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Found 7 results

  1. steven newman

    Simple little candy box?

    Seems there is a second project tied in with that desk project....A friend of the Pastor has requested a Candy box like the one Pastor has....that I built a while back, soooo Have a 7/16" x 6" board of either Cherry or maple... Had to get five pieces out of this one board...Front and Back, two Ends, and a piece for the lid.. used the old Langdon.. Got my Cardio for the day.....five parts, cut to size.. Used a mortise chisel to lay out the finger spacing... Now,I could do all them little cuts with a handsaw.....NOT. Started to use the bandsaw..heard a strange banging going on inside it.. Lower wheel had a "blow-out" Saw still runs nicely enough without it, and quieter, too. Got the cuts made, time to do a bit of chisel work.. Got out a few tools...the mortise chisel was put away, though... As this old Buck Brothers 1/4" Firmer chisel needed a work out. Just like on dovetails, I chop halfway from one face, flip it over, and complete the chop. Trying to save my bench's top, I clamped a pine scrap under things. Got the fingers done on the front and back parts, need to do the ends....ran out of Mountain Dew IN the shop...BREAKTIME! Maybe later, I can get back to work? Box will be delivered a week from this Sunday, hidden inside the desk. Might be able to get this done be then? Stay tuned,,,here we go again...
  2. steven newman

    Auger Bit Box, page 3

    Well...Mister Gumption finally caught up to me, there goes playing hooky for tonight. Had a few more grooves to mill.. Fought the grain on both of these....as for the third groove.. It was getting to be a bit of a stretch, so I dug out the cam rest, and gave it a test drive, too. The last two? I had to turn the blank 180 degrees, and come in from the other side.. The grain was a lot better to work with. Made that groove with just a single setting. Groove #5 soon followed. Time to make a holder for the shanks to sit in.. Marked out where each bit was, bandsaw to make a bunch of cuts. Chisel to knock out the waste, and pare things smooth. Test fit on the holder end.. Something like this. I could also mark where to cut the outside pieces at, and then give them a test fit... So I could see what needed trimmed where. Glue & nails, might as well get the glue up started.. Glue and nails, and a few clamps. Kept working my way around, had to trim a few places. Then a forest of clamps... Begining to think I should have done the first two this way......might have been a little easier? Tried out the bits.. Seems to look a little better? Still have enough pieces to make the fourth page... But....I think it can wait a day. Will need to change the cutter in the Stanley 45, first. The blank needs to be flattened out. Scrub plane then a smooth plane for that. Both faces. Yep, it can wait a day or so. Stay tune to this Batty Channel.....same Bat Time.
  3. Forward, and at one one backwards. Someday, I might just learn how to do woodworking? Morning started out...meh....got a couple things done on the lid's frame.. Bench has been beat up, lately. Needed something for the chisels to bounce off of. There is a second chisel there...because.. It fit in there a bit better, got one end done...I thought.. Including both ends of the long sides, and one end piece. Then the internet had all kinds of problems that I just had to fix.....needed to go out and BUY ( yikes!) new phone line and new CAT5 line. Old ones were breaking down. The CAT5 wound up too short, that is why I had to get a new one. Whew, had to run around with the Boss, for a bit, too..... Finally managed to return to the chopping block....only to find out the lid parts were too long....hate when that happens.. This was after I had trimmed the end piece to length. Couple of marks to show what I needed to remove.. Something like this? Then a few whacks on a chisel to cut away the "extra" stuff. Bummer that the fingers were already done? Not really, make things a wee bit easier. Finally got all four parts joineried.. I think that will do...for now. Still have to figure out how this slab of Cherry will fit in there... Needs cut to fit...but which type of joint to use for it? Might TRY a T&G? Or...just a groove and a rebate? Have to sleep on that awhile. As for dog holes in a bench top....did you know they are good for... Holding a chisel so it won't roll off onto the floor, or worse, stab my foot? The Witherby 3/16" is in one. The New Haven Edge Tool Co. 1/4" one rarely rolls anyway. That old mallet? Turned that a few years ago, out of Spalted Maple. Been pounding on things ever since......Maybe tomorrow..I might get organized a bit better? Nah, then I'd be dangerous...stay tuned for the rest of the story.
  4. steven newman

    Oh no, he's at it again..

