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Found 8 results

  1. My son approached me last month and asked if we could build a desk for his bedroom for this upcoming school year, he is planning on a ton of homework and being in 10th grade and all, the work is going to get harder and harder. He asked me to help him build the desk just before I went into the hospital back in early June, I was in bad shape for the first few weeks coming out of the hospital and meanwhile he was asking me when we can start the desk, bless his little soul and heart, as crappy as I was feeling, he felt that ol Dad could get up and go and power through it all with a desk build. I had to put it off, with the way I was feeling, it wasn't even safe for me to be out there in the shop, and the fact that he asked me during that time period, and asked a few more times, indicates I was putting on a pretty positive attitude show for the family, despite how I was feeling. So, now that I am feeling pretty ok, much better than before, me and the boy went to the lumber yard and picked up a few cherry boards. The desk will be cherry, with walnut legs, he wanted two tone. Actually he wanted a Walnut desk, but once we got to the yard, the walnut was just too expensive, so he came around to cherry. We have a budget and we needed to stay within. And it so happens that I had some left over walnut so we'll incorporate the walnut into the mainly cherry desk somehow, thinking possibly the legs will be walnut. I had my boy rip down the boards on the Shopsmith, he did pretty good, burned the cherry on one edge and I then I took the second board and showed him how to use moderate steady feed rate and also keeping it against the fence. Once we had the boards sized, we chose one edge to join, the boards will be cut in half, and folded against each-other and glued edge to edge. I showed my son Jeroid how to handle the big No. 8C, he knows how mostly as he worked with me often years ago, but many years have gone by since he's been by my side in the shop, so picking up the plane again took some practice, fortunately we left the board wide by an 1/8" because I knew Jeroid was going to need practice room to get the edge right. Jeroid took a few passes on the edge and did pretty good, he had a few issues keeping the plane in constant contact with the edge, but he figured it out, I just stood back and let him error, and figure it out. He did. He really got the hang of it, and started to enjoy the process. By the last couple passes he had some shavings singing from the plane, I could tell he felt really good about what he was doing. The edge did get a little off, so I showed him how to get back to 90 with a little lateral adjustment of the plane iron, and he brought it back to square in about 4 or 5 passes. After he joined the boards, we cut them down and glued them up, that is where we are at right now, we have two desk ends, next we'll get the inner dividers joined and glued up. Thanks for reading along, seeya all next time!
  2. Managed to find a wee bit of time, to go and hide in the shop today. Needed to cut a tenon on the end of the front post, so I could stash the side out of my way And, yes I did use that big,old rip saw. Keystone by Disston. More on that later...stashed the completed side frame over with the other one.. 1" tenon, designed to go throughthe arm rest, and be wedged in place......need to cut armrests...sometime... As for the slats, since the bandsaw likes to make "waves", I needed a plane to remove the waves.. If you look close, there on the end? There is a screw and a scrap of wood. Two screws and another scrap are at the far end. Needed a way to clamp the slat, without running the plane through the clamps. The plane is a Stanley No.7c, jointer plane. Slats are 26" long. I also used this long plane on the edge grain.. When I can get the slat to stand up, that is. Used a block plane to round the corners a bit. Slats were set up to have 1" tenons on the ends. I tend cut 1/4" or so off the sides of the tenons. Slats are a might to thin for any other cuts... Five slats done= 10 tenons made. That coping saw did a bit of the crosscut work. On some of the slats, my backsaw just would not start to cut. Coping saw had no problems. I'm keeping the thicker slats for the middle area of the back. Thinner two are out on the sides, less stress that way. That thing sticking up? Well, as long as I was cutting tenons, might as well do the front seat rail. Again, that 1" length. backsaw was a bit....meh about this job.....sooo Ah, remember about that rip saw? 5-1/2ppi. Challenger by Disston/Keystone Paid $6 for it, and then sharpened it up. Seems to work, a candle rubbed on the teeth helps, too. Made the bigger rip cuts, the backsaw was "shamed" into making the rest.. Disston No.4, 9ppi, filed rip. Got the rail done, but had all these toys in my way.. Needed to clear the "deck". Saws went back up into the overhead till. needed to lay out the spacing (again) of the slats, since some may have gotten skinnier...laid the top and bottom rail on the bench, then spaced the slats out, and made a few marks... Number the slats, too. Then marked the mortise locations, as well. mallet is already out. need to set up a way to chop the mortises. Without things hopping around on the bench. I now have a few 3/16" dowels handy, to pin this thing together, when I can get to the shop, again.. I did find a box fan, and set it up on the dryer. It can now blow cold air on me, as I work. Stay tuned, might get something done, before too much longer?
  3. I had a few hours to wind down today and thought I'd go out and just do something off the wall, just grab a piece of wood, no plans, just wing it, and see what where it takes me. This is what I came up with, it is simple, but I had fun. It started with a piece of wood, some wood leftover from the rocker I am building. Then it went to the band saw, and I knocked the sides flat with my #4 smoother, and trued it up with my #8 jointer. And a nice simple little piece of wood appeared, it was fun. A coat of BLO, The bottom And now the really cool part, my wife has been experimenting with pottery lately, taking classes etc. I love her work, she is so talented. So while I had the plate/bowl sitting on it's own, she brought in her pottery bowl that she turned on the wheel a few weeks ago in class. And set it on my lil creation, and the magic happened, what a cool combination. Thanks for looking, sometimes it's just fun winging it, no plans, just a piece of wood and a simple goal of just having fun.
