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Found 15 results

  1. Join the Morris Family! We will be at the ground breaking on August 5th, for SGT Christian Valle's new home. We hope to see you there, if you can make it let us know, and we'll look for ya! On Oct. 23, 2005, Army SGT Cristian Valle, an Infantryman, was on patrol with the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment, performing a vehicle checkpoint in Balad, Iraq when a mortar round with a grenade attached was thrown out the window of a passing vehicle. The grenade exploded a few feet away from SGT Valle, tossing him into the air. He lost one of his legs immediately and the other was so severely damaged it was eventually amputated. He also sustained a pelvic fracture, burns and significant blood loss. After SGT Valle was tossed into the air and landed on the ground, through the dust and smoke, the first thing that caught his eye was his wedding ring and he says that is what pulled him through. He spent 13 months at Walter Reed, where he had multiple leg cleaning surgeries and months of physical therapy. Today he is continuously adjusting to his condition. Read more... Homes For Our Troops Projects Southern California is probably too far away for many of you, please go to The Patriot Woodworker (Homes For Our Troops) Project Map to find a home near you that needs you. There are many volunteer opportunities available for all. Thank you for being here Patriot Woodworker's and we hope to see you at this very special event for a very special American.
  2. We attended a ground breaking event for USMC Cpl. Jon Schumacher with our oldest daughters high school club she founded for helping disabled veterans around our region. With influence from our own organization here, she named her club, The Patriot Tigers. Her club was the first of its kind in our school district, and her club was used as a model by other schools to start their own high school clubs to benefit disabled veterans. In this image she and her club members are smiling with our hero Cpl. Schumacher. Our daughter is to the corporals immediate right "cane hand". She led this club from her Sophomore year through her Senior year in high school, and her activities touched many, from the school staff, to her own members, to the veterans she and her club served. Our younger daughter now is currently a sophomore in the same high school, she is involved heavily in The Patriot Tigers, and she will be taking over the reigns next fall as President of The Patriot Tigers. The Morris family is very proud of both our daughters. If you would like to help build a home in your area, please go to our interactive Homes For Our Troops Map.
  3. One of our favorite pictures is of my family and myself ( @John Morris) standing around Sgt David Mayer. He was a joy to speak with, very warm, personable, and funny! He was very accessible and he even signed our hardhats! My son and I both got a signed hardhat from Sgt David Mayer, we will cherish those forever. This was the build day for Sgt. Mayer's home, I got to put on my bags, and put my framing hammer to work, and stand a few walls up, it was a lot of work, but fun. We met a ton of great folks, ate some great food, and because of Sgt. Mayer, we are living free. If you would like to help build a home in your area, please go to our interactive Homes For Our Troops Map.
  4. We had a great time at the Sgt David Mayer Home Build with Homes For Our Troops. There were 100 plus folks there and everyone was getting into the dirt and having fun. This was the landscape day for this home build. Thank you Homes For Our Troops, thank you for providing a way for us to actually help in real time in real life. This pic was taken by our buddies Tami N Allen Worsham, in the picture is Patriot Woodworker John Morris, his three children and awesome wife. If you would like to help build a home in your area, please go to our interactive Homes For Our Troops Map.
  5. Homes for Our Troops February Volunteer Day events Please join us as we install the landscaping plan for the outside of these homes in Northern California! We begin at 9 a.m. and go until the work is done that day. SSG Alex Jauregui Date: Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 Time: Please arrive between 8:30 and 9 a.m. to register Location: 19709 Co Road 94A, Woodland, CA SPC Fidel Bobadilla Date: Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015 Time: Please arrive between 8:30 and 9 a.m. to register Location: 7368 12th Avenue, Hanford, CA For more information about these events contact Community Outreach Coordinator Gina Colon at gcolon@hfotusa.org.
  6. Cpl Jason Hallett and his wife Rachel first dated when they were in junior high school. They lost touch over the years, but reconnected after Jason’s injury and got married this past summer. This weekend the newlyweds start a new chapter of their lives as they move into their specially adapted home in Colorado. To read more on this story please go to Jason Hallet - Homes for our Troops
  7. Homes For Our Troops have some wonderful Home For the Holidays events coming up. They have made sure that some of our veterans are in their new homes before Christmas, and there are still several key ceremonies coming up and possibly at a location near you. Here are the troops who are having key ceremonies before Christmas: Cpl Michael Fox McLendon-Chisholm, TX SSG Jason Gibson Marysville, OH Sgt Bradley Walker Dandridge, TN If your in the area please drop on by and show your support, all are welcome! To see a typical Key Ceremony click on Thank you Homes For Our Troops for all you do for our disabled veterans!
