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  1. Hard to believe but only two more days left in April! Really looking forward to summer weather. Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald gave us a peek at his shop made parting tool. Unlike a lot of parting tools, this one cuts cleanly. Gerald explains how he created this tool, in his post- @RustyFN posted his almost completed combination bowl. This one is a beauty and combines multiple disciplines. Rusty got lots of positive comments on his work. You can read them in this update to his original thread- Rusty also
  2. I have been playing with an over arm blade guard/ dust collector for a while now. I ordered the one from Penn State and was very unimpressed and returned it. I looked at the Saw Stop and Grizzly ones and again they did not appear as sturdy as I was looking for. Also they were both pretty pricey. I ordered up a Shark Guard and it arrived yesterday so I spent the day building the arm for the dust collection. The blade guard/riving knife from Shark Guard looks like it should work pretty well. I should get it finished tomorrow. Paul
  3. Anyone have a good method of collecting chips off the bottom of the SS jointer? I've started using mine again after my other unit bit the dust. The base below the knives is sort of a three sided square with rounded corners. I've tried creating a channel from plastic sheets into a tube. Currently, I have a sheet of rosin paper taped on and a box on the floor. To complicate things, I will need to take it off to use other functions and it needs to miss the legs that are right below it. As designed, your shoes become the chip collector.
  4. Warning!! This is Geek stuff!! I wasn't exactly sure where to post this but it really applies to any device you might want to remote start. About 3 years ago I bought the three-remote control set from Harbor Freight to activate my dust collector, shop vac, and window fan I use when I spray finishes. I realized the remotes weren’t intended for the current draw of the dust collector but figured I would use it until it burnt up, which I thought would be a couple of weeks. Well, three years later it finally burned up the circuit. So I took the unit apart, repaired the ci
  5. Hard to believe that on Friday we will have put 2020 behind us. Let's hope 2021 will see the end of the pandemic! Our Patriot Turners- @PostalTom finished up his Christmas stocking tree. It turned out fantastic and can be seen in his update to a previous post- @RustyFN has a laser and he has combined it with his CNC machine to design some emblems to finish off his turned bowls. Check out his post to read more about what he is doing and the comments from our members. @HandyDan gave us a Christmas eve peek at some of the orna
  6. The last couple days I've been firing up the old SS for some multi tasking. One thing I noticed is that the accessories -- band saw, jointer, and disk sander use a rather large dust collection device -- the floor. And my pants and shoes. Back in the day, very few tools incorporated any kind of dust collection capabilities and SS was no exception. I've got a Delta band saw that has a dust port but 90% of the dust gets scattered, an oscillating spindle sander with none, and I remember the old Delta and Craftsman "contractor" table saws that just dumped the sawdust out the bottom. Even m
  7. I have an old model Grizzly 4-bag dust collector (predates cyclone types). The bags are held on the dust collector frame with long hose clamps. As I get older , I struggle more and more getting the bags back on after I empty them. You need four hands -- two for each end of the host clamp and two for each side of the bag so it stays open as you put it on the circular frame. Does anyone know of a better way? Does someone make replacement bags that have a rigid host-clamp -like setup sewn into the rim of the bag? Does anyone know what I am talking about, or has the toxic mold-ridden d
  8. I have a couple of vintage power tools that are not well equipped to handle any dust collection (as was the case back then). the problem is they have a 1" internal diameter, the same as my shop vac hose. So one does not fit over the other. I was waiting to try to find some 1" o.d. rubber plumbing connector but I've not been to a big box since mid-March. Then I decided to try something else. I got a chunk of 2x4 and some Forstner bits and drilled holes to fit my machine and hose (sometimes one is different than the other so concentric holes of the right diameter. Shove on for a frictio
  9. I know that Radial Arm saws are not in favor these days , but what can I say I cut my teeth on these saws and have my old Craftsman set up for cross cutting. I use it for just that purpose, no angles or ripping. The saw is known for making lots of saw dust and it piles up in the most inconvenient place, behind the saw. I rigged up a dust collection box behind the blade that the blade is buried in when not in use. The dust collector 6" duct is attached to the top of the box, the front of the box is the fence. Then I made a ZC insert for the blade that slides in and out of the table to the
  10. Ok so I was able to get ahold of an anemometer over the weekend and did some readings. However the problem I have now is when I select the CFM mode on the anemometer it gave me the readings in thousands not the hundreds. So what do I need to do with this number to get my true CFM reading?
