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Found 8 results

  1. One of the 3 handplanes I have "picked" over the past week..was from a store in Mount Victory, OH. Place is called The Tin Cup..plane? Was that "Pick of the Litter #3...1 out of 7...Price was $19 out the door. Ok, the grinder I used to use to rehab planes and sharpen things,,,DOA...had to go to Harbor Freight.. And new wheels from Ace Hardware...Got the new grinder all set up in the shop.. "some assembly required.. Had the sanding center ready to go.. Mainly using the disc to sharpen things.. Time to tear the plane down.. This is a #3 sized plane.. Ugly? Handles weren't all THAT bad...but.. The base need a bit of work..inside and out... Wire wheels...both on the grinder, and in the drill press..Iron and chipbreaker, cleaned up, mated to be gap-free, and the iron nice and sharp...and the cloth wheel to hone the edges.. Lever cap looks a little better, too..the "Before"? Base was cleaned up, sole cleaned up, a dab of 3in1 oil on a brush to "restore" the japanning look.. Bolts cleaned up. Handles were cleaned up a bit, then the brush load of oil... Frog was cleaned up, Brass wheel is shiny again...test drive? A look at the "stern"? and the bow.. About the same amount of time the clothes washer took...loaded the clothes in the the dryer, and closed up shop.. Lakeside was a "House Brand" of Montgomery Ward's....sometimes made by Stanley, or..like this one,,made by Sargent. Next up? I have a broken Stanley No. 5-1/4...base is badly cracked....may take the usable parts from it, and toss the bad parts from the AMT Junior Jack. Base is solid brass. We'll see..
  2. Remember that WIDE chisel I picked...? I got to checking the bevel a bit closer... About the 1st 1/8" was pitted..badly...even on the back... Makes it very hard to get a sharp edge....Bevel was rounded instead of flat... hauled a big glass of water to the shop...we have work to do.. First off, get rid of the pits.. 90 degrees, until no mo pits... Right wheel (coarse), left wheel Fine ...Coarse to grind away the pits...fine to flatten the back.. Tall glass of water...Oil stones in a little bit..Got the bevel hollow ground to just barely the edge...checking for square ( alot) Then off to the sanding disc.. 6", 80 grit...start near the center of the disc, and pull to the rim...DUNK, repeat as needed... 1st stone is quite coarse..a bit of 3in1 oil to get things moving....2nd stone is a 600 Medium India stone...a few drops of oil. On both stones, I also hit the flatten back..finally.. A few minutes on the 1500 wet-or-dry paper...paper is clamped to the India stone...helps keep things flat....getting close to sharp.. That is a 6" cloth wheel on my #2 grinder...A Green crayon gets applied to the wheel...and then the back and bevel of the chisel go for a ride... Back is flat where it needs to be...other chisel is 24mm wide...it is more of a wide paring chisel... And the bevels....there IS a bald spot on my left forearm...about 1-3/4" wide. So....how many hours of sheer "drudgery" did this take? About the same amount of time as this load spent in the washing machine. Have started working on plane irons too... The Stanley No. 5 now has a slight camber to it's edge, as befitting it being a Jack Plane. The Sargent 410c has been thoroughly cleaned up..pitted edge cleaned and now square to the edge... Millers Falls No. 9 with need a clean up and sharpening... Just puttering around...
  3. Hasn't been this busy on our forum in quite a while so let's just jump right in! Our Patriot Turners- We have had a new sub-forum added to the Woodturners Forum. The Ringmaster sub-forum is dedicated to those makers who create bowls using the Ringmaster method. You can find it listed under the main Woodturners Forum- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/98-ringmaster-turning/ Let's see some of those beautiful creations!! @Gerald gave us a look at a commissioned bowl he is in the process of turning- Gerald tells us about the species and more in his post as well as a bit about his "new" kiln- Gerald also posted an interesting article by Ron Brown providing some additional thoughts on Carbide tipped tools. We have had several insightful discussions here on the forum comparing traditional and carbide tools. @FrederickH posted a question to the group about using a fluted parting tool. Several of our members provided their insights. If you can help out Rick, give him your thoughts at- One of our newer members @adot45 gave us a look at his latest fantastic turning. Please see his post and welcome him to the forum! More about Dave and some additional images are in this post- And more here- Even @smitty10101 is getting into the stacked ring bowls! He is looking for information about a thin parting tool. If you have a source or have made such an animal, why not share your knowledge with him- @forty_caliber and family have taken some friends under their wing. As a way to help ease the sorrow of a loss, he has turned a memory box for a family member- Forty shows us some additional images in his post. Note the laser burned embellishments! Last week we had a question about bowl saver tools. Not sure this is what the author had in mind but @forty_caliber found one that will certainly doe the trick! @forty_caliber's post from last week generated additional input that might be useful for those following the discussion of hollowing tools- Or resident Christmas ornament designer has done it again. @Ron Altier turned this gorgeous little jewel- Ron explains his design idea in his post We had lots more from our members on @FlGatorwood's little train that could. If you missed it, here's where the discussion left off- @bradleyheathhays's post from last week also continued to receive comments and inputs. Here is the entire thread location- @Grandpadave52 gave us a heads up on the contest being run by Woodworker's Journal. The challenge was to turn a honey dipper. Not sure if our own @Steve Krumanaker entered the contest or he decided to let someone else win first place . https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/honey-dippers/ What’s Coming Up- Women In Turning in conjunction with the AAW presents Kailee Bosch, Rebecca DeGroot, and Marjin Wall to give short presentations about their work, ideas, and inspirations, followed by a group discussion and Q&A, led by artist and moderator Hayley Smith. The event is free and open to the general public. For registration- https://www.woodturner.org/Woodturner/WIT/WIT-Home-Page.aspx?WebsiteKey=c9100f02-c77e-4177-a9bc-7d3eb0216238&hkey=7f6a65b2-ec98-472f-a7b6-2ac573f7258d&New_ContentCollectionOrganizerCommon=8&_zs=lMMTa&_zl=02Hp2#New_ContentCollectionOrganizerCommon For The Newbies- Nice little project for the coffee lover in the family. If you prefer a heavier version, Ruth Niles, https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ , has some stainless steel kits. https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/project-classy-espresso-tamper/ Expand Your Horizons- Turning demo from Mike Waldt- New Turning Items- Tim Yoder has an improved hollowing rig- The folks at Woodturners Wonders have some special, short time deals on grinders- https://woodturnerswonders.com/pages/grinders Everything Else- Rick turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Safe turning and stay well