  8. Looking for a new pair of boots this season? KEEN Utility is donating $5 for every pair of KEEN Utility boots purchased through December! The company has raised more than $46,000 for HFOT in the past three years and has also volunteered their time with Sgt Josh Sweeney’s home build in Hillsboro, OR. Learn more about KEEN Utility and our other Cause Marketing Partners at https://www.hfotusa.org/cause_marketing. (Photo credit by KEEN)
  9. Yesterday morning we headed out to the volunteer day for Cpl Carlos Garcia and what a great showing we had! There must of been 150 folks, and we knocked out that landscaping in no time. It was a great time as always, and we have some images from our day, again I loaded up our truck with the kids from my daughters high school veterans club The Patriot Tigers, and the kids worked their hearts out and had a great time, and our kids got to rub elbows with the stars of the show, Cpl Garcia was gracious as always and there were other home recipients there chipping in to help as well. To volunteer for Homes For Our Troops or make a donation, please visit their site by clicking on Homes For Our Troops. Our daughters club ready to work! Unloading Water. Setting up Chairs. Volunteers lining up to work. This is the T-shirt table, after check in we are directed to put on uniform! The Patriot Tigers are planting ground cover. Our daughter lugging buckets of water to the planting areas. A priceless moment, a retired Master Chief giving orders to one of our daughters club members. Job well done and some very proud kids. Ashley Twigg, the event coordinator for Homes For Our Troops gives a word of thanks to us all. The guest of honor and new home owner Cpl Garcia giving a word of thanks as well. And his family joins in. The ol man and my daughter, it may not look like it folks but I did work! I promise! I was on the bucket brigade and I shuttled mulch all over the site. The president of The Patriot Tigers on the right and the vice president on the left of SSGT Wallace Fenene. Wallace Fenene received his home last year in the same approximate area, it's very special to have these guys relatively close to each other, they visit each other, provide support, and they have become best of friends. Time for chow! Some very hungry kids, and well deserved! Thank you for sharing our Saturday with us! We had a great time, and as always a very profound experience. To rub elbows, and to talk with these men and women who have sacrificed much for us, is a humbling experience that I can never get enough of. Context, I need it, and I get it here at these Homes For Our Troops events. I'd also like to give a shout out to our daughter, again, if I am boring you all with mentioning her all the danged time I apologize, but I just can't help it, she and her club did a great job yesterday. I can see the change in them as we drive home from these events.
  10. I had the opportunity to check out the volunteer day happenings this past October 18th for Cpl John Schumacher, one of our Homes For Our Troops home recipients. My family and I met John and his wife at the ground breaking ceremony back in February, and we have followed his home build progress since the ground breaking. I have a few images to share of his new home, sorry for the lateness. But the Key Ceremony below last this page are fresh, we just got back an hour ago from another fantastic ceremony, I come away from these always with a new perspective on life, these events are my gut check, they let me know where I stand, and what should be important in my life. So here are some images of Cpl John Schumacher and the family's new home, it's a beaut! It sits on about 2 acres of land in a very nice area of our county. The following images are from the October 18th Volunteer Day. To volunteer for Homes For Our Troops or make a donation, please visit their site by clicking on Homes For Our Troops. Below, the entrance to his property with the traditional HFOT signs. The advisory for the Schumacher Key Ceremony. A few images of their new home, what a neat place, HFOT really knocked it out of the park with this one. Now on to the Key Ceremony, I Love these, we get to hear some great speakers, and we get to hear from the family themselves. We also get to tour the home, and shake hands with the family. Here are a few images of tonight's key ceremony. Image below is a picture of my daughters high school club "The Patriot Tigers". She created the club last year during her sophomore year to help veterans around our county and she and her club are participating in HFOT events as well. This is a portion of her club, our daughter is girl farthest away in image, in white shirt, great job daughter! We are very proud of you and your club! I escorted them to the event tonight so they could help out, break down chairs, serve cake, etc, and they got to shake hands with John Schumacher, always the highlight of any event, meeting the troop. Cpl John Schumacher speaking a few words of thanks to all. Daughter Cynthia serving cake for the guests The Patriot Tigers breaking down chairs and helping any way they can. A great group of kids! The Patriot Tigers with Cpl Schumacher, our daughter is to the Cpl's left in the white sweater, I know I know, sorry for mentioning our daughter so often, but my buttons are popping, she is such a neat human being. Thank you for sharing our evening, we had a great time, tomorrow morning we are heading out at the crack of dawn to another event, we get to help land scape Cpl Carlos Garcia's new home! I'll have pics tomorrow. To see how you can help Homes For Our Troops please click on the proceeding link.
