The finished width will depend on the width of the glass "river".
  10. I have always wanted to take a shot at making some bowls so I finally got serious and ordered some bowl gouges last winter. A co- worker had a Hickory tree come down and I got a few pieces of it to try. Here is my first attempt at live edge turning and my first glued up bowl as well. I took them to the county fair and the live edge bowl earned a blue in the woodcrafts category while the glued up bowl took a red in recycled items. The live edge bowl is Hickory. The other is reclaimed Walnut beam, part of an Osage Orange fence post, and a scrap of Oak house trim. I really enjoyed these projects and plan to do more. Much to learn with the lathe.
  11. Thank you Gerald, for gracing our community with your work. Big bow, bow, bow, bow, like a China Man, I am bowing, backing away, slowly, still bowing, you are the God of bowl turning, I love your work! We've tweeted it, facebooked it, and featured this album, you make our community look great! And to all Patriot Woodworkers, please upload your images to your gallerys, so we can drool over it all! Use our gallery, it's one of the least used departments in our community.
  12. Started it this AM the wood is elm, damp but mostly dry so I'm going for finished dimensions.
  13. I've still got at least dozen of the natural edge walnut pieces to finish up. Was kind of between projects and decided to sand and finish this one. I chose this one because it looked like my cuts were decent and it wouldn't take as much sanding as some of the others. It's about 16X12X5.5. The bark is just really nice on this one I think. It was just about to big for my little photo booth. Steve
  14. I was asked to provide a woodworking project for a fundraiser. So I decided to mix my photography job and woodworking hobby to create a mixed media project for display. I took a shot of the Alley Springs Mill (Jacks Fork Missouri) late one winter, accentuated the mill over the black and white background and had an 8x12 printed on metal (aluminum). I then took a piece of scrap live edge walnut and created a background to "frame" the image. The print is raised of the background by 1.5" using blocking to give it a 3 dimensional look. This is the live edge piece after cutting for length, jointing the long edges, hand planing the face and back and a base sand with 40 and 80 grit. A quick test to see how the print looked over the natural wood. I decided on staining. I wiped on Minwax walnut stain, then sprayed three coats of semi-gloss polyurethane over the entire piece. Epoxied the print to the board and placed on a stand for display. I'm extremely pleased with how this turned out. It allowed me to work with the metal media, and use a piece of live edge to accentuate the print. Will
  15. I say that just about every time but this one could be special I think. About 19" diameter and five inches deep. Spectacular grain and markings in it as well. There's going to be a bit of sanding and I'll probably let it dry for a couple months but if it turns out I'm going to call it "ET" Steve
  16. steven newman

    live edge, plugs

    From the album: Lap Desk

    Detail of the live edge, and the walnut plugs to cover the screws, all five of them.
  17. steven newman

    back board

    From the album: Lap Desk

    A better look at the back board...full of knots. That is a live edge on top.
  18. Well, found out the hinged items and I still don't get along. Trying to install a lid on these Lap Desk.......didn't go too well. Trashed the non-moving part of the lid, as the meeting angles...didn't. Got out the last of the wider boards from the stash. Had a "Live Edge"......maybe a design feature? marked out where I needed to cut. Bandsaw still refuses to cut a straight line, so I'll dig this little saw out. At least it will saw a straight line. Clamped things up, to see what angles needed cut And test fitted some hinges.....close enough for now.... Closed the lid...still a bit "hinge-bound", but better than it was. More Walnut plugs to install, and then just called it a night Front view, and a look at the back edge BTW, while trying to plane a bevel on the edge of this curly Maple stuff That plane sitting beside the panel is one of the two from an auction Seems to be tuned up enough to make a few shavings....The little smooth plane also did a bit of work on the flat areas Millers Falls No.8....about the size of a Stanley #3. Might just add a coat of BLO to this desk, and see what turns up.....
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