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  1. Here is a decent comparison of pigment (what he calls "dirt") and dye colorants. I use a slightly different terminology in that anything that colors I call a stain and there are pigmented stains and dye stains. One reason for that is that some of the canned products have both pigment and dye in them. Here is another article on the subject (the "friend" is me). I was doing a finishing class and could not find the chart that I had in one of my books classifying Minwax stains as pigment, dye, or both, and wanted to do a hand-out. https://www.popularwoodworki
  2. Gerald

    Aspen bowl w/dye ring

    From the album: Bowls and Platters

    Aspen bowl required more than usual sanding. The dye ring applied with a brush
  3. From the album: Bowls and Platters

    Curly maple done in the Clewes style with rim dyed with Chestnut Stains layered in blue sanded down, then yellow and green. Finish on front is lacquer gloss.
  4. From the album: Bowls and Platters

    Cherry stained and added golf wax
  5. Was going to wait til I had better pic from the good camera but decided these iPhone ones will work. The wood came from a lot next door , house site. I checked the labeled trees and two looked interesting. One a Chestnut Oak or American Chestnut and the other some type post oak. This wood came from the Chestnut oak. This piece had three knots. I turned it to completion and it cracked a little at rim and vase . Black CA stopped that. For finish I applied Royal Blue Chestnut Stains. Sanded that back (you will have to discard this sandpaper) and applied yello
  6. An interesting short video. I do a lot of layering of color, in fact, most things. Whether it's dye followed by a wiping stain, or wiping stain followed by a glaze. I think it really makes a difference.
  7. New project is embellished plates. This is this month’s club challenge. Got one done today and ready for finish. The pattern used is called Stick n Burn. It in printed on adhesive backing so can peel and stick to project then burn the lines. This I took one step further with translucent pigment from Wellburn Gourd . Now have to decide how to best apply finish. Going to try shellac first coat before final of lacquer. this is is my burner. Above is the completed burn in. now the colors are on . My my wife says it looks better than the picture as The pig
  8. A good article on layered finishes. Wipe-and-go is not always the best approach for adding color. I should add that years ago, my buddies at PopWood found General Finishes Java a good stain for QSWO, too. https://www.popularwoodworking.com/finishing/arts-crafts-oak-finish/?hss_channel=tw-27657236#
  9. Recorded at Sagnlandet Lejre, Historical Archaeological Research and Communication Center, Denmark, August 2012 I was surfing around and found this wonderfully delightful snippet of a short film about 4 minutes long, showing how the makers of textiles performed their work before machines, and how Danish artisans, and I am sure others the world over, create textiles by hand today. Thank you Lissa Hall. Enjoy
  10. Here is another oak hollow form with black and orange dye. Was supposed to have a collar but it warped too much so opened the top a little. It is about 4 inches in diameter.
  11. Finally got around to making some photos of my new turnings. This one is Bradford Pear dyed with Chestnut Stains. Finish is lacquer. I tried something different on the dye because I got the idea when applying the stain . I applied a full width application all the way down the piece and then started only going part way down the side to get the effect you see in the picture looking like a run down the sides. That gave me the idea to do the whole thing that way so I had to sand off the first full pass. The wood was almost burned because that void at the top was rotten into the center.
  12. Well I have been tied up with my Offering Plate project for some time now and this is part of a little break i took last week. This piece of white oak had been hollowed for some time so decided it was time to finish it up. As it was drying it developed a few cracks and somehow some staining so I decided dye as the best finish. Applied Chestnut Stains Royal Blue and then sanded most of the color off below the rim. Now to add yellow and of coarse Y + B = G. topped that off with semi gloss lacquer. Maybe more to post later this week. By the I almost sanded this one off and star
  13. Just when I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I realized it was a long freight train heading in my direction... Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald Showed us a hollow form to which he added color. He received lots of questions and compliments about this piece. Please check out his post and see how he did this- @HandyDan shared a really neat design he found. If you have ever struggled with moving you lathe (or any heavy piece of shop equipment) this might just be the ticket. Check Dan's post for additional
  14. I am interested in finding out how to infuse color into wood pieces, maybe 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches thick. Looking for ideas or references to accomplish this. Do I soak the pieces in aniline dye? If so, which is more effective in getting the color as deep into the wood as possible, alcohol or water? Should I use a pressure pot system, or maybe some kind of vacuum system? This won't be natural wood tones, but rather bright blues, reds, greens, etc. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  15. Gerald


