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Found 7 results

  1. I got tired of having my quick changers bits and tips in different places so I put 'em all together in one handy dandy little box with a magnet closure. Plus I made a little awl with a tungsten ( very very hard) point from a TIG welding electrode. The little short ones are held in place with magnets the drills don't need it.
  2. Because, I had spent $7 the day before the Mitre Box find.....soooo Price tag said $8...bought it for $6...needs a little TLC? There were a few "Gems" in this mess... 2 countersinks, 2 screwdriver tips, and German "center" bit... A #20 bit, and twist drill bit...and a Irwin No. 21 expansive bit..without a cutter I think I could use the one in the #22...but not the #1... Inventory? I cleaned a few, to ID them, but.. The 3 off to the right? P.S.&W. Co. Smallest of the 3 is a #8...8/16" That one in the center, with a slightly different flute pattern....Bates A very Motley Crew? Spade bit, with hex shank, no spurs...Concrete bit...piece of the carbide insert in gone ( junk) Somehow, I doubt IF the twist drill is a #12.....as 12/16" is 3/4"...as for the cut up bit? Methinks this were for a 3 jawed Breast drill, or hand cranked drill press... Those other gems? had a few like them, so cleaned them all up.. Smallest bit is a #4, the Gimlet is 3/8", the center bit is 5/8" I now have 4 countersink bits, and 3 screwdriver tips,,,should be enough, for now.. Box needed cleaned out, in more ways than one.. 1/2 rust..1/2 gunk....soaked it in Oxyclean overnight, this morning a HOT water rinse and let it sit out in the sunshine to finish drying out Outside was dried off....and given a "Basic Black" finish... Letting that 85 degree sun bake the Rustoleum....Might have a couple handles, will see about a latch... Wire wheel to clean the bits....rather a bit messy...have to also watch so they don't catch in the wheel... stay tuned BTW: the $1 extra? Atkins/Sheffield panel saw... Cut out the glare... Will tackle this restore, after the bits are done....
  3. Stopped in at a local indoor "flea market" yesterday...picked up these treasures. Grand total with tax +$13 or $1.625/ea for the 8 items. The pruning saw maybe has been used 1 or 2 times. DIB price tag was $19.98. It replaces my old Fiskars pruning saw. The egg beater is a no name, but like new condition...wooden handle & crank knob, but nylon gears; the chuck is as valuable to me as the rest once I remove the stuck 1/4" twist bit; might be a good beginner tool for my oldest grandson? The Karbo-grit is more of a novelty than anything especially since in OB although the grit surface (fine) is very good. I always can use an extra 1/4 chuck key + the cord retainer; The drill bits in the wooden container Is suspect are from the late 40's to early 50's. No name brand. Originally included 9 bits but only 6 are there. No 1/16" Label is marked "For Hand, Breast, Post, Bench Drills. The X-Acto handle and blade is new although the plate has slipped in the back. The Copper rivets ~3/16" dia. x 3/8" L. Tower Mfg, Madison, IN; original price tag $2.49 I use to use similar to "roll" upper main bearing halves out; maybe make my own jeans now or something...lived in Madison from 1953-1955. The auger bit is #8 (8/16 or 1/2" by 12"L marked Van Camp (thanks @John Moody). Former Indianapolis Hardware & Tool Company Carbide attached particles to a copper plate attached to a wood block Cat #9-3002 Original price sticker of 25 cents
  4. A great blog by one of my online mentors, Elia Bizzarri (ENJOY!) The following are my thoughts on drill bits for Windsor chairmaking. Bear in mind that I have used some of these bits (augers, bradpoints, etc.) daily for 15 years and other bits I have used infrequently. In these reviews, I am comparing well tuned examples of each bit. Poorly tuned bits will make an awful mess regardless of type. Spoon bits: The traditional bit of the Windsor chairmaker. Advantages – cuts clean holes even at extreme angles, thickness of shaving changes relative to hardness of wood being cut, is fun to use, operator can easily change angles at anytime. Disadvantages: Hard to sharpen. The diameter of the bit changes with many sharpenings. The shortness of the bit makes it harder to sight accurately (this can be overcome with an extension). It requires skill to start the hole in the right place or a gouge to hollow a spot for starting the bit. New bits either don’t work or require considerable tune up. Old bits can be hard to find. Read More...
  5. Well, yard sales are over around here, until next spring.....there is a store downtown that has a basement section...called Junk Rescue... Finally had a little extra in my pocket.....decided to buy a few items... Sooo, THIS is what $20 + Tax will get ya.... Might need a little clean up....Chisel? Sold as "Clearcut" 1-1/4" wide Firmer Chisel....that rusty gear box? On the now cleaned crank handle.....Defiance...Made in USA...need a few drops of oil to get things moving.... Yep, two bits for a dollar.....inflation? They did clean up nicely.. Three are 4/16", one is a 5/16" Left a few things down there, but....save those for another day.
  6. I have a bunch of these old auger type drill bits and some other misc. bits. Anyone know what they might be worth?
  7. Well, a while back, I made a box to hold what was then my small set of auger bits.... Not that bad a box, and when you open the lid.. Not too bad. But, in the year since this was made, I have more than doubled the amount of bits I have to store. Might be time to build a new box? Wood supply right now is mainly Pine. The Problem? How to arrange almost 30( or more!) bits in one box? The "box" part isn't a problem, been wanting to do dovetailed boxes again, anyway. Bits go from the small #4 up to and beyond the #20 sizes, and about every size in-between. Maybe make a few "layers" of sets? Have a feeling I may have a while to plan one out. Might as well put the Single Brain Cell Sketch Up back on-line, and see what in can conjure up. As for the "old" box? Maybe I can find another use for it.......BTW: That HUGE bit in the second picture? It is a Craftsman #22. Maybe I can take it back to sears, for a new one?
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