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Found 8 results

  1. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Welcome New Members To view our newest members and welcome them to our digs, please see our Members Page, you can "Sort" by join date and click on their names and be taken to their profile page where you can leave a message of welcome. Thank you for making our newest folks feel welcome. Featured Topic Our Featured topic by @John Morris has also been added to "Our Picks", this is a page for content that has stood out and been chosen for a special place in our community, and for a limited time showing on our Home Page for the world to see. We are now in the midst of our annual mid year fundraiser folks! Click on the topic below to see how you can help and to view the great prizes awaiting our winners.
  2. I would like to Thank Laguna Tools for being a sponsor of our CNC Forum and for their continued support of the Site in general. Thank you!!
  3. Drafting and Design Have an idea you can’t translate into a drawing? The Design Services team at Laguna can help you with your design goals. 3D Modeling We can create models from scratch or using existing documents tailored for your manufacturing capabilities and provide file formats you can use with your CAM software. Toolpathing Our Design Services team can prepare toolpaths for your existing designs to get you up and running quick. If you want, we’ll even explain the process to you after so you understand each step. Software Training Our objective is to make sure that Laguna Customers have all the tools to bring their ideas to reality. We offer in-house and online software training sessions for VCarve, Aspire and RhinoCAM customers.
  4. SPECIAL SCAVENGER HUNT ALERT! This is a special hunt that Laguna Tools promised to give out due to server issues. They have hidden ONE NEW LINK. Although this one will be a RANDOM DRAWING contest. Find the Link and be entered into the drawing to win a $500 Laguna Tools Certificate. Find the link, and follow the prompts! CLUE: "5 Revolutions Per Minute" Winner will be Chosen on Friday!
  5. Please congratulate the following winners for our Adopt a Family for Christmas Project Raffle! We are proud to announce the following! Carl D Zimmerman II Laguna Store Credit $500.00 value Donna Jackson Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Trio of Tools $360.00 value Brian McCorry Rikon 9" Slow Speed Grinder $140.00 value Kelly Churchill Rikon 6" Buffer $100.00 value Thank you all for your participation, we'll follow up with the Family Christmas details in another topic, including how your raffle funds were used for this family, and we will notify our supporters who donated these awesome prizes, and the awards should be shipped out very soon! Thank you all for a very successful raffle project, for a very deserving family! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction Every year The Patriot Woodworker's adopt a wounded warriors family for Christmas. We do this through a great veterans support organization named Operation Ward 57. The Patriot Woodworker's apply to Ward 57 to be accepted to receive our family for Christmas, and each year we are chosen to participate. And each year, our sponsors donate wonderful items for us to raffle for this cause. We use 100 percent of the raffle proceeds to purchase gifts for the kids, and a Christmas dinner for the family. CLICK HERE to view last years project. Click on the Raffle Ticket and support our adopted family! This year, the items our sponsors have donated can be seen in the image below, these are some great prizes folks! The tickets are only 2 dollars with multiple ticket bargains, and your odds of winning are very high given our typical turnout. To view the ticket prices, and to purchase your tickets please click on the Raffle Ticket above! A full accountability of the proceeds will be reported on at the end of the raffle so you know your hard earned money was used to help make our family's Christmas a wonderful time for a very deserving family. Rules Sorry, only Residents of the US and Canada may participate All are welcome to participate, members, forum hosts, admins (accept for yours truly nor my family members) and non-members Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery of prizes, most of the time prizes are sent out immediately You may purchase as many raffle tickets as you like Raffle ends midnight December 19th 2016, names will be drawn one second after midnight 4 names will be randomly drawn by Raffle River, and prizes will be awarded in the order of names drawn, starting with Laguna, then the Rikon Buffer, then the Rikon Grinder, then the EWT Turning set of tools. You may also enter by mailing check or money order made out to The Patriot Woodworker and send too: The Patriot Woodworker - 977 Sussex Rd, San Jacinto, CA. 92583 You may win one of the following prizes! 4 Winners will be randomly drawn by Raffle River Mission We need your help to accumulate funds for this family who has given much to our nation in physical and emotional sacrifice and much more in family sacrifice. All proceeds from this raffle will be used to purchase gifts for Xavier, Alexander and little Amelia and to provide a Christmas dinner for the family. The Family This year we are proud to be supporting the Akin Family from Grass Valley, California. They include Mr. Akin our wounded warrior, Mrs. Akin, his spouse, and Xavier, their 5 year old son, Alexander, their younger 2 year old son, and little Amelia, their new 2 month old baby girl. The Akin Family Below History Mr. Akin was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012, he was riding in the gunner seat of a JERRV (Joint Engineering Rapid Response Vehicle) in a convoy, and the vehicle was hit by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) almost directly under where he was sitting. His team leader was wounded in his head resulting in a Terminal Brain Injury, but Mr. Akin sustained the brunt of the explosion force and shrapnel. Joint Engineering Rapid Response Vehicle Mr. Akin spent his time recovering at a hospital in Fort Lewis, Washington, from a broken left femur, resulting in rod and screws being placed down his entire femur. His right foot and ankle were shattered, followed by a year and a half that included 5 surgeries, plates and screws, then eventually resulting in a below the knee amputation. He also fractured his tail bone, and received a head wound resulting an a Terminal Brain Injury. In Closing Ok Patriot Woodworker's, it's time to muster and it's time to show everyone what we are all about! The purpose our woodworking community was created is for this reason, to help those who have served us, and paid the price. We also need to thank our sponsors Woodcraft Supply, Laguna Tools, and Easy Wood Tools for their generous support! For without them, we would not have a community, nor would we be able to perform the work we do. Thank you guys!