    Was looking for something new for my booth and decided to get into mushrooms. I did some natural edge and some in a traditional shape. All colors are either Chestnut stains or Chroma Craft dyes. Finished them off with semi gloss lacquer. All wood is Crepe Myrtle.
  16. It appears the minwax penetraing stain actually also has a dye. Can anyone confrim this?
  17. a video going into details on what the differences are between dye and pigment stains. It also tells you how both react to different kinds of wood (e.g., maple vs. oak). If you buy a can of stain off the shelf, try to stir it with a paint stick. If there's sludge on the bottom and little color on the top, it's pigment only. If there's no sludge, it's dye only. And if there's both sludge and strong color on the upper part of the stick, it's a bit of both. The can won't tell you (and the customer service is unlikely to know, as I found out).
  18. For you guys that's worried about trying to decide what it is I do, I don't know either but I sure have fun in the shop at doing what ever it is. This new stuff is from Michaels and is less that 1.50 for a 2 ounce bottle after the discount...so I got 20 different colors.. With and with out the flash!!!! I haven't put any clear on yet. The stains I've been using for years is what I brought when we moved from the last house so I thought I would see what new products have come along since back yonder.. I didn't buy any wood color stains this time for I still have
  19. Got my new stuff put away and decided to go in a different direction on a piece I had started. This pecan bowl looked like a good candidate for a colored rim. First layer with black and sand off. Second layer is red and sand. Next is yellow sand and then touch up with red. Now for lacquer. Using Chestnut Stains on this one. More May take a day or two since the winter gets here tomorrow.
  20. PeteM

    Acrylic dye

    I was looking to do some Christmas ornaments, and wanted a green color. I like dyes, so you can see the wood grain, but couldn't find any to suit. My sister (an artiste at crafting) suggested using acrylic paint and diluting it. Walmart sells about a billion different colors for about a buck each. Dilute the paint with about 25% water, and I got a really effective dye. Opens a whole new world.
  21. Can't say I'm half way through but at least I'm started on her stained glass Nativity Scenes. A little brighter color with clear lacquer. Each stand has a different width groove plus gluing in a plug on each end so the pine, yuck, don't close up as the seasons and humidity changes. Time it takes to do 130 or so boards is about 15 minutes total time for all pieces....so Howdy Duty will have to wait..
  22. Well for several weeks I have posted some pictures of this chest and I am happy to report to you that it is finished. Just a recap. Started with a visit to the Wood Stash and hand picked some of the best looking Cherry Boards from the stack. Cut them to size, ran them across the jointer and then through the planner. I then took the cherry boards and edge glued them together to make the panels for the front, back and both ends of the chest. Then I put two of these panels together to make a four board panel.
  23. My neighbor had some limbs cut and I picked up some of the pieces thinking firewood, but decided to turn some. Started doing hollowforms and then went on to try dye. It does not show well in the pic but there is violet sanded off and then yellow and then red. Used Chestnut spirit Stains and finished with lacquer. I turned this piece all the way to finish in one sitting and got no movement out of round and this is one of the smallest entry holes I have done so far.
  24. Gerald

    Red on Violet

    From the album: Hollow Forms

    Live Oak dyed violet, then red, then yellow.
  25. One of our club members made a telephone amplifier so I searched and combined several ideas . The prototype done in pecan was not loud enough maybe due to thickness . The second done in Bradford pear is thinner and is the loudest. When I turned I left the tenon on so I could use it to glue into a backboard so it will not roll. Thought of maybe a flat on the bottom instead but that may reduce the resonance . So the last one I cut slots in and the sound is almost as loud but because of the slots there is a smoother sound.
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