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Found 40 results

  1. Smallpatch

    Small Item Finishing Tip

    When fixing to spray these small things I found if I lay the pieces on some cardboard and a fix them so they won't blow over I can save some frustration by using a very small amount of Aleene's glue on the bottom of the small pieces..Why Aleene's instead of your usual glue,, it stays pliable for a number of days. And why cardboard instead a sheet of plywood or regular wood......I'll let you figure it out if you ever have to secure pieces before spraying... If you don't ever spray anything... forget my suggestions.
  2. hawkeye10

    New CA glue that we need.

    I have not tried this CA glue but I will. It can do a lot of things that other glues "can not". I could be wrong about that. Some of it you can color, and there is one that will not cure until you spray it with an accelerator, you can fill dings with it. It's called Glue Boost, and there was an article in the Wood Workers Journal this October. Here is a link that will give you more information than I ever could. https://gluboost.com/
  3. Ron Altier

    Glue for Acrylic

    What is the best glue to use to glue acrylic to wood? Some of the clear acrylic shows any flaws the glue may create.
  4. Ron Altier

    Glue crack

    I saw an interesting way to glue a cracked board. The piece was cracked at the end with a crack about 8 inches long. The guy had opened it just enough to get a piece of dental floss thru. He put glue in and on the crack and ran the floss back and forth to spread the glue thru the crack. I will have to try this one, I think it can work.
  5. Smallpatch

    Bought this is Mexico

    Bought this guy in Juarez about 1969. We use to drive across from El Paso at least once a year. Buy a trinket or two , eat some food while there and maybe go to the the dog races, drive back to those long lines trying to enter back in to the states..and become an inch worm for about the next three hours... I never worried about being over there and did stop at the Sanborn insurance agency and get a three day insurance policy each time just in case someone wanted to run in to me and get some kind of a monetary reward because of me while there...That never happened though. But we did get our windshield washed at each stop light.. Every time we were there they would have something different we just had to have and this guy is amazing and I had to have him for he was made using paper and glue..and maybe a small piece of wood for him to stand on...no stain or dyes were used. The colors came from colored paper. And a piece of rope for his shoes.. The best priced things were always things made with leather and also things using marble or granite... We use to enjoy those trips but later on when the drug wars got out of hand it got to the point wifee and myself decided those trips could be a thing of the past... I always said if someone can do something then I can too..But just never got around to it, yet! He is still on my list of things to make.
  6. Ron Altier

    Hot melt glue gun failure

    Every once in a while, you have a job for a glue gun. I had such a job today. I have a small gun for small easy jobs. I have a large gun I got from Sears years ago, I've used it a lot. Today I chose the large one, haven't used it for more than a year or so. I plugged it in and got a coffee. When I returned it had overheated and the glue was coming out with bubbles in it, all by itself. I have never trusted any heating tool to control itself enough to allow it to go unattended for more than a few minutes. I'm glad I didn't today
  7. I am applying high pressure laminate to five of six sides of four pieces of ply. I applied the large surfaces first. Stupid me. I should have done the edges first. It can be done the way I am doing to but it'd be a sight easier if I did the edges first.
  8. lew

    Glue Test

    I was reading a thread about glue strength and someone offered this article from Fine Woodworking about their glue tests. http://www.oldbrownglue.com/images/articles/HowStrongisYourGlue_FWW.pdf
  9. You guys helped me find pen parts from Berea Hardwoods, Now, if instructs says to press parts into wooden pen parts, do you use super glue on them?
  10. RustyFN

    Glue question

    I glued some 2 by 6 pieces together to practice making a bandsaw box. I use Titebond glue. I ran the 2 by 6 through my jointer to get nice flat smooth wood for glue joints. When the wood comes off the jointer it is like glass, very smooth. I let it set for a couple of days. I turned the piece on its side to cut a thin strip off and while pushing one of the glue joints slid apart. Any idea what went wrong?
  11. Harry Brink