  11. There are still a few days remaining to help with our Wounded Warrior Family Adoption project. If you haven't made your donation, yet, please see this link- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/27849-the-patriot-woodworkers-with-operation-ward-57-adopt-a-wounded-warrior-family-for-the-holidays-2019 Been thinking that maybe I might get started on Christmas shopping, next week...maybe... Our Patriot Turners- Our members have been really active this week. Lots pf projects and comments- @Ron Altier has been working on ornaments.
  12. I planned this out and put it together a couple years ago, it has a Thein style dust plate inside the seperator drum. I'm extremely happy, and proud of this project.
  13. Ok finally got a little time to continue. First lets talk about blast gates and routing boxes. I made these from plans in either Wood magazine or Shop Notes but did not write the issue on it. This gate is for individual tools or can be mounted in the duct . Basically this one is ply for sides and 1/8 masonite scrap for the blade. The plastic PVC connector is a piece of thinwall with about 1/2 inch cut out and then use PVC glue. This will allow the 4 inch flex to be attached.This could be bypassed with plastic ports but that would cost more than buying a complete plastic blast gate.
  14. Planning on adding a Oneida Dust Deputy to my DC system. Looking at the 4 inch at $210 or the 5 inch at $219. This will be on the shop floor and the DC is in the attic. Hopefully I will never havr to empty the attic bag again. The question is how bog of a difference will the 5 inch make ? And does anyone have experience with these larger units? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BEXBWS6/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_d https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y37FF9D/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_d
  15. I searched the site for ideas for dust collection on my compound miter saw station. I started work on a bandsaw blade storage rack yesterday and used the cms for the first time in a good while. It's a barely used Dewalt model DWS780 12 In. Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw, barely used because of the mess it was making and waiting on me to remedy the situation. My first inclination was to use the miter gauge and table saw but realized how ridiculous that was when I had a perfectly good tool well suited for the job right behind me. The table saw could do the job but not as safely or quick
  16. Was discussing Dust Collection in the shop with a customer and he asked me something I had never really considered. Wanted to know why DC motors are direct drive and not a belt and pulley system. Went on about less effort by the motor to turn a smaller pulley and more power from the belt driving a larger pulley. Not really something I have ever seen or researched but anyone have a reason why?
  17. Having done a dry fit I took it all back apart and spent a few evenings painting, or staining and some urethane for a finish. Reassembled and reinstalled finished product. This gives me a much needed run to the bench from an existing outlet for the bandsaw. Even added a future outlet for a potential 10 inch bandsaw if I ever come across one reasonable priced. Free is always better but that has not materialized as of this evening. While I could have just left the PVC white and called it a day I had a friend that has a drainpipe in a cubby hole. His wife wanted to add a shelf an
  18. What started out as a upgrade to my 12 inch sander spiraled off course and took me here. Plumbed the Dust collection from closest stub down the wall, across the other wall, then finally along the back wall to meet the sander. As with any project I had to make sacrifices. Hardest one here was using a short 90 degree bend around the corner. Normally long sweeps only is the rule of thumb. That works great, most of the time. I tried using a longer sweep but it brought the line of pipe out too far and that interfered with something else, that also would have forced me to move something else.
  19. Got this 12 inch Grizzly a few years ago. At the time I did not have Dust Collection piped to where I put it. So I improvised and used a short hose and a bucket. it worked, not well but was better than dust everywhere. Finally got around to upgrading this bench and gave myself a few goals. I mounted the sander to a plate that locks in at the back to the bench. Just in case I need to move it, it will happen people. Then I decided I needed dust collection done right. The saw points the wrong way for the outlet so I had to get creative to reverse directions. Another goal was to store the
  20. A couple of weeks ago, my 22 year old shop vac bit the bullet. So I put a new one on my Xmas list. So now it's sitting in the box in the basement. In the mean time, I've routed a lot of rabbets and done a fair amount of sanding. So I have piles of sawdust all over the floor (I have been sweeping them out of the traffic flow) and getting a lot of sanding dust into the air. I mentioned this to the wife this afternoon and she said, "Go ahead and open it. I'm not going to wrap it and I am not going to haul it upstairs, just to have to haul it back downstairs." I love her.
  21. In my opinion some the open stand 6 inch jointers such as the Delta JT360, Jet JJ-6OS, General International 80-075L, Steelex ST1001, CraftexCT086, King CanadaKC-150, and probably a couple other brands that I may have missed, which all basically have the same type of open stand and dust collection setup where the dust port is directed very close to the floor of the dust chute, more then likely causing some air flow resistance and lowering CFM before it reaches the cutter head area. I feel that the port should be pointed in the direction of the chute's flow to be efficient. I had a JET JJ-6OS,
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