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Found 12 results

  1. I posted this elsewhere, but it's an interesting old hammer head. I got my hands on it right before it was going to the dumpster and pitched the handle since it was loose and cracked. Head is in nice shape and i'm going to re-handle this.
  2. 3 sales to check out this morning.....was batting 330....one sale had a few tools I like... $2.25 sitting there....What is so special about a small ball pean hammer? Well...it is made of Brass...haven't figured out the writing ( local Rail road at one time was known as the CCC& StL RR) ball end looked a bit abused.. That be a hole. Screwdriver might be an older stanley? Square shanked..fluted wood handle.. Not too bad a start to the season?
  3. Another summer just about in the books. School starts tomorrow and I already have a sub day scheduled. Please don't forget the deadline for The Patriot Woodworker raffle is coming up. Don't get left out!! Our Patriot Turners- The Patriot turners have been really busy in their shops this past week. Lots of great ideas and projects. @Gerald added a great tip to the Woodturners Forum. His idea for making/reusing material for faceplates is really cool! Gerald also showed us how he embellished the bottom of his ringmaster bowl. @Ron Altier started a discussion about "Turners Tape". He received lots of responses and additional ideas for attaching a turning. Ron also posted an image of another Sea Urchin ornament. Mother nature surely creates some beautiful designs Ron 's post is here- @HandyDan created a handle for a little hammer he picked up at a sale- Dan posted a really nice series of the steps he took to do this- Our Australian member @JariKilpi added images of a beautiful Camphor Laurel bowl he recently turned. Check out his album- From The Internet- Continuing with the last couple of weeks topics on sanding, Mike Peace has added another video on bowl sanding Sanding is made easier with a nice new dedicated tool. I received this in an email from Woodturners Wonders. All metal gears, variable speed, $60. https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/sanding-items/products/angle-drill Ok, let's make bowls the topic for the week. Rick Turns shows us another way to personalize a turned bowl. "Leafing" adds an interesting look to a turning and it's not difficult to do. Looking for a cool turning project? Tim Yoder has a 2 part video on a project that would make a nice present for the cook's kitchen. The second part is linked from Tim's YouTube page. Everything Else- Mr. David Reed Smith published a tutorial for making a STO Gauge. I have to admit I didn't know what this was or that it even existed. Mr. Smith's tutorials are always interesting, easy to follow and very detailed. The tutorial is available also as a .pdf download. http://davidreedsmith.com/Articles/STO-Gauge/STO-Gauge.html I did manage to get a little turning time in this week between computer repairs, mower repairs, school meetings and construction requests. Another Manzanita root- To utilize the most material, the piece is mounted off center. The bolts create a counter balance to reduce vibration. Mounted with a paper joint to facilitate removal of the piece Easy Wood Tools #1 Hollower ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ). Easy Wood Tools now has available negative rak cutters for many of their tools. The cutters were designed for use with acrylic turnings but work equally as well on harder wood. Clean cuts and no catches. Same low price! The small ridge will be the seat for a lid. Sanding will be tricky. Safe turning
  4. Found this hammer head at an estate sale and bought it for the novelty of it. I have this hammer and thought I may be able to share the handle with is and treat it as a kit. They both have 3/8" fine threads but the screw driver was too long for the new ball peen head. There is only 2" hollowed out in the stem so I decided to make a handle for it. I found this piece of brass from a candle stick I saved from a previous project. As luck would have it it had 3/8" fine threads already in the end of it. Stuff does go right sometimes. Mounted it on the metal lathe and turned it down to 7/16". Found a suitable piece of Mahogany, drilled it and epoxied the two together. Turned it on the wood lathe and gave it a CA finish. Cut the head off a fine thread bolt to use as a connector to mate the hammer head and handle together. Then I got the idea to cut a tip off a Phillips screw driver, drill a hole in the 3/8" connector and mate the two together. So now the handle has a Phillips screw driver when twisted apart. I enjoy piddling around with projects like this. Gets the creative juices flowing.
  5. I have this old brass Gray Canada mallet that belonged to a beloved older machinist we worked with. It has been given to a coworker for remembrance. it has no handle , I cannot find any illustration of it anywhere and hope somebody can help me to reproduce a handle for it and pit it back in service. Does anyone know what the handle should look like? image:3618 image:3619 image:3620 image:3621
  6. One of my sons-in-law has asked for "a good hammer" for a Christmas present. He does a lot of home remodeling and carpentry project (not so much cabinetmaking). I don't want to be spending $100+ for a titanium luxury hammer. "Something to hammer in and pull out nails," was his request. Force = mass x acceleration, you know. Most of my hammers I've had for 30 or 40 years and many of them are older than that, so I'm not current on the market. Any likes or dislikes with the brands out there? I have a 16 oz leather handle Estwing that I like but heard once some carpentry foremen won't allow them on the job (why, I don't know). I have a couple of Hart Framers and they seem to be pretty good, but I don't do a lot of rough carpentry. Before I this request I was walking out of a Lowe's and amazed there were 30 or so different hammers in their hammer section. Really? Edit: Home Depot has at least 106 hammers available online.
  7. John Morris

