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Found 14 results

  1. From the album: Spoon Carving

    The knife is a hook knife, great for carving out scoops and the bowl of a spoon. I read much about the use of these knives, and how to carve the Swedish Slojd method, it takes some getting used too, but the methods are very efficient and accurate. This hook knife is made by Morakniv, a tradition in Sweden, and the cost of the knives are very affordable. Here is a link to a series of videos by Morakniv and legend Jogge Sundqvuist on use and maintenance. The whole series can be found here at Swedish Knife Grip Lessons with Jogge Sundqvuist
  2. We arrived home from our daughter's basic training graduation Friday night (post for that coming soon), and after all the excitement I got a chance to wander out to our backyard and chop out a rough spoon blank with my hatchet from some Chinaberry I cut down a couple weeks ago. I am in the learning stages of woodcarving and I am focusing on green woodworking Slojd style. I love it. My work has a lot to be desired at this point, but I'm having fun. I took the spoon to near completion, now I'll wrap it in cloth to let it dry out slowly for about two weeks, then I'll refine the lines and facets. See ya in two weeks for the final carving and finish. Thanks for looking.
  3. From the album: Spoon Carving

    My spoon is roughed out as far as I can go, now I will wrap it in cloth and let it slowly dry for a couple weeks, then refine the lines and facets.
  4. From the album: Spoon Carving

    I am attempting another spoon carving, I trimmed a Chinaberry tree a couple weeks ago and the long straight branches are ideal for green woodworking. I took my hatchet and roughed the blank out, then started shaping.
  5. John Morris

    Rob Penn

    An interesting blog and self promotional site about a man who loves to bike, and work in green wood.
  6. Last week we learned that red, yellow and blue are the primary colors that can make all other colors. Now we apply that knowledge. When you mix two primary colors, you get secondary colors. green = blue + yellow purple = blue + red orange = yellow + red Now comes the important part. If you have a finish that has too much of one color, you add the color opposite to neutralize it, and a (mnemonic) to remember Color opposites Red <> Green (Christmas) Yellow <> Purple (Easter) Blue <> Orange (sorry, you're on your own here, unless like me you are a University of Illinois Alumnus) If you forget, just remember that the opposite of a primary color is a secondary by mixing the other two colors, and vice-versa. So, for example, if your color is too red, you can add some green to neutralize it. But in wood finishing, we have some "earth tones" that correspond to some of these colors Red - burnt sienna (brighter red) or burnt umber (darker red) Yellow - yellow ochre or raw sienna Purple - cordovan The finisher's color wheel shows what happens when you combine two of its colors. Unfortunately, unless you go to a non-big-box paint store, you are likely not to find these on a label, but rather, cordovan might be called "mahogany" or some other nickname. Although I knew this is theory, it became apparent when in a refinishing class one of the other students was working on a table he'd brought in. It was a really orange color after initial staining. The instructor made up a pure blue glaze and smeared it on. Immediately the ugly orange turned to a nice brown.
  7. Is there anything I can do to keep wood from cracking? I was making a bird house. I had to stop and got tied up for a while. I went back out 2 or 3 days later and it had a huge crack. The first picture is when I was working on it and the second picture is after three days of just sitting on the lathe.
  8. This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics. London's centre for the traditional craft of green woodwork. The Green Wood Guild is an institution based on experience, knowledge, passion & experimentation. We run courses, develop products and strive to advance the craft of Green Woodwork.

    © Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

  9. until
    The largest trade show for outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden equipment, light construction and landscape equipment. Features new products, education and an outdoor demonstration area. Outdoor power equipment distributed through dealers, retailers and distributors for consumer, professional and rental use. Lawn and garden products / outdoor leisure items distributed through home centers, dealers and retailers. Light construction and landscape equipment used by general contractors, landscapers, golf course superintendents and parks & recreation crews. More info at http://www.gie-expo.com/
  10. A beautiful old walnut tree was taken down (reasons unknown) about 1/2 mile from the Easy Wood Tools office here in Lexington. So what's a guy to do?!?! Like opening a Christmas present!
  11. And once they try something, that's it. They are stuck with that product and brag on it and never even think there might be something out there better, but no, their mind is made up.... This is the last drift I got from the old timers. Well, someone not a turner, is trying to change our minds, heavens to murg- a- -troids I don't hardly ever turn, except substantially in bed, but when I do I don't like to see cracks that might screw up a good piece of wood I cut down then what ever I dabbed on the ends of the logs that didn't do the job it was put there to do. So stick your ear up here close and listen while I write down Aleene's tacky original glue, in the brown bottle I might add. It will only cost you numbskulls about two bucks to check me out...... I cut down this plumb tree some time ago, maybe four years ago ,maybe longer, and I can still stick a finger nail into this glue for it is still pliable. Aleene's was originally built for this reason, no it was not, it was originally built for craft making. This is probably the reason for the reasonable price tag. If it was included in you know whoses woodworking supplies we would see quite an increase in funds to get some to our garages... I just yesterday cut off some limbs and was out of the Aleene's glue so I thought I better dab something on the stubs for this hunk of wood might sit in the lathe for a month or two before I get around to it. I know, limbs , don't normally crack as does the ends. I heard that from a turner..
  12. I bought a Jet lathe a few years ago, with the best of intentions. I have since done very little, not through lack of interest, but other priorities and projects interfered. I now want to start learning/using the lathe, and in researching turning blanks, I see a lot of vendors seem to be advertising more green blanks than dried blanks. So my question is, as a novice turner with almost no experience, should I go with green wood, or try to find kiln dried blanks to start out with? What are the advantages and disadvantages of green blanks? I bought a cheap set of lathe tools from HF. Does green wood require special gouges, chisels, etc. or will the standard tools be sufficient? Does turning green wood require any different maintenance on the turning tools, such as more sharpening, different surface protection, etc.? Sorry for the long list of questions, and some of the answers may seem to be fairly obvious, but I don't want to assume something and wish later that I had asked. Thanks.
  13. Got a friend who is looking for a vintage Milwaukee lathe, the only criteria I have at this point is, woodworking, old, and green. Any ideas?
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