  11. Our services are required Patriot Woodworkers! Homes for our Troops has placed an official request for 12 Challenge Coin Displays to be handed out at various key ceremonies around the nation. This event is their annual "Home for the Holidays" where they have timed the construction of the home, and the key ceremony to coincide with the moving in of the airman, marine, sailor or soldier in time for the holidays. This is a wonderful event and it will be an honor to have some displays made by our Patriot Woodworkers at these ceremonies. They only need twelve, so I am hoping between myself and some volunteers we can make this happen. The displays will be shipped directly to HFOT, so attention to detail and perfection during the construction of these displays is of the up-most importance. Our HFOT contact has stated they will have some images of the hand off to the service member(s), so this will be exciting. The Patriot Woodworker Community will pay the shipping to HFOT, and if you need to be covered for material, we can probably do that too. Time is of the essence on this one, I am sorry for the short notice. The displays must be in their hands by November 1st as their event starts November 7th, and they will need time to ship them to the various home sites throughout our nation. To view our last display campaign that was sent to Operation Ward 57 please click on the album below. I'd like to thank our volunteers in advance, and I am always so proud of how we give back to those who put it all on the line for us. If you are able to volunteer for this event, please respond below. Related Link How to Build a Challenge Coin Display If you'd like to learn more about Homes For Our Troops click on the image below
  12. Groundbreaking Ceremony, Sunday Oct. 19 at 12:30 p.m. Homes for our Troops is excited to announce that we are breaking ground in Wilminton, OH for Cpl Joshua Sams' new home. This home is provided mortgage-free to the Veteran and we need your help to make it happen! About the Groundbreaking: This is the first official ceremony to help kick off and celebrate the start of Cpl Sams' new home. Join us as Homes for Our Troops pairs with the Wilmingtoncommunity to kick off the build process. This is a chance to learn how you, your family, you company and friends can support this project throughout construction! Please RSVP What we Need: Community Support Volunteers, Tents, Tables, Chairs, Podium & Sound System, Escort Coordinator, Fund Raising Heroes Lunch Sponsor, Bake Sale & Raffle Coordinator, Honor Guard, National Anthem Singer
  13. Homes For Our Troops has events all over our nation at any given time, click on the image below to see if there is a Homes For Our Troops event in your area. If you plan on attending a Homes For Our Troops event, please contact us and let us know where you are attending so we can follow you in your adventure! Thank you in advance for participating in one of the events around our nation, and helping to make a difference in a disabled veterans life.
  14. SPC Christopher Ochs Key Ceremony: August 16, 2014 37399 Elizabeth Lane Huron Charter Township, MI 48164 Click here to learn more Huron Township, MI Army SPC Christopher Ochs was on his first deployment when he was left paralyzed after the truck he was riding in struck an IED while on a patrol in Mehter Lam, Afghanistan on April 6, 2011. While returning from an Afghan Police Station after a patrol, SPC Ochs was in the turret of the first truck in a four vehicle convoy. The force of the IED blast threw SPC Ochs, and the turret itself, from the truck; severely injuring is spinal cord, SPC Ochs was left paralyzed from the waist down. Transported to Bagram Air Force Base, SPC Ochs was stabilized in-country and airlifted to Landstuhl, Germany before arriving at the Richmond VA where he remained for four months before being released from the hospital. SPC Ochs is involved with the Vietnam Veterans of America and the American Legion. He enjoys volunteering in his community with both the Goodfellows and the local Rotary. Chris enjoys trap shooting, and is hoping to pursue a college degree in Political Science at Eastern Michigan University. SPC Ochs appreciates all of the support he has received, stating, “This home will give me the freedom to be more independent and allow me to do more for myself and not have to rely so much on others. Thank you for this opportunity.”
  15. If every one of our online fans signed up as a monthly donor for $10, we'd have more than $15 million to go toward the building of specially adapted homes every year. Start the trend and join today: www.hfotusa.org/ols
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