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Found 13 results

  1. My dad purchased a Harbor Freight Saw Blade Sharpener a couple months ago, and had a hard time setting it up. He stated that his ol brain just doesn't work the best anymore for this sort of stuff, not too mention typically HF directions can be a PITA. So he asked me if I could take it home and set it up for him and show him how to use it. Before I even read the instructions I looked it up on YouTube and it seemed a pretty straight forward contraption to use. It actually came pretty much assembled out of the box. All I had to do was tweak a few of the settings on it to bring it into calibration sort of, then the rest went along pretty smooth. I wasn't going to sharpen any blades here at my home because I own a Shopsmith, I gave all my 5/8" arbor blades away to my dad because I prefer the 1" arbor blades Shopsmith traditionally uses, so my intention was to just set up the system, then take it back up to Dad's and get some of his blades on it and see how it goes. But as I was looking at the set up, I noticed that the self centering cone that goes into the arbor of the blade, and the receiver were pretty large in diameter, so I says to self, "Self, that looks like it may take a standard Shopsmith circular saw blade". And all be danged that it indeed did! So I commenced to sharpening a Shopsmith blade on this system, and in about 6 minutes, I had a really nice sharpened blade, just like new, it was easy to use, intuitive, and fun actually. The only drawback like I stated above, there is some fine tuning that I don't think should have to be done, but it took me about a half hour to tune it up and get it all straight, and it worked like a champ. Motor assembly Saw tooth engaging the emery disk. I can't recommend this system over others, this is the only I have ever used, typically I have sent my blades out, but I'll probably never send another blade out again now, I even called my dad up and told him, hey pops, I'll sharpen all your blades for ya when you need it, and he was thrilled. There is an adjustment for bevel angle, otherwise the face of the teeth are cut perpendicular to the disk as my Shopsmith blades require. Here's a little video my son took of the process in action. Here is another video from a pretty good channel and he reviews this system.
  2. I heard talk that HF had discontinued their 20% off coupons indefinitely. I saw one that expired 2/5/21. Now maybe just specific items on rotation. Can anyone confirm?
  3. I made a purchase early on when I had first purchased my Wen 12 by 18 inch variable speed bench top lathe. I didn't even bother to look at the size of the banjo tool rest holder dimensions which now knowing that was 1 inch in diameter. How ever I made a a mistake buy as I said well a couple of them the harbor freight lathe being one of them. I bought a set of 4 tool rests from Amazon. Come to find out they work and fit on my Delta lathe perfectly. So in the long run now I'm glad I bought them even though I had no idea 2 or three months ago that I was going to buy a delta. So the tool rests just sat in their amazon delivery box until I looked at the banjo on the delta this morning and gave it a shot. So score for me I don't have to buy any other tool rests for this lathe I now have plenty. I can not for the life of me remember where on the store page I bought these from I just typed in tool rests I think these were about 45 bucks or so.
  4. Anyone heard when the official black friday is for HF? I keep getting pelted with ads for 15% off everything this weekend. Puzzling since always 20% coupons, but i guess some things I don't buy are excluded and there is no count limit. Anyway, I saw an early ad leaked, but don't see what I was looking for in this week's blast.
  5. I'm hoping this will hold the 380 some odd pounds of lathe. I just don't trust the flimsy metal but I guess it could be fairly sturdy ones the main body of the lathe is setting on it at least I hope it is. I'm not going to be lifting it by myself. I did notice that the main legs of the lathe itself were TOOO short for me to use so I cut down a couple of 2x4s to sit underneath the legs of the lathe and I will lock those into place. From there I will bolt the 2x4s into the concrete. I also plan on securing it to the wall some how maybe with a couple of 2x4s and drilling through the legs and bolting it in I'll have to figure something out for that. I do not want it walking around. How ever this may be quite a bit easier to work around. I also put a good coat of paste wax onto the lathe bed as well while I was out there. Either way this may work out better in the long run than using the 2x4s. Then I can get rid of the mess on the wall for once.
  6. Noticed that HF has two new tool lines - Bauer and Hercules. I never did understand where all their other house brands fit in the hierarchy -- Chicago Pneumatic, Pittsburgh Forge, Pittsburgh Professional, Chicago Electric, Daytona, Portland, Bunker Hill, (am I seeing a pattern here?) Central Machinery, US General, Earthquake XT, Storehouse, Warrior, Hardy, Predator, Drill Master, etc. etc. etc. Why don't they just have a good, better and best, or in their case, crap, crapper, and crappiest? And why do they sometimes have two SKUs for the same tool - different vendors?
  7. The only ones of these I have are the F-clamps. I've been happy with them. I originally got a few as "leave-behinds" but find they work well. Had one where the handle slipped and they replaced it, no questions asked. I noted his comment about "the demise of American-made clamps" https://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/harbor-freight-clamps-one-year-later
  8. I was in the library today looking at their wood working magazines. I was surprised that they are including Harbor Freight in their reviews. Their assessment of their palm sander was spot on. (not very good) I wonder how many look at a quality tool and the price, then say I'll get the HF solely on price. If the reviews are good, I'd think that way too. I have a hobby type shop and it wouldn't make much difference. However, when I buy major tools, I buy the good stuff
  9. Harbor freight just came out with these. I hope they have a chuck that will hold things. I got a drill there years ago and the chuck would not stay tight https://www.harborfreight.com/20v-hypermax-lithium-12-in-drilldriver-kit-63531.html?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2817bauer&utm_source=1012&cid=mEmail_s1012_c2817bauer&sfid=
  10. I have been out fishing the last couple of days and I saw Harbor Freight stocking up for the bigge 4th of July Sale. Herb
  11. I need to replace the flooring in the kitchen and dining area. I am seriously considering hardwood flooring taken out of another house. What do you think about running this tongue and groove flooring through my planer before installing it. I believe I can get it at a really good price. Has anyone used the nailer for this application from Harbor Freight?
  12. Harbor Freight Tools, a national discount tool and equipment retailer, just settled a class action lawsuit which could get shoppers up to 30% back on all of their purchases. The suit was brought by Cleveland based Dworken & Bernstein over misleading sale prices. Harbor Freight was accused of advertising merchandise at a “sale” or “compare at” price, when those goods were never sold at a higher price. The settlement applies to goods purchased between April 8, 2011 and December 15, 2016. If you have itemized receipts, you can submit a claim for a minimum of 20 percent of the "you saved" amount in cash, or 30 percent of that on a gift card. If you don’t have itemized credit or debit card statements, you can get up to 10 percent cash back (or 12 percent in gift cards) on total purchases of "qualifying products." If you don’t have receipts, you can fill out a form to make a sworn statement confirming your claim and get a $10 gift card. To receive a payment, you must complete a Claim Form and mail it, or submit it online, no later than August 7, 2017. For more detailed information about the settlement and your options, click here.
  13. In case you have one : https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2016/Harbor-Freight-Tools-Recalls-Cordless-Drills/
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