  4. Not too much happening this week- Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber turned a couple of bowls from a pecan log. That species surely has some lovely grain. First up is an incredible salad bowl- And then an awesome bread bowl- What’s Coming Up- Cindy Drozda- Click on the above image for the link to registration. For The Newbies- Mike Peace did an Interactive Remote Demonstration for the Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild, British Columbia, Canada. He covered spindle projects and methods of holding the turnings. This is a little long but lots of good information- Craft Supplies USA posted an instructional video for turning a goblet- Expand Your Horizons- Carl Jacobson celebrated Captain Kirk's return to space, this past week. I see social media has been having great fun creating memes about Mr. Shatner's voyage- It is not too early to start thinking about ornament turning! Here's your chance to turn a funnel (bowl) and not have it be a mistake!! My early turning creations tended to be useful kitchen items. Salt and pepper mills, salt cellars, sugar bowls and rolling pins. I never could figure out how to incorporate the Celtic Knot into the hollow vessels. Alan Stratton has solved that problem. All I have to do is build a jig!! New Turning Items- Some new stuff and some stuff on sale- Woodturners Wonders has Rikon and Jet grinders back in stock- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/rikon-grinders And this special deal- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/all-sanders/products/angle-drill-sanding-bundle Ruth Niles' October newsletter is now available. Ruth shares instructions on how to get setup for selling your turnings on eBay. You can sign up for Ruth's free newsletter at- https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Finally finished up with the last batch of rolling pins. Then I realized I am out of holders. Looks like some flat work in my future- Safe turning and stay well
  5. So I've recently Purchased TWO different sharpening systems. I bought a bench grinder that was low RPM. As well as the PSI Chisel Mate Plus from PSI Woodworking. I received it this afternoon it was a bit on the late side. How ever I've opened it up and set it up on the lathe tested it out on a couple of gouges and chisels. Seems to work quite well RECOMMENDED USE WITH VARIABLE SPEED LATHES. Its quite simple to install it goes right on to the spindle head of your wood lathe its already set for a 1 inch 8 tpi spindle head. Works with the Delta lathe wonderfully. This system actually did a better job than the bench grinder for me at sharpening. The tool holder fit nicely into the tool rest for my lathe and it was quite easy to adjust for the shape of the chisel or gouge to easily sharpen it. It was very easy to follow the grind on the tool. If I would have known or realized what this was to begin with I probably wouldn't have bought the bench grinder either way I can use that for other tools that need sharpening. IE mower blades and knives. How ever I think I will be using this particular tool from now on to sharpen chisels and gouges. I would definately recomend this product. It is sold on Amazon and the PSI Woodworking website but I did buy mine on Amazon. List cost $42.95 plus what ever your state charges for taxes. (Shipping not included in price) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D2PNYLL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. I know there are 2 different type of bench grinders. High speed and low speed. Plus jigs to get the correct angles. Are you able to sharpen on a high speed bench grinder too?
  7. Had to go to the big city for c-scans and other stuff and then headed for HF for a couple of air angle drive grinders. Back when I was wheeling up and down the roads with a truck load of Mac Tools in my earlier life I could not justify buying these type of air angle grinders for my price back then was at least 120 or more and for hobby play things I couldn't afford them. One of these was 13.99 , the other was 19.99 so wife said get both. But wait, when we approached the check out stand I told the clerk I decided not to get the 15% off coupon for one item cause before I punched the print button it said there would be 6 pages printed. I says to myself that amount of ink will cost me that much so I didn't get a discount slip of paper. The clerk said I can fix that, picking up her cell phone and looked up the code numbers then gave me 25% off the most expensive item of the five things we had set on the counter...So one grinder cost me 13.99, the other cost me 14.99. One is a rear exhaust the other a front exhaust, both have collet chucks. I will say all the air tools I have bought from them are all still working good but I can't say that about the electric models. But all air tools out last electric models. So maw got her deep freeze and I got more than I deserved. I think of all the stores in our big city, the Harbor Freight people are there to make happy customers like it or not. But they also have not disappointed me in any way.
  8. Recently I've been looking at 6 grinders to replace the old household duty Black and Decker that I've had for quite a few years. It still works, I just want a nicer one. So far I've come down to two grinders. A JET 1/2 hp single speed and a Palmgren 1/3 hp, variable speed Any thoughts or experiences with these machines ?
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