  4. Measured out an 18" long section, and proceeded to crosscut a chunk off.. Took a lot of wax on the blade. I didn't feel like dragging the circular saw down the stairs... 18" was a bit too much to crosscut on the bandsaw, Finally Set the one section aside, needed to joint one edge square... The plane has a walnut fence, to help stay square, Plane is a Stanley No.7c, type 9 Shavings seem to be walnut, also... A little sap wood. Needed this board to have a square corner, to make it easier to resaw.. This is from the second board, first one gave me three pieces... But, at only 15" wide...I needed a fourth one to make a 18" diameter round top....so That blaack knot will be heading to the outside, where the cut will be coming around. Need to start jointing edges, to do a glue up.. One way to hold it. Plane is a bit too long, about 2" longer than the boards. I suppose I could drop down a size or two. Plan right now is to get these four glued up into a panel, The day after the glue is cure, I can flatten the entire panel, and cut it into a circle. The leftover slab sitting on the bandsaw will be cut into three curved legs. Still have the two shorter planks.....maybe a glue up into a column blank for the lathe? It 's start anyway.....Now, IF I can find that fellow Gumption again, I might just cobble something up? 87 degrees outside, and HUMID.....shop isn't much better...
  5. This came in the mail yesterday, finally Ohio Tool Co. 0-7. Wood was in great shape, too. Other things weren't so much. Iron and chipbreaker were bent, badly. Got the chipbreaker almost straightened back out, the iron? Hammer didn't work, a vise and my hands was even worse....SNAP!! Bummer. I have a spare, but it is a Stanley version... Took a while to rehab the rest, but Same plane. Now, IF you want all the gorey details......
  6. taking a break from the Burnt Room Rehab......have a few planks of walnut to mill down. Hauled the circular saws in from the trunk of the van, and took the 7-1/4 one down to the shop. Sitting down there out of the way with a router. Ripped a few pieces out of one plank. It will do for starters. Got this brown sawdust everywhere, even my hair! Yeah. Anyway, the plank is 5/4 thick. Needed a few pieces 3" wide, by 18" long. Had enough left over for a 2" wide filler strip, and 2 pieces @ 3" x 17" long. Plus a short filler strip. To get rid of the saw marks, and straighten a couple edges, a Jointer Plane was dragged over to the bench..and locked a couple into the dogs and the vise.. That Stanley No.7c got heavy after a while... I had to switch to a lighter No.5-1/2 to finish things up, shoulders were hurting. Stacked the pieces up, for now.. 8 pieces, all but one have been jointed to remove the saw marks. Four will be corner posts for a small Hope Chest. The skinnier two will be ends for a frame&panel. The long and short 2x2? we'll see where they will go, later. Need to move these off the bench, have another 5/4 thick plank to mill. Then two 4/4 x 8" x 5'4" ones to work over. This will take awhile....at least it will keep me out of the local taverns..stay tuned
  7. and very little got done. Brought two 1 x 10 pine boards to the shop, since they were stored against the wall of the house. Cut them to a length needed. Ripped one right down the middle. Ripped just over 5" out of the second board. Used a jointah plane to ease an edge or two And the chest now has a bottom. Screwed to the cleats along the outside edges. Center plank is just held by a pair of screws, one on each end. Had the box clamped to the bench for a little clean up Well I used this to clean up after a belt sander leveled things a bit. Then a block plane for some detail work.....Then set up a drill press with a special bit Cuts a tapered plug. Chunk of scrap wood is Black Walnut. I used a screwdriver tip to pop the plugs out.A littlte glue into the counter bore, and bang a plug home. Later, after the glue has set for awhile, a block plane to trim these down Lets see, seven to a corner, and there are four such corners,, might take a bit. BTW: Beltsander don't work very well trimming the plugs down. Gouges the wood, and burns the plug. Just about any sharp plane will do. Stay tuned....
  8. Of the three newest planes from the Meet & Greet. LONG plane, sometimes called a jointer plane, sometimes a Try plane. This one took almost the full day in the shop. It did have a few "issues" to deal with, not the least was this thing where a handle should be. It is attached by a dowel down into the old handle's base. UGLY thing. Awaiting to find a pattern to make the correct handle. The iron needed a few items done. Flatten the iron itself. as it had a bend to it. Needed the back flattened and the top ground to remove a "mushroomed " edge. Iron was a hair too wide, since the wood body had shrunk. Chipbreaker needed tuned up. Wedge needed a little clean up. Put them back together, and set of a test track......not too good, as soon as the mouth got past the start of the board, it quit cutting. Take it apart, survey the sole... Well for one thing, the mouth wasn't even square to the body, and had a curve to it, to boot Chisels, rasps, and a file with 60 grit sandpaper wrapped around it. Worked until the opening was square, and the bed was flatter. Much better. Next, laid a straightedge along the sole itself......there is a hump right behind the mouth opening, and the heel had one too. Grabbed a few planes, and worked the sole flat and smooth. Checked to make sure it wasn't twisted, and was at least close to square to the sides. Kept checking with the good straight edge until the sole was almost like new and I even took a block plane and cut a small champfer along the edges, to ease the sharp corners a bit. Time to try this set up again, so set up a new test track of pine I think that will do nicely. Now, I need to get that thing off the back off the plane. Need to find a pattern for a tote/handle. REAL SOON.
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