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Found 9 results

  1. Beautiful day today, 67° and sunny. Tomorrow, winter weather advisory. Ahh, spring time in PA. Our Patriot Turners- @BillyJack asked our members for input on some turning tools. Several gave their recommendations on what he might consider. I hope he posts the tools he gets so we can all drool over his choices! @Gerald gave us a look at some of the turnings that were done at the last club meeting. Gerald posted several more images of turnings that were done during the demonstration. Gerald said their guest demonstrator was Matt Monaco. If you do Instagram, here's a link to Mr. Monaco's page- https://www.instagram.com/monaco_bowls/. Gerald also posted some images, in response to some thoughts from last week's "Wednesday's...", showing some of the embellishments he has done using various tools. See this post for more pictures- I appreciate Gerald's willingness to share his knowledge with all of our turners. What’s Coming Up- Click on the images for links and more information. From the AAW- From Lyle Jamieson From Cindy Drozda- Not sure if you need a Facebook account to view this presentation- For The Newbies- From the AAW, a short video on sharpening- Mike Peace continues his series on lathe drilling. This video discusses drill bit selection- Expand Your Horizons- Cindy Drozda is asking for input on IRD content. She has developed an anonymous online questionnaire. Maybe you could help her by responding. Here's the link- https://us18.list-manage.com/survey?u=4fd7472bedaf1b07e398a732a&id=73c2cb5054&attribution=false Cindy also uploaded a video of the equipment she uses to do her IRD's and training videos. If you have thought about getting into this area, maybe her experiences might be helpful- Alan Stratton finishes up his series on the eccentric chuck and turnings with a video on making his chuck. Carl Jacobson turns a vase with an off-centered lid- New Turning Items- From Ruth Niles' latest newsletter- Click on the image for ordering. From the folks at Woodturners Wonders- FREE Shipping! https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/new-products/products/powermatic-3520c-lathe-100th-anniversary-edition Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- No turning for me this week. As the old saying goes- "No good deed goes unpunished". One of those-"if we supply the lumber will you donate your time". A little Free Library for the local state park- Just getting to the roof when the spring pin, in the table saw trunnion worm gear, decided to fall out. Of course everything had to fall down into the dust collector hose. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood... Safe turning
  2. Just a look inside the Toy Box....focusing on just a few drills... Well, 4 out of 5 will work...Irwins Left to right...Stanley 14", an eggbeater, PEXTO Samson 12"...pewter strips in the handle, a 10" Keen Kutter...yet another eggbeater drill.. Hanging in front of the eggbeater..8" Stanley, then another fancy eggbeater ( drill bit selector in the handle) then a pair of 6" sweeps...and a few bevel gauges... Hanging on the door, with the hammers...that HUGE one is a Millers Falls No. 2-01...the gray one beside it is a Craftsman version of it...still has it's label Mystery Drill just keeps hanging around.. Have no clue...and for those fans of Buck Rogers.. Millers Falls No. 1950, with that RED tennite plastic handles ( and a counter-sink bit on board) While I am sure there may be a dozen more lurking about...this seem to stand out.. Rogues' Gallery?
  3. Really need this ? https://www.rockler.com/learn/how-to-change-a-drill-bit?sid=wjwkly&utm_source=constantcontact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=wwjwkly
  4. During the last few projects it was obvious I needed to organize this part of my tooling to make it easier to get to and more important, FIND. Had Forstner bits in 3 spots, spade bits in 2 spot etc etc. Never mind the various drill bit kits I have tucked away, or those fancy bit kits for drivers. So I started with this Forstner bit holder. That is done and installed. Have two more smaller trays that are in the works for the open side. Made this box and drilled the holes and thought to myself why not highlight it, make it easier to see? So I taped off that section and applied two thin coats of poly (it is a shop project don't get excited). Let that cure for two days and tonight I came back, removed the tape and stained the raw wood left. Interesting look, hey might do that again. Be a few days before I can apply poly, but I have plenty to do in the mean time. The other insert I decided to make dual purpose. So I made it exact light the others, same height. But I edge banded the bottom edges of the box and plan to turn it over and use as a tray. If needed later I can flip over and use it that way as well. Takes longer to finish but I have time. These two inserts are put together with screws, no glue. Allows changes later as needed. And this happens alot. So now I have next drawer down. Have 3 3/4 inches of height in this drawer. Made an insert with runner made of Corian for the trays above to slide on. Sanded the Corian down to 2000 grit then polished with buffer. The trays above I took a piece of 1/8 Lexan 1/2 wide and epoxied to the bottoms. Same deal here, sanded to 2000 and then buffer for polish. My idea being they would slide better. Bottom of upper tray. So yes they do slide, very well. Okay, if I barely nudge the drawer they slap to the back. Maybe too slick???? That is as far as I have gotten since Friday. Plenty more to do but layouts take time and then to find scraps and make that all work adds to that time usage. In the end much easier to find and use these tools.