    Yet another "Simple Little Box" project. Went out and spent $6.99 on two pine boards. 3/8"x 5-1/2"x 24" and 3/8" x 5-1/2" x 36"......A bit of measuring for the lengths needed, mark a line.. Stick it in the vise, grab a handsaw.. It was sold ( and etched) as a Craftsman saw. Get four pieces cut to length.. Hmmm, might be a tad too tall? Laid out some lines, and some tools.. Lines were spaced using a chisel that will also be chopping out the waste, the toys used? Spaced according to that chisel....kept thinking about the height issues, while taking a Mountain Dew break.. decided to mark how much needed to be ripped off.. Pencil points out how much to be removed, Bandsaw this time, was a bit quicker. Planes to dress the edges straight. Clamped the first one in the vise, backsaw to saw on the lines. then a bit of chisel work Then used these two to layout, saw, and chop fingers on the ends pieces, and a test fit.. Then just kept going, until all four MARKED corners were done. Had to mark which was the top ( T) and which corner matched ( #1 to #1) and got yet another test fit Hmm, well, clamps and glue should help...... took the time to see how the two planes will fit in their new home... Snug as a bug in a rug? Well, it is a start, anyway. Just like the last simple box, have a lot more to do....stay tuned to this Batty Channel
  5. steven newman

    End view

    From the album: Box for a Stanley 45

    Detail of the corners, a better showing of the handcut finger joints. Top panel is a two piece glue up, set in a rebate cut with a Wards (Stanley) No.78. Took a bit of fussing, cussing , and fitting to get the lid to close just lid the old box.
  6. steven newman

    Needed a simple little box

    Well, after looking at the box the Stanley 45 came in.....decided to shelve that box, and build a new one to house the 45 in. Picked up some 1/2" by 5-1/2" by 5' poplar. I used the "existing" box to mark out a few sizes. Square a line across, using a fancy marking knife. Clamped the plank in the end vise, and used a Craftsman "Special saw" to do the crosscuts. Then match the front and back and the two ends, clamp the pairs in the vise, and clean the ends with a plane. Laid out a few toys..er...TOOLS Couple of squares, a special chisel, a marking knife ( that curly thing) a marking gauge, and a pencil. Marking knife was used with a square to do the crosscuts. The marking gauge was to mark the ends of each panel, set to the thickness of the board. Pencil is to mark over the knife lines so I can SEE them. The chisel? It set the spacing for a special joint Here you can see the marking gauge line, and the marks from the chisel. A small square to carry the lines round. The "X" is the waste parts. Waxed up an old saw, we had work to do... These are the front and back panels, might as well do them at the same time. LOT of saw work, hand was getting tired, too. Had to keep track of where the waste was. Then I repeated for the other end, but first, there was a bit of chisel work to do ( gave the hand a break, too) One at a time, until all the waste was chopped out. Doesn't take a whole lot, I didn't even have to flip them over. The end without a pin was simply sawn off. Chisel is the same one I set the spacing with. Well after the front and back were all chopped out on both ends, and the inside and top was marked on each part, then I cound work on the ends. One corner at a time, to save any cunfusion from starting. Once I got one marked out, chopped, and cleaned up, I could at least do a test fit.....after I marked up the insides so they would match.... Ok..one corner down, three to go. What you see here is both the box ( bottom 2/3s) and the lid. A couple of grooves to form a lip and seperate the two sections. need more grooves milled for both the top and bottom panels to be housed in. After that? Stay tuned,,,,,ain't even started to do any cussing...yet. BTW, I already did a straight cutter test run.....will need to use a skinny one next time....but shavings have been made with the 45! Just a simple, little box....
  7. Todd Clippinger

    Lock Your Dovetails and Box Joints

    Think your dovetail and box joints won't come apart? My study of antiques says otherwise. But I have a solution to lock your dovetails and box joints permanently.This is my favorite woodworking tip and technique of all time. I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful. I am looking forward to hearing feedback on experience and observations of these joints. Your friend in the shop-Todd A. Clippinger

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