    Glue for box making

    I've used hide glue before to make some small boxes with no stress on the joints when finished. This project there may be some stress on them and I don't want them coming apart. The reason I used it before is the long open time so I can get all the sides and joints adjusted. Is this a good choice or should I use the normal Titebond?
  12. OK Ladies and Gentlemen, only 16 days left to raise $412 for our Gold Star family. Please head over to- https://raffles.ticketprinting.com/raffle/6605-Adopt-A-Gold-Star-Family-For-Christmas-Project-2017/ Let's make this a special Christmas for these kids! @Steve Krumanaker posted an absolutely fantastic walnut vase. He talks about the process and finish here- @Ron Altier asked a great question about adhesives. He wants to glue acrylic to wood. Currently he is using CA but was looking for other options. @HandyDan was cruising the Habitat Restore and found a couple of bottle stoppers. He remade them into a couple of beautiful gifts Read more about his find and what he did, here- Tim Yoder has a two part video on turning an LED christmas tree- Pretty Cool The second part is linked on his YouTube page. A couple of our turners make birdhouse christmas ornaments. Here the first part of a two part video from Mike Peace showing how he does it. The second part is linked on his YouTube page- I think I have my last 2 Christmas presents done- unless Mimi adds more. These are "cake platters" or "cake servers". Made from hard maple with a little walnut on the bases. The texturing was done with a Sorby spiral/texture tool. Then acrylic hobby paint to fill the recesses. Sanded away the excess paint. A bunch of applications of rattle can lacquer. These are about 12" in diameter and 5" high. Except for the texturing, these were made entirely with Easy Wood Tools @Jim from Easy Wood Tools! Safe turning
  13. Ron Altier

    CA glue and acrylics

    I have limited experience with Acrylics and I need some advice on gluing. In the past I have used CA to glue acrylics to wood, however I have always used a center post to assure that it would stay together. Can I successfully glue a flat acrylic material to a flat wood piece and then turn it without worrying about it coming apart. It will be a small piece, such as a Christmas ornament. Thanks
  14. Ron Altier

    Dap Rapid wood fuse

    I decided to make a Christmas ornament using wood and acrylic. I wanted to be sure the glue joins held, so I used Wood Fuse. Not sure what else I could count on that would hold good and not show. I carefully lined up the joint on one side and squeezed with my hand. I turned it over as I got a clamp and saw that it was slightly misaligned on the opposite side. It was glued so tight that I couldn't move it at all. Wow. I clamped it as it was. I think I can make up (cover up) for the alignment. I've used that glue with wood and there is always a grace period of a few minutes. NOT SO WITH WOOD AND ACRYLIC.
  15. Ron Altier

    Glue clamp question

    When glueing, do you use anything to keep glue off the clamps? Can I use a spray, like Pam cooking spray or dry teflon spray? What about using a bar of soap? I don't want anything that will penetrate the wood. I've heard that some use wax paper, but I think that would be bothersome.
  16. There are times when you just don't have that silicone brush, acid brush, or Popsicle stick, what are you going to do? Use your finger! But not just any finger -- use your pinkie finger. Why? You are less likely to smear the glue on the finish surface and cause a glue blotch or get glue all over your tool handle or glue bottle.
  17. Ron Altier

    Darn splinter

    Yesterday I got a tiny splinter in my finger. I kept putting up with it till this morning. I got my magnifying light and tweezers out and quickly found out I couldn't get it. It was tiny but hurt like a big one. Then I remembered something I saw on the web. To remove a wooden splinter, clean the area and apply wood glue. Let it dry until it is like a new layer of skin. Then peel it off and the splinter will come out with the glue. I did this with NO expectations because the splinter was so small. It worked! I can't say it would work on a big one or an embedded big one. It sure worked for me.
  18. Texaswally

    Glue up clamping method

    I am getting ready to glue up a rather large cutting board: 24x48, finished size 23x38. Will need to trim some splits off the ends. In the past, I've use pipe clamps and alternated them top and bottom. This time I'm using parallel jaw clamps. Do they need to be alternated as well?
  19. Ron Altier

    Turning Acrylics

    I stopped at Rockler to a few things and spotted some Inch and half by 6 inch Inace Acrylester blanks. I've never turned plastics before and have some questions. I went to youtube and watched a couple of videos and it seems to be easy. 1. If I want to turn a ball, can I predrill it and use an Oak dowel center to center? 2. If so, what kind of glue would I use to glue wood to acrylic ? 3. Are there some important do's and don'ts? 4. Does this stuff tare out? 5. Will it melt if I drill/turn too fast or slow? Thanks
  20. John Morris

    What Type of Glue and Why?