  6. Well I finally got into the shop today and finished up the lil bowl I started last night at the last minute right before the sun set. I rolled my lathe out to our patio because our garage is still full of our household kitchen contents from the flood we had over the summer. Even with the shop empty of foreign items, this is an outside process right now. So I just had about 15 minutes last night before it got to dicey to be turning in the dark. I was able to mount a chunk of walnut onto my Easy Wood Tools 3.5" Diameter Faceplate and get the outside of my lil 5" diameter bowl turned, then I shut it down. Woke up this morning ready to roll and finished up the bowl in about a half hour, it was so fun I went for another! I am finally getting a chance to get to know my Laguna 16-43 Lathe. I love it. The first image is my bowl roughed out while mounted to the Easy Wood Tools Faceplate. In order for the Easy Chuck to work, I have to shape a bottom or base that will be the base of the bowl, and it has to be angled slightly in order for the jaws to grab. A by-product of this being the case is, it looks good too, I like the base the bowl ends up with. In order to be sure the Easy Chuck was going to be a good fit I did a test run before moving on to the next step. I mounted the Easy Chuck to the base just to make sure. I also hollowed out the bottom ever so slightly to ensure that it would sit flat. It took me about 15 minutes to sand through the grits to 600, basically burnishing the outside of the bowl to a nice sheen. Once I was satisfied with the outside of the bowl, and after the test fitting of the Easy Chuck at the base, I removed the bowl and flipped it and chucked it into the Easy Chuck, I love this chuck! We are ready for hollowing. After I hollowed out the bowl, I hit it through the grits again to 600, and brought it to a nice sheen. While it was still chucked up to my lathe, I applied BLO, I know there are better alternatives for a finish, but I am winging this right now, I don't have much knowledge yet in this skill, nor do I have the proper tooling, at the ready. But I am learning. My first bowl finished. My second bowl did not take as long, I am already feeling very comfy on my lathe and the tools I use, by the way I used the Easy Rougher and the Easy Finisher, two tools to complete these bowls. My second bowl below. I am starting out small guys, I am not confident with the big stuff yet, both these bowls are 5" +/- diameter. Bottoms Top I really had a fun couple of hours with these guys, I can see myself coming home after work and gravitating to my shop for a quick bowl. I can see why this is do addicting now. Also I am using the Easy Wood Lathe Tools, they are a joy to use, I have no frame of reference to compare them too, but for this newbie I experience only a couple digs and that was because I was rushing it, other then that they worked flawlessly, and for this knuckle head to be able to jump into this as easily as I had, that says a lot about those tools. The Laguna 16-43 Lathe is smooth and nice, I love the variable speed lever it comes with, the lathe is heavy, and solid, and I can't wait to get some big stuff on there, thanks for sharing my first bowl adventure guys.
  7. Woodcraft has Laguna Tools on sale- 10% discount!
  8. California Sales Tax Exemption! A new law beginning on July 1, 2014 allows manufacturers and certain research and developers to obtain a partial exemption of sales and use tax on certain manufacturing and research and development equipment purchases and leases. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE   OFFERS ARE NOT VALID IN CANADA. All offers subject to change without notice.  Shipping promotions (where applicable) are valid only on standard shipping within the 48 contiguous states. Some restrictions may apply. Not valid with other offers or price discounts. Laguna Tools is not responsible for errors or omissions. Specifications subject to change. Machines may be shown with optional accessories. Offers on shipping are valid on U.S. shipping only- valid within 48 contiguous states. Please call for specific details for any reason: 800 234 1976.  © 2014 Laguna Tools, Inc. All rights reserved.
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