    Just a Fun Image

    From the album: Big Ash Mallet

    Here is a fun picture showing the hand tools I used to help make this mallet, it took a combination of my table saw to make the slots, the shoulder plane to clean up the slots, the miter saw to cut the blanks at 5 degrees, and my hand tools to shape and make it interesting.
  8. Well, it IS a hand tool. had an old Cobbler's hammer. Handle that I made a while back...just was the right look. I had a piece of 1 x 2 White Oak. I had sharpened a couple drawknives a while back, and tested them out on that piece of oak. Kept looking for an old handle-less hammer.....then looked at the Cobbler's Hammer......hmmm. Drag out the drawknife again. Scrape off a bit near one end of the blank. Low angle block plane helped out. Got it close to a fit....chisel to adjust a bit. Got it to start...more chisel work....Finally it went almost all the way in.. You can still see a couple of curls from the chisel. A beltsander was used to smooth the handle down..a lot. I did a round-over on the end of the handle More for looks. later on, after that smelly BLO has cured out, I will add a few layers of a black plastic tape right above that roundover. More to let my hand know that it is close to the end of the handle. I even used a wire wheel in the drill press to shine up the old head. Under that "claw" is cast a "Montgomery Wards Co. Drop Forged". Overall length of this "new" hammer is 10-1/4". Feels about the smae weight as my 16oz claw hammer does. Grain is a bit showy, for a simple handle. Not a bad little project to do...
  9. Last weekend Beth and I left out on Friday for Nashville, TN to do a little Picking. Here are a few of the items I was able to pick while we were out. I will go into detail about them each in another post. Just wanted to update you a bit with what I was able to fine. I ran across this old bench vise late in the day and I am glad I did as it is heavy and I wouldn't want to carry it. Thankfully I had a fold up buggy I could put things in. The vise is a Richards-Wilcox from Auroro, Ill. Had a great time and left some pieces I really hated to walk away from, but as Kenny Rogers said, "You got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them." It was nice to be back out Patriot Picking
  10. That time of year again. Three towns and a quarter of another having sales! First town was the 1/4 town, since we were right in that town....meh, struck out. Boss found a few things, then a trip through the countryside.....again a strike out. Just missed a sander and belts.. Went on to the next town, as they had CHEAP Gas for the van! Three ring circus trying to get to an open pump, the pay before you pump, too. Tank's full, on to the sales! Found a small barn off the side of the road, an old Plumber was selling a few tools!!! Finally! Spent $2 ( he only want a dollar, gave a little extra for his trouble) the two without handles, more on the handled one in a moment..also in my rust cover paws was this pile of bits, and that wee screwdriver, the larger screwdrivers came from a box, the same box that handled hammer was in . That cost a major league $15! Now why would I spend that much for a cheap, plastic tool box? Well when you strain to lift a FULL tool box.... Box didn't have a single ratchet in it. Might make some use out of the rest of the items.....you think? On the way out of that little town ( three other stops, NADA) stopped at one last one....found one hammer worth buying... For banging out dents? Went on to the house, had to pick up the GrandBrats, and one other person. Dropped that one off at her job, and headed west. Storm had rooled through the next town, and we only found one worth stopping at. Boss found a few things On to the next town.....looked around, most were closing up, but we did find one place worth stopping at. One GrandBRATS even got a bicycle! And a few toys for the smaller one. As for me.....HEHEHEHE $2.50 got me these four items. Stanley No. 923 10in brace, Thorsen 1/2" ratchet, Buck Brothers 1/8" sash chisel , and some sort of nail puller. On the way home stopped to find a couple handles . TSC only had any hand tool handles, only for hammers at that. $5.99+ Tax. Got home, and installed the new handle on the old hammer Checked the mail box...package for me! Inside was a stanle spokeshave, and a handle-less 1/2" Fulton chisel. Looks like I fire up the lathe again. And....to think, there is still one more day of those sales. Somewhere around 40......Starts @ 0800hrs, ZULU. Better go get some rest....
  11. We have been cleaning up the shop the past few nights and so I laid out all the hammers. Some are old some are newer. The one on the far right is a Williams, early 1900's. And when you need a hammer, there is never one close!
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