  5. I got tired of having my quick changers bits and tips in different places so I put 'em all together in one handy dandy little box with a magnet closure. Plus I made a little awl with a tungsten ( very very hard) point from a TIG welding electrode. The little short ones are held in place with magnets the drills don't need it.
  6. Because, I had spent $7 the day before the Mitre Box find.....soooo Price tag said $8...bought it for $6...needs a little TLC? There were a few "Gems" in this mess... 2 countersinks, 2 screwdriver tips, and German "center" bit... A #20 bit, and twist drill bit...and a Irwin No. 21 expansive bit..without a cutter I think I could use the one in the #22...but not the #1... Inventory? I cleaned a few, to ID them, but.. The 3 off to the right? P.S.&W. Co. Smallest of the 3 is a #8...8/16" That one in the center, with a slightly different flute pattern....Bates A very Motley Crew? Spade bit, with hex shank, no spurs...Concrete bit...piece of the carbide insert in gone ( junk) Somehow, I doubt IF the twist drill is a #12.....as 12/16" is 3/4"...as for the cut up bit? Methinks this were for a 3 jawed Breast drill, or hand cranked drill press... Those other gems? had a few like them, so cleaned them all up.. Smallest bit is a #4, the Gimlet is 3/8", the center bit is 5/8" I now have 4 countersink bits, and 3 screwdriver tips,,,should be enough, for now.. Box needed cleaned out, in more ways than one.. 1/2 rust..1/2 gunk....soaked it in Oxyclean overnight, this morning a HOT water rinse and let it sit out in the sunshine to finish drying out Outside was dried off....and given a "Basic Black" finish... Letting that 85 degree sun bake the Rustoleum....Might have a couple handles, will see about a latch... Wire wheel to clean the bits....rather a bit messy...have to also watch so they don't catch in the wheel... stay tuned BTW: the $1 extra? Atkins/Sheffield panel saw... Cut out the glare... Will tackle this restore, after the bits are done....
  7. Stopped in at a local indoor "flea market" yesterday...picked up these treasures. Grand total with tax +$13 or $1.625/ea for the 8 items. The pruning saw maybe has been used 1 or 2 times. DIB price tag was $19.98. It replaces my old Fiskars pruning saw. The egg beater is a no name, but like new condition...wooden handle & crank knob, but nylon gears; the chuck is as valuable to me as the rest once I remove the stuck 1/4" twist bit; might be a good beginner tool for my oldest grandson? The Karbo-grit is more of a novelty than anything especially since in OB although the grit surface (fine) is very good. I always can use an extra 1/4 chuck key + the cord retainer; The drill bits in the wooden container Is suspect are from the late 40's to early 50's. No name brand. Originally included 9 bits but only 6 are there. No 1/16" Label is marked "For Hand, Breast, Post, Bench Drills. The X-Acto handle and blade is new although the plate has slipped in the back. The Copper rivets ~3/16" dia. x 3/8" L. Tower Mfg, Madison, IN; original price tag $2.49 I use to use similar to "roll" upper main bearing halves out; maybe make my own jeans now or something...lived in Madison from 1953-1955. The auger bit is #8 (8/16 or 1/2" by 12"L marked Van Camp (thanks @John Moody). Former Indianapolis Hardware & Tool Company Carbide attached particles to a copper plate attached to a wood block Cat #9-3002 Original price sticker of 25 cents
  8. Well, yard sales are over around here, until next spring.....there is a store downtown that has a basement section...called Junk Rescue... Finally had a little extra in my pocket.....decided to buy a few items... Sooo, THIS is what $20 + Tax will get ya.... Might need a little clean up....Chisel? Sold as "Clearcut" 1-1/4" wide Firmer Chisel....that rusty gear box? On the now cleaned crank handle.....Defiance...Made in USA...need a few drops of oil to get things moving.... Yep, two bits for a dollar.....inflation? They did clean up nicely.. Three are 4/16", one is a 5/16" Left a few things down there, but....save those for another day.
  9. I have a bunch of these old auger type drill bits and some other misc. bits. Anyone know what they might be worth?
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