    When you guys reach for a bottle of glue, what type do you use and why? What are the requirements for your specific project, longer open time, shorter open time, when do you use those glues, do you use glue that needs to be melted in a pot? What are your favorite glues, be brand specific please. Thanks folks!
  21. Charles Nicholls

    Glue question

    OK as a lot of you may know, I am a huge fan of Titebond and its family of glues. I use it quite a bit when I am making pieces to turn, especially for the tops I make. This does not require a lot of glue though, so the glue sits around for an extended period of time, which causes it to age and get clumpy, or at the very least, thicker than it was when I bought it. Can you add anything to the glue like say water, to get it flowing again without destroying the glue properties?? Thanks.
  22. steven newman

    Pine Tool Box project: Up-date

    Took a bit of fightin' and a-cussing. Even that even a Squid would blush.....five pieces of pine are now sitting in at least that many clamps.. One corner didn't want the dovetails to seat, BF Hammer said otherwise. And NOT the mallet, saving it for more delicate work. Like bashing chisels..rotate! Visegrips can crank on clamp handles better than I can. That center divider didn't want to just slip into the dado...all the while I'm fighting the rest of this mess...TAP Even stood this on it's top, to "fine tune" things. Rotate.. Ever have a pipe clamp that wants to slip=slide back off? It would rise up, and try to twist off as I tightened it down. That black pipe WAS sitting right on the wood. One with the red handle. That wrench laying there? I can put the box end onto the other pipe clamp, and crank it down better. Will let this mess sit awhile....then more fun will start in..Need to tune those corners a bit, too.
  23. Well, back is hurting today, got it to relax for awhile, wandered SLOWLY down the steps to the Dungeon Shop. Laid out a few clamps.. And a few other things I might need. Spread some glue around, and worked my way back towards the end of the bench.....A check of the diagonals....hmmm need one more clamp Used this pipe clamp to "pull" things back into square...30-1/2" each way on the diagonals. What we have here is the base sitting on the table's top. Gap down at the far corner will get pulled flat later. Needed a way to add a corner bracket, and not have it stick out like a sore back...er...THUMB. Remembered a bag I picked at a yard sale....had three sets of these in it for fifty cents... Yep, it do say Stanley on the package...and on the parts themselves. Set out a few.. I think these will even match the Walnut? attached this set down at the foot of each leg....later, I can flip the base over and add the next batch. That was about it for shop time tonight, i set the shelf on top of the mess, and wanded back upstairs...to a nice warm heating pad for my back....I did work out a wat to add the bottom shelf..without a lot of hassle. That will be next time, on this Batty Channel... You can also see a couple of the brackets in place..well, one anyway. Maybe by Sunday I MIGHT be ready for a finish...of some sort...
  24. I had to swing by Rockler to pick up a gallon of Titebond 3 glue for making cutting boards. While I was there I saw the 3 Piece Silicone Glue Set next to it. I did a quick search on the cell phone and checked out the reviews for it and decided to pick it up. When doing cutting boards you either need to use a brush, roller or your finger to spread the glue. I had used regular brushes and they did not work well and neither dd the roller. So I have just used my finger to spread it which worked good for me. I have to say that the silicon brush works really well, even better than using my finger. I also gave the silicon spreader a try and it worked well as long as it is on a wider and flat surface. It was not as good for the wood strips. But for wider boards it works good. The brush and the spreader spread the glue evenly and then the glue lays smooth. The silicone glue tray would be good for small jobs, but for cutting boards you pretty much have to use the bottle. Once done with the gluing you can just rinse it off and the glue comes out easily, or you can just let it dry and the glue will peel off easily. One complaint that I saw online about letting the glue dry on the brush is that sometimes when you peel the glue off a bristle or two can pull out. http://www.rockler.com/rockler-3-piece-silicone-glue-application-kit

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